Bede Griffiths: Essential Writings

Bede Griffiths: Essential Writings


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Bede Griffiths, who died in 1994, was an English Benedictine monk who settled in India in 1955 and went on to become one of the great mystical teachers of our time. In India, where he assumed the dress and ascetic discipline of a Hindu holy man, Griffiths established a Christian community following the customs of a Hindu ashram. Through his immersion in the scriptures of India he found wisdom and inspiration for his own Christian faith. This volume, which draws on his autobiographical volumes and his many other books, presents the ideal entry to the cosmic and mystical spirituality of a great spiritual guide.

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ISBN-13: 9781570752001
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 03/01/2004
Series: Modern Spiritual Masters Series
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 633,313
Product dimensions: 5.42(w) x 8.22(h) x 0.38(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Bede Griffiths, a Universal Monk7
1.A Vision of Nature25
Sunset in Sussex27
At Prinknash Abbey28
The Universe as Sacrament30
The Perpetual Allegory31
The Truth of the Imagination34
Sacred Nature35
Temples, Human and Cosmic37
Sunset at Shantivanam39
"Who Am I?"42
2.The Challenge of Hinduism45
Discovering India47
Coming to India49
Jules Monchanin and Henri Le Saux52
Life in the Ashram54
Worship at Shantivanam55
Word Out of Silence57
Being, Consciousness, Bliss59
The Hindu Renaissance61
Hindus and Christians in Dialogue63
Social Consequences of Indian Philosophy65
Reincarnation and Resurrection67
Avatara and Incarnation69
3.Awakening to the Feminine73
"Surrender to the Mother"75
Masculine and Feminine76
God as Mother78
The Feminine in Christianity and Hinduism80
Humankind and Nature Separated and Reunited82
Yoga, the Way of Union85
The Marriage of East and West88
4.A New Age92
A Changing Church94
Searching for an Alternative Society95
Beyond the World of Appearances97
A New Age100
Science or Wisdom?102
Mahatma Gandhi's Ideal104
Materialism and the Ecological Crisis107
Catastrophe or Renewal?108
5.Final Unity110
The Meeting of Religions112
One Religion114
Christ the Source116
Fulfillment in Christ118
Final Unity119
The Communion of Love123

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