Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors: The Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable System for Getting More Patients Than You Can Handle, Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling

Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors: The Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable System for Getting More Patients Than You Can Handle, Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling

Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors: The Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable System for Getting More Patients Than You Can Handle, Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling

Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors: The Fastest, Easiest, Most Reliable System for Getting More Patients Than You Can Handle, Even If You Hate Marketing and Selling


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Build your chiropractic practice with proven self-promotion strategies

Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors is a game-changing guide to attracting patients to your practice and turning them into loyal patients, for a solid business foundation. This hyper-targeted, step-by-step advice will help you grow your practice beyond what you previously thought possible. You’ll become inspired to put energy behind your self-promotion practices and you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to make your marketing efforts more effective.

In any service business, it’s essential to connect with the patients who are a perfect fit for you. For chiropractors, that means understanding what sets you apart from the competition, pricing your services appropriately, and communicating with prospective patients about how you can help them. This book helps you through all of it, with practical tips and strategic insights that will ensure you’re never short on the patients you want.

Co-authored by Michael Port—New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and visionary behind the original Book Yourself Solid business techniques—and Christine Zapata, experienced chiropractor and coach, Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors covers the issues unique to the chiropractic world. By attracting patients who are in alignment with your vision for your practice, you can create a successful business that also helps you achieve your long-term goals.

  • Understand your unique value proposition and brand and learn how to talk about it
  • Create a likeable social media presence and a website that brings people in the door
  • Learn step-by-step strategies for networking, direct outreach, generating referrals, and more
  • Discover how the principles of sales and pricing apply to building your chiropractic practice

Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors
is a handbook for self-promotion that delivers results. This book shows you how to promote more than just your skills by creating an image that your ideal patients will resonate with. Build your reputation and keep business coming in over the long term.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781394222575
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/12/2024
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 426,195
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Michael’s Note




MODULE ONE Your Foundation

Chapter 1 The Red Velvet Rope Policy

Chapter 2 Why People Buy What You’re Selling

Chapter 3 Develop a Personal Brand

Chapter 4 How to Talk About What You Do

MODULE TWO Building Trust and Credibility

Chapter 5 Becoming a Likable Expert in Your Field

Chapter 6 The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process

Chapter 7 The Book Yourself Solid Keep-in-Touch Strategy

Chapter 8 The Power of Information Products

MODULE THREE Simple Selling and Perfect Pricing

Chapter 9 Perfect Pricing

Chapter 10 Super Simple Selling

MODULE FOUR The Book Yourself Solid Six Core Self-Promotion Strategies

Chapter 11 The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy

Chapter 12 The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy

Chapter 13 The Book Yourself Solid Referral Strategy

Chapter 14 The Book Yourself Solid Speaking Strategy

Chapter 15 The Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy

Chapter 16 The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy

PART 1: Designing Your Webs Site

PART 2: Getting Visitors to Your Webs Site

PART 3: Building Your Social Media Platform

Final Thoughts


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What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Search the web for books and one will soon see that there is a plethora of books which are written to convey, convince, entertain, and sell. When a book is written by a student of life who truly seeks to understand before attempting to teach, then I believe we have a masterpiece in the making. Dr. Christine Zapata studies people and processes like few others can. Together with Michael Port they capture volumes of information, dissect that information into understandable bites, and provide real life solutions. Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors is a book that reflects their passion to see others succeed. As you read through this brilliantly written ‘manual’ for chiropractic practice success, you will soon know that each word has been purposefully selected. The style is no nonsense. Implement these teachings and flourish. This book is a must read for any chiropractor seeking to serve their community with confidence and integrity.”

Jack M. Bourla, D.C., A.C.P. President, Sherman College of Chiropractic

“Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors is an invaluable resource for chiropractors looking to elevate their practice to new heights. Dr. Christine Zapata demonstrates a deep understanding of the chiropractic field, and a keen insight into the nuances of effective marketing strategies as adapted from and in cooperation with Michael Port's original and timeless text. From the beginning, this book grips you with its logical and reasonable advice, delivered in a clear and engaging manner. This is more than a book; it's like having a personal mentor guiding you through the frustrating world of chiropractic marketing. Dr. Zapata highlights the importance of building relationship capital with your ideal clients and creating a long-lasting reliable network rather than resorting to popular quick fixes. This commitment to practical marketing resonates with me, as it aligns perfectly with the principles of chiropractic care.”

Dr. Travis M. Corcoran, Bestselling author of Restoring Reason

“Great content and very actionable guidance on building a solid practice and business. So often people miss the foundation of successful business systems or don't have the success to guide others. This book should be a starting point for anyone in practice to achieve long-term, solid results!”

Amy Spoelstra, DC Founder - FOCUS Academy and Brain-Blossom Program

“For those of integrity who wish to ethically grow and succeed in practice, Book Yourself Solid for Chiropractors is a must read. Written concisely with a focus on actions and real-life ideas which work, the reader is presented with a blueprint for success.”

Ross McDonald, DC President, The Scottish Chiropractic Association Principal, The Scotland College of Chiropractic Chair, The Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable Trust (SC046041)

“Michael Port and Dr. Christine Zapata's insightful strategies and actionable tips have revolutionized the way I approach my practice. If you have ever set foot in one of our two offices at The Specific Chiropractic Centers in Arkansas, then you know that our doctors truly have joy everyday in taking care of our people. This book is like a trusted colleague guiding you step by step to attract the right clients, boost your credibility, and create a thriving chiropractic business.”

Grant Dennis, DC President, International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations

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