Building a Successful High School Sports Program

Building a Successful High School Sports Program

by Deangelo Wiser
Building a Successful High School Sports Program

Building a Successful High School Sports Program

by Deangelo Wiser


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Whatever sport you coach, building a successful sports program can be an enormous, sometimes daunting, task filled with many responsibilities and demands. Questions and decisions wait around every corner, often pulling a coach away from long-term considerations. How can you build a program when daily challenges require your attention?

In reality, those daily challenges form some of the building blocks and foundations to any program. As a coach, you have the opportunity every day to showcase your critical thinking, creativity, player-management skills, philosophy, integrity, and character with every decision you make.

In "Building a Successful High School Sports Program", former High School Soccer Coach DeAngelo Wiser addresses the fundamentals of building a successful High School program. He covers numerous topic areas including how to choose team players, bringing them together, managing expectations, how to define success, working with administrators and colleagues, tracking progress, dealing with personal adversity, and much more.

The book also includes contributions from a dozen highly successful High School coaches and Athletic Directors who offer decades of real-world wisdom and high-value advice. The book's foreword is by one of the world's leading and most recognizable Sport Psychologists - Bill Beswick.

Whether you coach football, tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track & field, or any other High School sport, by the end of the book, you will learn:

- how to build a winning program

- how to properly integrate philosophies and principles into your work

- how to keep track of success and document the essentials

- how to sell your program and create outside buy-in

- how to create a cohesive team and sporting environment

- how to create a team underpinned with character and integrity

- how to manage players and yourself when times get tough

Building a successful program takes patience and determination, but is a journey you'll never forget.

Contributors: Bill Beswick, Molly Grishman, Dave Barney, Jody Hamilton, Jean Kesterson, Aaron Ocampo, Mike Bowlin, Karen Vanover, Cy Tucker, Bob Koski, Daniel Sandlin, and Kevin Wright.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781911121398
Publisher: Dark River
Publication date: 10/27/2017
Series: Soccer Coaching
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

DeAngelo Wiser is a soccer coach with more than 20 years' experience of working with high school players, during which time he has gathered District and Regional Titles, and Coach of the Year honors. His first title - "Winning Your Players through Trust, Loyalty, and Respect: A Soccer Coach's Guide" has become an internationally acclaimed book.

Table of Contents

1. The Coaching Interview, Are You Ready?

2. Why Not Build a Program?

3. Choosing Your Team

4. Selling Your Program

5. That Championship Vision

6. Building Your Team

7. Player Expectations

8. Bringing Your Team Together

9. Making Practice a Success

10. Can You Coach Any Player?

11. What Are Your Players Searching For?

12. Fixer Upper

13. Shaping the Character of Your Team

14. Team Chemistry…What is It?

15. Captains… What do you expect?

16. Considering Team Camp?

17. How Can You Maintain Success?

18. Coaching a Gifted Player

19. MVPs and All-Tournament

20. Great Players

21. Ten Statements Players Rarely Say to Their Coaches

22. Coaching Responsibilities

23. Coaching Requirements and Code of Conduct

24. Do You Have a Coaching Philosophy?

25. What Are Your Coaching Principles?

26. Humility, Embrace It

27. Pressure to Succeed

28. Coaching Success, What’s Your Definition?

29. Tracking Your Team Without the Wins and Losses

30. Eight Questions That Keep Coaches Awake at Night

31. Charisma…. Do you have it?

32. Controlling Your Destiny

33. Working with the Athletic Director

34. Officials, Do You Have Their Respect?

35. Assistant Coaches, What makes them so special?

36. Challenges and rewards, part of the process…

37. Looking for that Coaching Passion? It May Be in a Camp

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