Building Blocks of Recovery The Deluxe Edition

Building Blocks of Recovery The Deluxe Edition

by Sandra L Kozlowski


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This book is delightful for all of the senses! The beautiful colors, the delightful quotes help you to walk through the 7 Levels of he Building Blocks of Recovery with love and joy. Filled with information for your healing, journal pages, shopping lists, affirmations, coloring pages, and recipes, you will find this book to be a close friend and an excellent resource to take with you on your journey to wellness. You will want to return to its pages again and again. May your healing be your joy.

In this special publication, I have brought together all of my experience and training for your wholeness. Within this book I put so much in it for you such as:
Explanations of how all the different philosophies work together to strengthen your walk: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, personality development theory, the Chakras and the 12 Steps.
Nutrition and recipes generously loaned to us from Christina Pirello of
Essential Oils
Clarifying questions
Crystals and Gems
Yoga poses
Journal Pages
Coloring pages

We will do all of this beautiful work in 7 levels. You will see that within the seven levels of the Building Blocks of Recovery will help you to learn to focus and refocus your life back to a place of wholeness as you experience life on life's terms!

I am so honored that you will allow me to share your journey with you.

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ISBN-13: 9781512069259
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2015
Series: Building Blocks of Recovery, the Deluxe Edition , #1
Pages: 466
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.21(d)

About the Author

Here are a few details that qualify me to speak to you about all the topics in this work.
I have been in a sober support system since 1970 with a family member. I "cut my teeth" in the rooms of recovery and my home was always filled with the slogans and "Grapevine" magazines, people detoxing and learning how to live their lives again. It wasn't until 11 years ago that I realized all the learnings from my childhood needed to be put into practice in my own life.
Knowing that this work was my life's purpose, I knew that I wanted more than just to be a "preacher", but I wanted to make a difference. That difference would require discipline. So at 6 years of sobriety, I went to college and trained to be a chemical dependency counselor.
I have never known my recovery without yoga, I wanted to have the proven discipline to help to explain why I teach as I do. I joined and studied with the Curvy Yoga Movement and the 12 step Recovery Yoga movement and am a 200 Level Yoga Alliance member.
Having a professional past as an adult educator for 21 years, certified in the "Growing Up Again" curriculum, midwife's assistant, doula, childbirth and lactation educator, massage practitioner, marketer, and COO have assisted me in developing this book and its strategies.
The biggest reason that I want to share this information with you is my family. I was so lost in addiction and lost the hearts of my children. It is with gratitude that I tell you today, my family is mostly healed. We enjoy each other today and I am the proud single mom of 6 kids and a grandmother of 3. Each of the people in my family have done the work with me, for us to grow into the strong family we are today. I am grateful for the second chance I have been given.
Also I am grateful for my spiritual life. I was raised a Christian who actually had no faith. Today I am a woman of faith. I can admit when I am crushed or scared and know that "God as I understand Him" is always there for me, sometimes He shows up in a meeting, sometimes in a person, sometimes in a quiet moment.
Today, I am a simple woman and I work a simple program of recovery. Some of my best moments are with my dog Jagger, teaching yoga, and spending time with people in recovery.
And to quote a surrogate dad of mine, life is so good and "You ain't seen nothing yet"!

You can read more about me: or email comments or questions:

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