Becoming His: A Chat with Grandpa about Exodus & Leviticus

Becoming His: A Chat with Grandpa about Exodus & Leviticus

by Andy Delashmit


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Change: it is inevitable that we all go through it whether it is pleasant or painful. But, someone who has made the decision to give their life over to Christ and become one of His, change is not only inevitable; it is demanded. We must change. We cannot remain the same as we were in the world. And because of this, there are always questions as what changes need to be made. In writing this book, I have found that the answers to all these questions can be found in the understanding of our God and Lord. The more we understand of Him, the reason for any changes becomes clearer and clearer. From the beginning in the example of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly to the last word in the book, I encourage you to find the strength to make those changes.
The style of "Becoming His" is a narrative. By the use of character development, brief added conversations between people, my perceptions of the miracles and expressions of God's power, as well as enlightening geological information, I try to bring to life the happenings of the Exodus. I also included scripture references to encourage the reader to read the Biblical text first and read my presentation of the same scriptures.
It is also designed to be a lesson book. With the identified scripture texts, and separated sections for learning and reflection, it also can be a good source of study for a small group or Sunday School class. By taking the time to read the noted scripture text and following up with the material I added in each section, there can be some very real progress in understanding and a deepening of your faith in God and in who He wants us to be.
Some of what you read will only affirm what you already know from your own studies till now. There will also be information that will challenge your understanding hopefully to bring you closer to God and a clearer realization of who you are. In any case, it is my prayer that God will use this work to bless you in ways you would never thought possible.

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