Beginning XSLT

Beginning XSLT

by Jeni Tennison

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.)

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* Remains the classic tutorial for both non-programmers and beginning programmers.

* Tried and true step by step approach.

* Although it assumes nothing, it contains all the material a professional needs to know.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781590592601
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 03/09/2004
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.
Pages: 768
Product dimensions: 7.52(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.06(d)

About the Author

Jeni Tennison is an independent consultant specializing in XSLT and XML Schema development. She trained as a knowledge engineer, gaining a Ph.D. in collaborative ontology development, and has since become a consultant working in a variety of areas including publishing, water monitoring, and financial services. She is the author of "XPath On The Edge" and the forthcoming "Beginning XSLT 2.0: From Novice to Professional" (Apress) and one of the founders of the EXSLT initiative to standardize extensions to XSLT and XPath. She is an invited expert on the W3C XSL Working Group, and was voted ActiveState Activator's Choice XSLT Programmer of the Year in 2002. Tennison spends much of her spare time answering people's queries on the XSL-List and xmlschema-dev mailing lists.

Table of Contents

1: Beyond HTML.- 2: Introducing XML.- 3: Creating HTML from XML.- 4: Templates.- 5: Conditions.- 6: Variables, Expressions, and Parameters.- 7: Paths.- 8: The Result Tree.- 9: Sorting and Numbering.- 10: IDs. Keys. and Groups.- 11: Named Templates and Recursion.- 12: Building XSLT Applications.- 13: Extensions.- 14: Dynamic XSLT.- 15: Creating SVG.- 16: Validating XML with Schematron.- 17: Interpreting RSS with XSLT.- Appendix A: XPath Ouick Reference.- Node Types.- Object Types.- Paths.- Axes.- Node Tests.- Abbreviated Syntax.- Operators.- Logical Operators.- Comparisons.- Numerical Operators.- Node Set Operator.- Functions.- boolean().- ceiling().- concat().- contains().- count().- current().- document().- element-available().- false().- floor().- format-number().- function-available().- generate-id().- id().- key().- lang().- last().- local-name().- name().- namespace-uri().- normalize-space().- not().- number().- position().- round().- starts-with().- string().- string-length().- substring().- substring-after().- substring-before().- sum().- system-property().- translate().- true().- unparsed-entity-uri().- Appendix B: XSLT Quick Reference.- XSLT Elements.- xsl:apply-imports.- xsl:apply-templates.- xsl:attribute.- xsl:attribute-set.- xsl:call-template.- xsl:choose.- xsl:comment.- xsl:copy.- xsl:copy-of.- xsl:decimal-format.- xsl:element.- xsl:fallback.- xsl:for-each.- xsl: if.- xsl:import.- xsl:include.- xsl:key.- xsl:message.- xsl:namespace-alias.- xsl:number.- xsl:otherwise.- xsl:output.- xsl:param.- xsl:preserve-space.- xsl:processing-instruction.- xsl:sort.- xsl:strip-space.- xsl:stylesheet.- xsl:template.- xsl:text.- xsl:transform.- xsl:value-of.- xsl:variable.- xsl:when.- xsl:with-param.- XSLT Attributes.- xsl:extension-element-prefixes.- xsl:exclude-result-prefixes.- xsl:use-attribute-sets.- xsl:version.- Appendix C: Tools.- XSLT Processors.- Saxon.- Xalan-J.- MSXML.- Other XSLT Processors.- XSLT Editors.- Extensions to Other Editors.- Visual XSLT.- XSLAtHome.- XSlide.- XSLT-Process.- Mapping Tools.- CapeStudio.- Whitehill Composer.- XMapper.- XSLWiz.- XSLerator.- Basic Editors.- XFinity Designer.- XL-Styler.- XTrans.- Integrated Development Environments.- Cooktop.- Komodo.- MarrowSoft Xselerator.- Stylus Studio.- XMLOrigin.- XML Spy.- XSLT Support Tools.- XPath Constructors.- XPath 1.0: Interactive Expression Builder.- XPath Tester.- XPath Visualizer.- XSLT Debuggers.- XSLDebugger.- XSL Trace.- Zvon XSL Tracer.- XSLT Profilers.- CatchXSL.- XSL Lint.- XSLT Test Tool.- XSLTMark.- XSLTUnit.- Documentation Generation.- XSLDoc.- XSLTDoc.- XSLTDoc.- XSLT-Enabled Browsers.- Antenna House XSL Formatter.- Internet Explorer.- Mozilla.- Netscape.- XSmiles.- Server-Side Support.- AxKit.- Cocoon.- UWOBO.- XSQL.- A Guide to the Index.

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Beginning XSLT 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
crambosauce on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Great book for learning XSLT. I recommend reading along and doing the work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the finest example of a 'Beginner's Level' book that I've ever come across. This is not your typical 'Hello World' pablum, but one that ramps up the learning curve quite quickly. It's solid enough to function as a reference book also. I bought this book because I felt I needed some XSL transformations to solve a problem in a web app that I'm creating for a client. I had some tricky things I wanted the transformations to accomplish, and by Chapter 5 Ms. Tennison had covered most of the topics I needed to get my solutions off the ground. If you need to learn XSLT to extend your XML documents, this is a perfect place to start.