Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man

Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man

Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man

Bless Your Husband: Creative Ways to Encourage and Love Your Man


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Sometimes, choosing to love your husband is hard. Whether you've been married one year or 31 years, chances are he's done things that have frustrated you, angered you, hurt you, or flabbergasted you. But after arguing over how to load the dishwasher yet again, you might be wondering how you can show him that you really do love him.

In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can do something meaningful for your husband and grow in your faith. From washing his car to writing a positive post about him on social media to watching his favorite movie with him, these pages are full of creative, simple, and interactive ideas on how to bless your husband. You'll discover daily Scripture verses, inspirational readings, and journaling prompts to encourage you as well!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764231766
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Angela Mills began blogging in 2008 and has written more than sixty articles for magazines and websites. She also runs a Facebook group for thousands of Christian wives. Angela has been married to her best friend, Eric, for eighteen years and is a homeschool mom and proud grandma. Angela and her family live in Southern California with their dog, Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo Mills.

Table of Contents

Foreword 12

Introduction: How to Use This Book 16

Before You Start, or How Expectations Can Wreck Us 21

Week 1 The Wife of His Youth 27

Day 1 Check Your Comfort Level 29

Week One Challenges 31

Day 2 A Gratitude List 33

Day 3 Your Song 36

Day 4 Initiating Intimacy 39

Day 5 Gift Giving 42

Weekend Reflection 45

Week 2 The Servant Wife 47

Day 1 Acknowledging Service 50

Week Two Challenges 51

Day 2 Serving Like Jesus 52

Day 3 A Suitable Helper 56

Day 4 Make His Day Easier 61

Day 5 When You Need Help 64

Weekend Reflection 69

Mid-Challenge Check-In 71

Week 3 The Barnabas Wife 73

Day 1 Overflowing 74

Week Three Challenges 76

Day 2 Married, Social Media Style 78

Day 3 Purposeful Reminiscing 83

Day 4 Encouraging Him with Scripture 88

Day 5 Encouraging Man-Friend Time 93

Weekend Reflection 97

Week 4 The Beautiful Wife 99

Day 1 The Beauty of Praise 102

Week Four Challenges 103

Day 2 Dress for Him 105

Day 3 Find the Good 110

Day 4 Avoid Comparison, Choose Joy 114

Day 5 Hand in Hand 120

Weekend Reflection 124

About Bonus Weeks 127

Bonus Week 1 Cultivating Contentment While Making Your Home a Haven 129

Day 1 Imagine Your Ideal 131

Bonus Week One Challenges 133

Household Cleanup Checklist 137

Day 2 Stop Complaining 139

Day 3 Content with Him 144

Day 4 Content with Our Means 147

Day 5 Creating Coziness 152

Coziness Check 158

Weekend Reflection 159

Bonus Week 2 Choosing Selflessness While Planning an Overnight Date 161

Day 1 A Reward for You Too 162

Bonus Week Two Challenges 163

Getaway Date Planning Sheet 169

Day 2 Selfless with Our Time 170

Day 3 Let Him Know You Need Him 174

Day 4 Be the One Who Is Interested in Your Husband 177

Day 5 Final Thoughts 180

Weekend Reflection 182

Resources 184

Using Bless Your Husband in a Group Setting 184

Ideas for Busy Wives 186

If Your Marriage Is hi Crisis 188

Tips for Wives on a Tight Budget 190

Memorizing Scripture 192

Online Content 196

Acknowledgments 197

Notes 201

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