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Building a Grouse Dog

Building a Grouse Dog

by Craig Doherty


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Building a Grouse Dog: From Puppy to Polished Performer by Craig Doherty, is the most comprehensive, how-to manual there is for taking an eight-week-old little squirmer of any pointing breed and turning him or her into that most coveted game bird finder there is: a finished grouse dog.

Unlike many general pointing-dog training books, this one concentrates on one species – the ruffed grouse. Grouse are notorious for their caginess, their wariness, and their difficulty in being pinned down so a hunter can get close enough to flush and shoot. It takes a dog that has been trained nearly from birth to handle that task, and no one knows how to do it better than Craig Doherty.

Craig was the driving force behind Field Trial Magazine, is a columnist for The Pointing Dog Journal, regularly competes in grouse trials throughout the Northeast, professionally trains grouse dogs for clients from all over the country, and – this is important – guides grouse hunters using his own dogs trained in his outstanding methods; important because paying clients need results, and those results can only come by following dogs that know the game.

A number of how-to training books tell you what to do from beginning to end; but if you have started your own training, run into problems, and consult the literature, many times you’ll find that the advice is something along the lines of, “Well, you messed up because you didn’t do X, Y, and Z. Remember that so you won’t ruin your next dog.” Not Craig – if you have run into a snag with your current dog, Craig tells you what to do to get past it and on with the dog’s completed training.

So if your aim, your goal, is to own and hunt behind a finished grouse dog that knows what’s what in the coverts, Building a Grouse Dog is the best guide you’ll ever have.

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ISBN-13: 9781940239255
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Publication date: 05/20/2019
Pages: 182
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About the Author

In 1987, Craig Doherty moved back to Northern New Hampshire to teach English at the local high school so he could pursue his passions of flyfishing and bird hunting in the North Woods. He soon fell in with a group of guys that shared his interests and had bird dogs. That fall he bought a Brittany puppy from one of them and was soon training and competing with his dogs. He quickly switched to setters and then pointers. Earlier, while living in New Mexico, Doherty had started a parallel career as a freelance writer. In addition to writing for a number of hunting and fishing magazines, he and his wife, Katie, wrote 49 nonfiction books for the elementary and middle school library market.

In 1997, Doherty combined his passion for bird dogs with his skills as a writer/editor and started Field Trial Magazine that continued to publish quarterly for 15 years producing 60 issues. Since the magazine shutdown, Doherty has continued to write about bird dogs first in a field trial supplement in Pointing Dog Journal and most recently as a regular contributor with a bird dog training column. He brings this solid writing experience to Building a Grouse Dog.

His bird dog credentials are as solid as his writing resume. For many years he was a successful amateur competing in cover dog trials on grouse and woodcock. This included winning the Grand National Grouse Championship in 2007 with Wild Apple Jack – a dog that he had bred, raised and trained to the highest level. In addition, he spent as many days as possible in the woods each year training and hunting his bird dogs. Eventually, Doherty decided to share his experience with others. He started taking on dogs to train in the summer and also run in wild bird trials. About the same time, he got his New Hampshire Guide’s license and has been sharing his championship caliber grouse and woodcock dogs with clients for a number of years. All these experiences have coalesced into the program he shares in Building a Grouse Dog.

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