Boundless Leadership: The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, and Ignite Posit ive Change

Boundless Leadership: The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, and Ignite Posit ive Change

Boundless Leadership: The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, and Ignite Posit ive Change

Boundless Leadership: The Breakthrough Method to Realize Your Vision, Empower Others, and Ignite Posit ive Change


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Gold Nautilus Book Award Winner

Realize your fullest leadership potential, claim your boldest vision, and prioritize the well-being of your team and world with this new science-based approach to leadership.

Boundless Leadership provides a complete and systematic roadmap to finding meaning in your work, realizing your full leadership potential, and inspiring your team with resilience, innovation, compassion and confidence. Contemplative psychotherapist Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, and executive advisor Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC, offer a new science-based vision of leadership that prescribes disciplines of mind, heart, and body to help leaders cultivate clarity, compassion and fearlessness for themselves and throughout their organization.
Boundless Leadership offers accessible, real world applications to bring ease to leading oneself and others, and provides examples from the authors' experience with clients, including CEOs of multi-billion-dollar businesses, entrepreneurs and managers trying to balance the complex challenges of work and life in our interdependent age. Each section includes a range of practices based on neuropsychology and contemplative science, including guided meditations to improve focus and awareness, cultivate empathy and compassion, and build fearlessness and flow. Each section also offers a practical application to ease daily challenges, including clarifying intentions for better decision-making, improving accountability and responsibility for better team collaboration, and embodying purpose to optimize impact on one’s organization and society at large. Boundless Leadership is especially needed during this explosion of remote working and provides advice and guidance to remain productive and joyful when your work environment is in flux. Whether you're a CEO, manager, team leader, consultant, coach, social entrepreneur or community activist, this book offers the tools you need to clarify your vision, lead others, and ignite positive change in the world—giving you a much needed advantage in today’s fast-paced digital age.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611809213
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 12/21/2021
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 131,156
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

JOE LOIZZO, MD, PhD is a contemplative psychotherapist, a clinical researcher, and Buddhist scholar-teacher. He founded Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, a nonprofit organization that interacts with over 12,000 people per year. On the faculty at the Weill Cornell Medical College and the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, he lectures widely on the role of meditative learning in the future of health, education, and leadership, and teaches regular public classes and workshops. 

ELAZAR ASLAN, MBA, PCC is an executive advisor, speaker, and entrepreneur. After a successful career as a business executive, he became a professional coach over a decade ago, bringing his meditative practice and leadership principles to corporations including Chase, D&B, MasterCard, American Express, and ADP, as well as hyper growth start-ups. He is the founder of A Day of Kindness in Philadelphia, President of the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia, and a Nalanda Institute board member.

Table of Contents

Preface: Our Evolutionary Tipping Point Joe Loizzo ix

Preface: Our Moral Imperative Elazar Aslan xiii

Part 1 The Truths of Boundless Leadership

1 The Situation: We Work Hard and Do Our Best, Yet We're Still Unfulfilled (and So Are the People around Us) 3

2 The Problem: Our Conditioned Way of Being: Surviving versus Thriving 7

3 The Promise: Unleashing Our Boundless Potential 20

4 The Path: An Optimized and Integrated Mind, Heart, and Body 22

5 The Practice: The New Science and Timeless Art of Optimizing Mind/Body Systems 27

Part 2 The Discipline of Mind-Trait of Self-Awareness

6 Leadership Is an Inside Job 37

7 Making Better Decisions: The Synergy of Self-Awareness and Clarity 47

8 Making the Shift from Stress-Driven Survival to Thriving in Clarity and Self-Awareness 56

9 Presence: The Brain Is a Social Organ 63

10 Balance: Developing True Confidence 69

11 Unbiased Awareness: Escaping the Trap of Fixed Judgment 74

12 Discernment: The Key to Incisive Decisions 80

13 Application: Leveraging the Power of Intention 84

Part 3 The Discipline of Heart-Trait of Authentic Engagement

14 Creating the Conditions for Others to Be Their Best 97

15 The Interplay of Compassion and Authentic Engagement: The Real Strength of Leadership 102

16 The Psychology of Compassion and Altruism: The Secret of Success 113

17 Debunking the Stereotypes: Authentic and Inauthentic Compassion 125

18 Empathy: Widening and Deepening the Circle of Trust 129

19 Resilience: Transforming Our Inner Demons 136

20 Engagement: Tuning In to the Strong Force of Emotions 143

21 Inspiration: Encountering the Mentor Within 151

22 Application: Empowered Responsibility: Modeling the Problem-Solving Mind 158

Part 4 The Discipline of Body, Heart, and Mind-Trait of Embodied Flow

23 The Awakened Body: Reimagining and Rewiring Ourselves 171

24 Leading Fearlessly: The Body Language of Flow 179

25 Boundless Vision: Evoking a New Reality 185

26 Empowering Speech: Rewriting Our Role 195

27 Natural Flow: Harnessing Pure Passion 203

28 Fearless Embodiment: The Stance of True Leadership 215

29 Application: Embodying Meaning and Purpose: The Integrated Leader 225

Part 5 A Commitment to Practice

30 Manifesting Your Vision and Purpose: The Big Picture 231

31 Integrating the Applications and Orienting toward Greater Purpose 237

32 The Mandala of Leadership 240

33 Commitment to Real Practice: Implementing the Plan 250

Afterword 253

Acknowledgments 255

Notes 263

Index 267

About the Authors 277

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