Bogus U.

Bogus U.

by Paul M. Levitt
Bogus U.

Bogus U.

by Paul M. Levitt


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An imaginative and hilarious college satire, in which the worlds of academia and the mob collide as a former mobster takes the reigns of Bogus U., ultimately facing threats from both his old mob ties and the student body, as he works to polish the tarnished legacy of Bogus U.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781630760649
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Paul M. Levitt has written numerous books, plays, and articles, including radio plays for the BBC and the novel Stalin's Barber. He received his Ph.D. in English from UCLA. He is Professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He lives with his wife in Colorado.

Table of Contents

Dedication Acknowledgment Disclaimer A Note about the Author How Phineas Ort Missed His Plane Brooklyn Benny Explains His Philosophy of Money How Christy the Chump Heard about Bogus U. A Day in the Life of Bogus U. Benny’s Plan Takes Shape Christy Finds a Job How Christy Came to Eavesdrop Of Things Past and Present Mr. Hasty-Pasty Receives a Disquieting Telephone Call Mr. Hasty-Pasty Explains What Christy Learned from Eavesdropping How Christy Became President of Bogus U. Why Laura Favoloso Admired Christy the Chop The Board of Trustees Meets in Camera Christy Meets the Grand Vizier The Plotters The Viziers Express an Opinion Mr. Hasty-Pasty and Christy Come Face-to-Face In the Beginning Was the Word Brooklyn Benny Puts Out a Contract on Christy Phineas Ort Explicates Antigone Christy Surveys His Domain Night School Christy Looks in the Mirror The First Day Meetings, Meetings, Always Meetings Shakedown (An Extortion of Money by Devious Means) The Monroe Larson Case Doubts, Discrimination, and Deceits Christy’s Recurring Nightmare Laura Interrogates Shawn Word Spreads: Christy’s a Marked Man Christy Tries to Discover the Hit Man Creon’s Defense Christy Wines and Dines Troxy Shawn Keeps a Clandestine Date Gretchen Edsel Takes a Lover Christy and Laura Discuss Money DeeDee Lite’s Novel Begins Christy Makes a Tenure Decision Christy Goes to the Gridiron Christy and Others Discuss Monroe Larson Bang, Bing, Bam: A Detonation, Not a Chinese Dish A Break in the Case Detective Crankshaw Questions the Suspects Autumn Leaves and Mountain Walks Shawn and Millicent Go Shopping Christy Hosts a Dinner for the New Faculty Laura Reports on Her Findings A Home Away from Home The Heart’s a State of Mind DeeDee Lite’s Novel Takes Shape Jackie Brown Telephones His Girlfriend Phineas Learns a Few Scams The Best Laid Plans ... Phineas and DeeDee Have a Talk Christy and Laura Watch a Video Brooklyn Benny Huddles with the Hit Person DeeDee Relates Brent’s Sad Tale The Police Issue a Report In Flagrante Delicto Brent’s Escape from Hanoi One Happy Family The Spring Is Sprung On Easter-day, the Expose Christy and Laura Forge an Agreement Christy Inks His Name to a Contract DeeDee Concludes Her Novel Christy Reforms Bogus U. Commercial Ventures, Inc. Epilogue
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