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Young, loyal and startling beautiful CHEVY is in search of the fairy tale love that she has always longed for. After her latest heartbreak, she finds the thug of her dreams in the unlikeliest of places.

TIAZ, a young street veteran, absolutely loves and adores Chevy. She is the rider that every hood nigga needs on his side on his road to riches. But Chevy wants him to give up the one thing he refuses to let go of.

Will Tiaz give up the streets or his new boo? Or will his life of crime take him up on his offer of “BURY ME A G” before he can make a decision?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732792203
Publisher: Travien Wedlow
Publication date: 09/11/2018
Series: BURY ME A G , #1
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Tranay Adams was born and raised on the Eastside of South Central, Los Angeles in a section known as The Low Bottomz. He discovered his love of writing in the fourth grade when he wrote an eight page short story called 'Brandon.' He didn't realize until years later that the story he had written would be considered street-lit today. One day while bored, he picked up a pen and started writing on an empty Styrofoam food container. Slowly, but surely, his story began to manifest until it took on a life of its own and became his very first manuscript ever, Me and My Hittas.

Tranay pens raw and uncut street tales with a unique style that provokes emotions and makes you feel as if you're right there beside his characters in the thick of things. His novels are truly a movie in the form of a book.
In 2014 Tranay signed with CA$H's Lock Down Publications, but he is now an indie author. To date he has released a total of thirty-two novels.

Table of Contents

At first Chevy just stood in the cracked opened door silently crying, but then something within her mind snapped. Her face twisted with anger and she barged into the bedroom. She located the gun she had stashed inside of the closet. Faison was trying to give her an explanation for his infidelity, but she wasn’t trying to hearnone of that shit. She turned around spewing vulgarities and letting her ratchet buck. Faison and his fuckbuddy had escaped outside in the nick of time. The girl had managed to flee with her life, but he had caught one in the shoulder and went stumbling to the sidewalk. Chevy stood over him with her cannon pointed down at his face ready to blow him away.

“I loved you. I fucking loved you!” She roared like a lioness with hot tears streaking her cheeks as her chest rose and fell. She whimpered and her bottom lip quivered. She wiped her tears away with one hand but quickly placed it back on her weapon, double clutching it.

“Baby, please!” Faison winced and pleaded, lifting his hand.

“Don’t ‘baby please’ me! You got caught fucking another woman in my bed. In my bed? Really, Faison? In my mothafucking bed?” Her brows furrowed and her jaws squared, “Kiss your black ass goodbye, nigga!”

She was about to pull the trigger when Savon snatched the pistol from her grasp.

“Fuck are you doing?” Savon spat, snapping her back to reality. She blinked her eyes as if she were in a dream and looked down at Faison. He was groaning in agony and his blood was sprinkled over the cracked sidewalk. “Get Te’Qui and take ‘em in the house and lock the doors.”

Chevy looked to Savon’s car and Te’Qui was inside with his face and hands pressed against the glass, he’d seen the whole scene unfold before his eyes. She didn’t question him. She just got her son and they ran into the house, slamming the door shut and locking all of the locks as her brother ordered.

Savon tucked the pistol on his waistline and got Faison to his feet. He planted him into the passenger seat of his Camero and drove off. He wiped the pistol clean of Chevy’s prints and tossed it into the gutter.

“Listen up, I don’t know why my sister shot you. In fact, I don’t even give a shit.” Savon explained as he maneuvered his Camero through traffic. “Knowing what kind of person she is, I’m sure she had good merit. But should any harm come to her over this you may as well grab a shovel and start digging a fucking hole for yourself ‘cause you sure as hell gonna be a dead man. You hear me?” His scowling face snapped from the windshield to Faison.

“Arghhh.” Faison grumbled in agony grimacing as he held his bleeding shoulder, his blood seeping between his fingers. He was too consumed with his wound to refute what had been said. So he just lay there wrinkling his forehead and gritting his teeth, writhing. “Errrrgh.”

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