Beyond the Limit

Beyond the Limit

by Cindy Dees

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Team Reaper has a new mission...
Train the first female SEALs

Navy SEAL Griffin Caldwell is not happy with his team's top-secret mission, training the first female SEALs. Griffin's determined to prove that his trainee Sherri Tate—a former beauty queen no less—doesn't have what it takes to join the world's most elite warrior's club. Until he sees what she's capable of, and even this hard-nosed SEAL has to admit she's tough as nails. What he won't admit to is the attraction sizzling between them.

Navy media officer Sherri Tate is more than just a pretty face. When she's given the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a SEAL, she won't let anything stand in her way, not even her arrogant trainer, who is too sexy for words.

When a dangerous mission lands Sherri and Griffin in the cross hairs of the world's most feared terrorist, it's going to take everything they have to come out with their lives—and hearts—intact.

Praise for Cindy Dees:
"A pulse-pounding adventure that will keep readers enthralled."—RT Book Reviews for Hot Intent
"A well-crafted plot with plenty of action, love and danger...make this a must-read romance."—RT Book Reviews for Undercover with a SEAL

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492679097
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 06/25/2019
Series: Valkyrie Ops Series , #1
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 111,422
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Cindy Dees is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fifty suspense and thriller novels. She also draws upon her twenty-plus years of live-action role-playing experience to write epic fantasy novels. She has participated in the Dragon Crest world since 1996 and is the co-author of The Sleeping King.

Natasha Soudek is an experienced actor, singer, and audiobook narrator. The daughter of two English professors, she grew up in the southern United States, Berlin, and Vienna. Her work includes Super Bowl commercials, television shows, playing sold-out live music shows, and appearing as the first blonde Vulcan in Star Trek history. She currently resides in New York City.

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Beyond the Limit 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
DiiFL 4 days ago
Should women be allowed to be an elite Navy SEAL? The pressure is on to train and graduate women and seeing an opportunity for good press, former beauty pageant queen Sherri Tate is one of a group of women placed on the fast track to success. Training her would be Griffin Caldwell and his Reaper SEAL team, whether he liked it or not. He never expected to respect and admire the beauty’s determination and abilities, let alone to fall for her. BEYOND THE LIMIT by Cindy Dees is certainly entertaining, plays to the whole “men are putty in the hands of an extremely beautiful woman,” theme, as well as the blatant sexual attraction between the two. More fluff than substance, it IS an entertaining read with some real nail-biting moments for Sherri and Griffin. Read it for the romance, get a one-layer-deep peek at the training and remember, beauty is only skin deep, there is more to a woman than her looks and let’s hope men are smarter than the ones in this book! A fun read for a relaxing afternoon! I received a complimentary ARC edition from Sourcebooks Casablanca!
Anonymous 16 days ago
I was blown away with how much I enjoyed this story -- so much so, once I started I kept going till I was done late last night! It's always been an intriguing consideration for me, working through the feelings, beliefs, reality, and politics of women in special forces/front lines of combat. I appreciated how the author dealt with everything, and how we got multiple views and opinions - and we see how the characters worked through their opinions - specifically watching Griffin sort through things and Sherri proving herself (and I'll be honest - I was in awe of how she dealt with everything tossed at her). I enjoyed watching the heat build between Sherri and Griffin - from insta-attraction to head-over-heals - it felt real and raw and honest, even with the struggle to express it or understand exactly how to balance the desires with responsibilities. I also loved seeing the respect that grew, not only between Sherri and Griffin, but between the Reaper Team, the other women trainees, and the SEAL community (instructors, fellow team mates, etc.) Something about the SEAL family keeps me coming back for more. I also loved the glimpse into the raw and realities of being a special operator - just what it takes to make it, what you're willing to sacrifice, and the dichotomy between your head and heart, the adrenaline highs and the heart-shattering lows. Beyond the Limit is the kind of story that will capture your attention and drag you along in a thought-provoking journey, delivering not only a well-earned happily-ever-after, but a greater appreciation for the realities of the special few warriors who live out "the only easy day was yesterday".
Anonymous 20 days ago
Evampire9 26 days ago
He’s not happy with his team’s top-secret mission, training the first female SEALs and Griffin Caldwell is determined to prove that his former beauty queen trainee doesn’t have what it takes to join the world’s most elite warrior’s club. Navy media officer Sherri Tate has been given the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a SEAL and she won’t let anything stand in her way, not even her sexy, arrogant trainer. The first book in the Valkyrie Ops series is a surprisingly powerful read. The characters are strong, bold and take no enemies in their quest to achieve their goals, exactly what you expect from a SEAL right… But the chemistry between these two is off the charts magnetic and has sparks flying in every direction. The relationship off course has a couple of major snags that just may prove to be impossible to overcome, the trainee and trainer relationship and the fact that Griffin doesn’t think females belong in the SEALs, so this keeps lots of emotional turbulence flowing from the pages even as the passion is building to volcanic proportions. But this fast paced plot is more than a just a romance, this story is about something that the majority of the world feels is impossible… a female becoming a SEAL. The author builds the suspense of the achievement throughout the story and the story pulls readers in ensuring that readers become completely engaged in the lives of these characters as the author has portrayed it in an informative with lots of details to make it realistic and yet not so many to make it boring or overdone. The story also has several twist that adds danger and excitement to the story so, there is no way for a readers to lose interest in this powerfully explosive and emotionally gripping read.
Deb_from_Oz 28 days ago
She is a lieutenant in the Navy and she is applying to be the first woman Seal ever but not everyone is happy about it and she will face intrigue and drama from inside the navy as well as out side influences. Sherri Tate may be a former beauty queen but even Navy SEAL Griffin Caldwell part of the team who is meant to train ans was secretly hoping she would fail has to admit she has got what it takes. When danger strikes he will begin to realise that she has become much more than just someone he is training and they begin an illicit affair. Will she succeed you will have to read to see
Shirleylinn 28 days ago
This is the first book that I have read by this author but, it definitely won't be the last. It was a fast-paced, suspenseful read. Griffin and Sherri are great characters and so are all of the supporting characters.. The story is full of intrigue, suspense and danger. I can't wait to read the next book.
DebDiem 28 days ago
Female SEALs...YIKES! Beyond The Limit by Cindy Dees leads us through the advance training for three women and their SEAL trainers. Ms. Dees has given readers a well-written book with a phenomenal cast of characters. Griffin doesn't want to train women to become SEALs. Sherri was excited to get out of DC and stop being the pretty girl mouthpiece for the military and do some real military service. Griffin and Sherri's story is loaded with drama, humor, action, smokin' hot sex and suspense. I loved every page of this book, couldn't put it down. Beyond The Limit is book 1 of the Valkyrie Ops Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 28 days ago
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy. Not sure if I was going to like this type of book because at the start the three women were chosen to be the first women to try for the Seal teams. I think the book got more interesting when Sherri volunteered to be the :"first" woman to try - which basically meant that she was supposed to be the spokesperson for the women and not really expected to cut it. Sherri not only exceeded Griffin's expectations but went on to win over her fellow classmates (well, not one) and her instructors. More drama was added in when at the end of Hell Week things did not go as planned and Sherri again showed that she had the heart of a SEAL. I really hope that there will be future books as they kind of left Kenny as a captive and we don't know what happened with Anna and Lilly!
MusicInPrint 28 days ago
WHO SAYS BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP? All men trying to complete Seal training do everything they can to foil Sherri Tate's goal to succeed as the first woman seal. The new program dubbed "Valkyrie" is the strategy being used to get women ready for the riggers of Seal Boot Camp. Sherri is a Beauty Queen winner who has been the Navy's media officer due to her looks and savvy communications skills. Enter Griffin Caldwell and his Seal Team to ready these women in the Valkyrie Op. Liked Dees' characters and narrative in Beyond the Limit and look forward to more in this series. "Book was provided by SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
cherlym 28 days ago
If you watched GI Jane and liked the movie you will love this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are several women trying out for seals, besides the expected issue with "politics" and Seals who say no place for women this was really well done. A tad to much hot sex for me, (yes I know its personal preference) it seemed a bit much while they were supposed to be training and learning. I actually had a tear at one point (no spoiler) and it left me with the question of the future. I want to hear more about Tate and Griffin, how they juggle and all that transpires. Since his is book 1, am guessing the rest of the series will be with the other members. Hoping that these two pop up ! Thank you Cindy Dees, Thank you Sourcebooks Casablanca and thank you Net Galley! All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
BEYOND THE LIMIT is the first instalment in Cindy Dee’s contemporary, adult VALKYRIE OPS romantic, military suspense series focusing on female SEALs. This is Lieutenant Sherri Tate, and Navy SEAL Griffin Caldwell’s story line. Told from dual third person perspectives (Sherri and Griffin) BEYOND THE LIMIT follows the rigorous and arduous training as Sherri Tate, and two other women warriors attempt to pass the BUD/S training for the US Navy SEALs. Sherri Tate is a media officer for the Navy, and is hoping to become the first female SEAL in US history but the fight to the top is harder than expected. From the outset our heroine is targeted by the people in charge, people who struggle with women in the US Navy SEALs. Enter SEAL and Reaper Team member Griffin Caldwell, the man with whom Sherri will fall in love. What ensues is the forbidden and secret relationship and romance between Sherri and Griffin, and the potential fall-out when SEAL Team Reaper walks into an ambush, and Sherri becomes collateral damage in an international war with the US Navy. Griffin Caldwell’s career as an active member of Team Reaper has been side lined by a potential career ending injury. Assigned to the SEAL training division our hero will come face to face with former pageant queen Sherri Tate, a woman who stirs something deep within our story line heroine. Not everyone is happy to see women vying for a position with the US Navy SEALs, and Sherri, for all her determination and guts is targeted on more than one occasion. The relationship between Sherri and Griffin is one of immediate attraction but Griffin battles between head and heart believing women in the Navy SEALs is a mistake and a disaster waiting to happen. Griffin is not the only man who believes this to be true, as our heroine will discover as she struggles her way to the top of the class. Having to hide their relationship and keep secret their love, our couple battle to remain stoic in the face of potential danger and loss of their jobs. The $ex scenes are intimate, passionate and intense, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including two other candidates for US Navy SEAL: Lily VanDyke and Anna Marlow; Commander Calvin Kettering, as well as several members of Griffin’s Reaper SEAL Team: Kenny, Trevor, Axe, Sam and Jojo; and a number of recruits vying for one of the few remaining BUD/S training positions. BEYOND THE LIMIT is a detailed story of discrimination and determination; of betrayal and revenge; of love, lust and happily ever after. The author, a pilot in the US Air Force, uses her knowledge and experience to bring the story and her characters to life. The premise is engaging and intriguing; the romance is seductive and steamy; the characters are strong, determined and energetic.