Betrayal's of a Child (Large Print)

Betrayal's of a Child (Large Print)

by Patricia E Adams

Paperback(Large Print)

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ISBN-13: 9781940153032
Publisher: Shekinah Publishing House
Publication date: 08/27/2013
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Separated at birth from her biological parents she survives 19 near death experiences. Within that number 15 of that 19 happened to her by the age of 18 from the hands of family caretakers. Both male and female family members and neighbors who were model citizens in the community and leaders within the christian community. Only one of her abusers was a stranger. Throughout her experiences she maintained hope for a better outcome and refused to stay at the stage of victim and survivor, but choosing to move into the stage of an overcomer of child abuse/betrayal trauma. Patricia E. Adams is an emerging advocate speaker on child abuse, betrayal trauma and life reclamation and restoration to groups as part of required CEU
training as service providers to children. To groups of inpatient clients of rehabilitative hospitals, transitional housing programs, transformational organizations and mental health and human services ranging from teens to senior citizens suffering the aftermath of trauma who self-medicate through substance abuse and self-mutilations. Also, to collegiate and religious organizations from retreats, workshops and conferences on spiritual restoration after trauma. This book documents what she had to overcome up to the age of 18 as a victim and survivor of child abuse and betrayal trauma. She volunteers with various advocacy organizations in her community and Radio Host of Patricia Adams Live where she "Discusses Life's Difficult Topics" and interviews are conducted with others who have had similar experiences. Passionate is what those in the audience have said about her as she breaks the seal of silence for herself and those in the audience. Her endeavors are to see others find the strength to break the seal of silence and reconcile with the broken childhood and celebrate their life right where they are! Additionally she has authored other books that share the process of her spiritual transformation from child abuse and betrayal trauma!

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