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Brain Tingles: The Secret to Triggering Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for Improved Sleep, Stress Relief, and Head-to-Toe Euphoria

Brain Tingles: The Secret to Triggering Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for Improved Sleep, Stress Relief, and Head-to-Toe Euphoria


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A user-friendly guide to ASMR—the stress-reducing, sleep-inducing, tingly sensation you have to try!— featuring step-by-step instructions on ASMR best practices for home and professional use alike.

The calming feeling when someone gently brushes your hair. The deep comfort and connection you feel when a friend whispers in your ear. The tingly sensation experienced from the personal attention of a hairdresser, a clinician, or even watching and listening to Bob Ross...

That feeling has a name! ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response (a deeply relaxing sensation with delightful head tingles that typically begin on the scalp and move down the spine) feels so good that some refer to it as a “brain-gasm.” ASMR videos on YouTube have millions of subscribers and billions of views. ASMR is truly everywhere—from ad campaigns to celebrities to millions of regular people looking for a moment of “ahhhh.”

With Brain Tingles, it’s now possible to stimulate—and even share—those feel-good tingles every day, and in real life! ASMRUniversity.com founder Craig Richard, PhD, explains what ASMR is, why it happens, and how to trigger it at home. No special training or fancy equipment required! Inside, you’ll learn the most common auditory, visual, and tactile triggers and how to create person-to-person ASMR scenarios (from a mock eye exam to a pretend manicure) with a partner, client, or friend. The end result? That calming, tingly euphoria that can be used for comfort, relaxation, restfulness, or even to set the tone for sleep—on demand!

With a textured cover you can rub, stroke, or scratch to use as a tactile trigger, Brain Tingles is the ultimate ASMR tool, inside and out.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781507207628
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 09/04/2018
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 419,534
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Craig Richard, PhD, first learned the term ASMR in 2013, but has been experiencing its triggers and effects since childhood. He launched ASMRUniversity.com in 2014 to encourage and report about ASMR research and to provide helpful resources to assist with understanding ASMR. He’s the cofounder of the ASMR Research Project and has produced several ASMR podcasts. Richard is a professor in the department of biopharmaceutical sciences at Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy in Winchester, Virginia.

Melinda Lauw is an artist and cocreator of Whisperlodge.

Table of Contents

Foreword 7

Introduction 9

Part 1 Understanding ASMR 13

Chapter 1 What Is ASMR? 15

ASMR Defined 15

What Does ASMR Feel Like? 15

What Triggers ASMR? 17

A Brief History of ASMR 19

Biological Origins of ASMR 24

Benefits of ASMR 29

Chapter 2 Preparing For ASMR 33

When is ASMR Useful? 33

Enjoying ASMR Alone 34

What Is Partner ASMR? 36

Working with a Partner 38

Setting Up an ASMR Session 40

Troubleshooting and Building a Long-Term Partnership 51

Part 2 Your DIY ASMR Toolbox 53

Chapter 3 Velvety Voices 55

Foundations of Velvety Voices 55

Trigger Tips for Velvety Voices 55

Other Considerations Before You Start Speaking 61

Trigger Toolbox for Velvety Voices 67

Using Your Velvety Voice 79

Chapter 4 Soothing Sounds 81

Foundations of Soothing Sounds 81

Trigger Tips for Soothing Sounds 83

Trigger Toolbox for Soothing Sounds 88

An Orchestra of Sounds 103

Chapter 5 Feathery Fingers 105

Foundations of Feathery Fingers 105

Trigger Tips for Feathery Fingers 108

Trigger Toolbox for Feathery Fingers 115

A Touching Ending 122

Chapter 6 Tingly Tools 123

Foundations of Tingly Tools 123

Trigger Tips for Tingly Tools 124

Trigger Toolbox for Tingly Tools 131

Tingly Tools Are Everywhere 137

Chapter 7 Tranquil Treasures 139

Foundations of Tranquil Treasures 139

Trigger Tips for Tranquil Treasures 142

Trigger Toolbox for Tranquil Treasures 148

Take Your Treasures to the Next Level 151

Chapter 8 Assuaging Activities 153

Foundations of Assuaging Activities 153

Trigger Tips for Assuaging Activities 156

Trigger Toolbox for Assuaging Activities 161

Take Your Activities to the Next Level 172

Part 3 Relaxing Role-Play Scenarios 173

Chapter 3 Hands-On Role-Plays 177

Foundations of Hands-On Role-Plays 177

Trigger Tips for Hands-On Role-Plays 179

Trigger Toolbox for Hands-On Role-Plays 184

Next-Level Role-Plays 193

Chapter 10 Hands-Off Role-Plays 195

Foundations of Hands-Off Role-Plays 195

Trigger Tips for Hands-Off Role-Plays 196

Trigger Toolbox for Hands-Off Role-Plays 204

Next-Level Role-Plays 214

Bibliography 215

Appendix A ASMR Trigger Menu 218

Appendix B ASMR Personalization Form 224

Appendix C ASMR Session Plan 230

Index 233

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