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by Ronie Kendig


by Ronie Kendig


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Hard-hitting corporate lawyer meets thick-skulled black ops operator.

Oh, yeah. This is gonna be great ...

Prioritizing career over family cost Brooke Metcalfe Mulroney everything-her relationship with her siblings, her marriage, her children. Written off by her family, she delves deeper into her work. Until a life-altering moment offers a chance at something she didn't know she wanted-redemption. But her self-centered ways nip at her heels as she goes on the lam to do what she knows is right.

Former Special Forces operator and founder of MiLE, Cord Taggart wages war on human trafficking by taking the violence to the wicked, determined to never again let an innocent die because he did nothing. But maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew this time as he works to track down New York City high-powered attorney Brooke Metcalfe, who is MIA. Then there's her brothers who have threatened to chase him into the afterlife should he fail.

Tricky are the hours as Cord negotiates many battles: freeing the captives, demolishing the Trench that has made millions off the skin-trade industry, and his growing, deep-rooted feelings for the bombshell in her highfalutin tower. Brooke must put her life--and heart--in the hands of the thick-skulled operator.

The Metcalfes

Book 1: Stone

Book 2: Willow

Book 3: Range

Book 4: Brooke

Discarded Heroes

Book 1: Nightshade

Book 2: Digitalis

Book 3: Wolfsbane

Book 4: Firethorn

Book 5: Lygos

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798987617205
Publisher: Task Force Press
Publication date: 02/04/2023
Series: The Metcalfes , #4
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 244,508
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Ronie Kendig is a bestselling, award-winning author of over thirty books. She grew up an Army brat, and now she and her Army-veteran husband have returned to their beloved Texas after a nearly ten-year stint in the Northeast. They survive on Sonic runs, barbecue, and peach cobbler that they share--sometimes--with Benning the Stealth Golden. Ronie's degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of intense, raw characters. Visit Ronie online at

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