Book of Keltria: Druidism for the 21st Century

Book of Keltria: Druidism for the 21st Century


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Druids, long the source of myth and mystery, were not lost in the mists of time. Once central to ancient Celtic culture, the spirits of the Druids periodically return to inspire new generations to find solutions for the spiritual needs of new eras. The Book of Keltria tells the story of a modern branch of Druidism that has evolved to be relevant in the 21st century.

Decades of oral and written lessons developed by the key individuals who shaped the Henge, are consolidated into book form for the first time. Derived from material once found only in its correspondence course and workshops, The Book of Keltria includes information on Druid history, Keltrian Druid theology, invocation techniques, and ritualcraft. Also included are chapters on meditation, use of divination, magick, and the history of the Henge. All are presented with the goal of assisting readers in their spiritual evolution through honoring the Ancestors, revering the Spirits of Nature and celebrating the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Celts.

"A feast of information for anyone interested in Druidry. The Book of Keltria provides a fascinating account of how the Keltrian path has developed, and of the ways in which Druidism is able to respond to the spiritual needs of growing numbers of seekers." - Philip Carr-Gomm

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