Brand With Purpose: Find Your Passion, Stay True to Your Story, and Accelerate Your Career

Brand With Purpose: Find Your Passion, Stay True to Your Story, and Accelerate Your Career

by Ivan Estrada
Brand With Purpose: Find Your Passion, Stay True to Your Story, and Accelerate Your Career

Brand With Purpose: Find Your Passion, Stay True to Your Story, and Accelerate Your Career

by Ivan Estrada


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Find your passion, stay true to your story, and accelerate your career.

In Brand With Purpose, Ivan Estrada shares critical lessons about personal growth and self-discovery—from his early precocious entrepreneurial endeavors as a seven-year-old selling his drawings door to door for $2 to his rise as an inspirational business leader and highly ranked real estate broker. A book for young entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and ambitious dreamers, Brand With Purpose is filled with tools and expert advice on growing your career and business, with enlightening case studies and inspirational wisdom from successful entrepreneurs and trailblazers. Reflecting on his personal journey of growing up Latino, LGBTQ, and working middle class, Ivan is a prime example that hard work and perseverance on a foundation of self-confidence is the way to success.

Through guided self-reflection, you’ll discover the very essence of you and your brand, and then learn how to communicate that to build a sense of trust with your audience. Just as Ivan learned to embrace his true self and build a career as a world-class entrepreneur, you too will discover how your own experiences, challenges, and obstacles hold the key to creating a timeless brand that builds loyalty, influence, and trust—a brand with purpose.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781774580417
Publisher: Page Two Books, Inc.
Publication date: 11/16/2021
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 282,267
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Ivan Estrada is an inspirational business leader and highly ranked real estate broker with extensive experience in the industries of real estate and finance. He is a top producer in the Los Angeles metro area, with a thriving team in residential and commercial properties. Ivan is part of a selected cohort of top entrepreneurs for the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. He is a sought-after public speaker on topics of branding and marketing, personal development, and real estate by organizations such as Inman, California Association of Realtors, and The Real Deal. He produces a large portfolio of video content, including the popular YouTube series, Real Estate Minute. He has been featured on NBC’s Open House, HGTV’s House Hunters, and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, as well as in LA Times, Forbes, Hollywood Reporter, and Dwell. He was named “Top 30 Under 30” in real estate nationwide with the National Association of Realtors and also regularly named in Newsweek’s America’s Best Realtor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the University of Southern California and is a CPA. Ivan is currently a member of the Advisory Council at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and was a former president of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. Ivan is a tenor, known as a teen singer on variety shows for Univision and TV Azteca. He is a proud uncle and loves to take his cockapoo dog, Noah, running on the beach.

Table of Contents

Preface Introduction
Welcometo“BrandwithPurpose” What is a“brand?”
How to use this book

Chapter 1. What’s your story?
Finding my stories Find your story
Casestudy:ChelseaPhaireandChelsea’sCharity Useyourstorytodifferentiate
Casestudy:GTDaveandGT’sLivingFoods WisdomquotesfromGTDave
No limits
Find your strengths
Storiesfromyourfamilyorculture Tapintoyourimagination
Casestudy:Melissa&Doug Exercises

Chapter 2. Be Bold and Different
What’swrongwithbeingdifferent? Embrace yourdifferences
CasestudyofWilsonCruz,ActorandLGBTQAdvocate It’s about thejourney
Embracing all of you
WisdomQuotesfromMarkBatson,MusicProducer Erase the negativeself-talk
WisdomQuotesfromTrevorMoawad,CoachtoEliteAthletes Beproudofbeingdifferent
CasestudyofLizzo,artist Find yourniche
CasestudyofHumbleLakanga,FinancialAdvisortoProfessional Athletes
WisdomQuotesfromLizMarie,BrandingConsultant Exercises

Chapter 3. Authenticity
Rejection as protection Being honest with myself Looking at opposites Products with a Mission
Case study of Cisco
CasestudyofMadamCJWalker Leaders with aMission
Case Study of Lizzie Valesquez WisdomQuotesfromJonathanLeary

Chapter ). Invest in Yourself and Your Brand
Invest in your mind, invest in your health, invest in yourself Create a morning routine
Wisdom Quotes from Aaron Keith, Business Coach Sleep Hygiene
Stress Management
Learn new habits and get things accomplished Consistency matters
Wisdom Quotes from Mark Batson, Music Producer Confront any weaknesses or shame
Wisdom Quotes from Ricky Manchanda, International Fashion Company Wisdom Quotes from Vincent Jones, Travel

Chapter O. Finding Your Creativity: Be Inspired Build something for fun
Wisdom Quotes from Mark Batson, Music Producer
Constraints can be helpful
Wisdom Quotes from Austin Kleon, Artist Egos kill inspiration
Wisdom Quotes from Questlove Set boundaries so you can be creative Manage your time for your creativity
Wisdom Quotes from Questlove Creativity as your fuel
Wisdom Quotes from Paul Mendoza, Animator and Musician Expect the unpredictable
Wisdom Quotes from David Bamber, Designer Find something new to learn: do something unrelated
Wisdom Quotes from Valentina Vee, Filmmaker Wisdom Quotes from Questlove, Musician

Chapter S. Building a Team, Expanding Your Brand Building Your Team
Surround yourself with positive people
Wisdom Quote from Jonathan Leary, Wellness DISC Assessment – Personalities
Team HOTS – Character Archetypes Advice from my early mentors
Wisdom Quotes: Fran Hughes, Real Estate Wisdom Quotes: Rick Dergan, Real Estate

Chapter V. Packaging Product: What are your colors?
You are what you wear
Case Study: Sharpe Suiting
Wisdom quote from Leon Wu, CEO & Founder Embrace stories that mean something to you
Customize the experience for your clients Case Study: Compartes Chocolates
Choose your roles and the company you keep
Wisdom Quotes from Doyle Rice, Talent Manager Showcase your greatness
Wisdom Quotes from Nicolette Jackson-Pownall
Insert conclusion Exercises

Chapter ..Collaborations and Relationships
Competition and CollaborationCase Study from Phil Lobel, Public Relations Investing in your relationships
Wisdom Quote from Arturo Villareal, Construction, Virtus Building Corporation
Find your tribe
Wisdom Quotes from Mark Batson, Music Producer Collaboration as creating new relationships
Corporate Sponsorships and Collaborations Exercises

Chapter \. Life’s a Party: Building Community
Gathering Together [or some other subhead TBD] Wisdom Quotes from Phil Lobel, PublicRelations
Word of Mouth: The Personal Touch
Wisdom Quotes from Kyle Chan, Jewelry Designer Be a pioneer
Case study: Nik Kacy, Creator of Equality Fashion Week and Founder of Nik Kacy Footwear
Wisdom Quotes from Nik Kacy Combine your social time with work time
Case study: Evie Jiang, Family Lawyer and Philanthropist Case study of Electric Forest
Share resources to throw a party
Wisdom Quotes from Chad Hudson Wisdom Quotes from Catharine An
Conclusion Exercises

Chapter ab. Networking and Philanthropy Networking Your Way
Wisdom Quotes from Scott Turner, Career Coach Reach outside your current circle

Wisdom Quotes from Mark Batson, Music Producer Wisdom from JoseCabrerra
Wisdom from Wilson Cruz Wisdom from CatherineAn
The story of Chad Hudson The story of Liz Marie
Giving back with a community engagement Case Study: Ikea’s Bully a Plant Project

Chapter aa. Create Content
Stories Matter
Who are you representing?
Wisdom Quotes from Greg Berlanti What can you do that is unique?
Wisdom Quotes: Anisha Manchanda, VP of Production Sharing the power
Case Study: Padma Lakshmi, Actress, TV producer “Taste the Nation” Wisdom Quotes from Padma Lakshmi
Wisdom from David Beebe Exercises

Walk a Mile in My Shoes Humble memories Journeys
Breaking the Chains Exercises for your reflections

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