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Business in Networks / Edition 1

Business in Networks / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780470749630
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/26/2009
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

All are world class academics in the area of business to businessmarketing and networks as well as key members of the IMP Group.(Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group).

Håkan Håkansson is Professor of IndustrialMarketing at the Department of Innovation and Economic Organizationat BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo., Norway.

David Ford is currently an Affiliate Professor atEuromed, Marseille, France

Lars-Erik Gadde is Professor of Industrial Marketing atChalmers University of Technology, Sweden..

Ivan Snehota is Professor of Marketing at the USI,University of Lugano, Switzerland.

Alexandra Waluszewski is Professor of Business studiesand Director of the Science & Technology Studies Center (STS)at Uppsala University, as well as a senior lecturer in theDepartment of Business Studies, Sweden.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Chapter 1 A Jungle or a Rainforest? 1

Business in Practice and in Theory 2

The Need for and Danger of Metaphors 4

Business in Practice: Recognizing and Using the Characteristics of the Rainforest 7

Content and Organization of this Book 9

Part I Business Networks in Action 11

Chapter 2 Interaction as a Way of Dealing with Relatedness, Variety and Motion 13

The Need for a Different Theoretical Approach 13

A Business Landscape Populated by Interacting Companies 17

Interaction and the Larger Business Landscape 26

Chapter 3 Analysing Business Interaction 27

The Idea of Business Interaction 27

Interaction Processes Between Companies 29

An Initial Conceptualization of Interaction 30

ARA Model 33

Interaction and Time 35

Interaction and Space 38

A Model of the Interaction Process 41

Conclusion 45

Chapter 4 Doing Business: Exploiting Time and Space 47

Taking Advantage of Development over Time 48

Taking Advantage of Spatial Development 53

The Company in the Interactive Business Landscape 62

Part II Elements of Business Networks 63

Chapter 5 Interaction and Resources 65

Economic Resources in the IMP Framework 65

A Business Landscape Full of Resources 68

Resources and Business: Basic Propositions 69

An Interactive World Full of Resources 71

Combining New and Existing Resources 73

Resources and Multiple Contexts 76

Tensions Between Resources 80

Business Relationships and Resource Development and Use 81

Resources in Time 84

Resources in Space 87

Conclusion 90

Chapter 6 Interaction and Activities 93

A Business Landscape Full of Activities 93

Activities: Basic Propositions 96

The Activity Layer 98

Activities in IMP Research 99

The Activity Pattern Around 101

Central Features of Activities 103

A Framework for Activity Pattern Analysis 111

Balancing Activity Patterns: Three Illustrations 121

Conclusion 128

Chapter 7 Interaction and Actors 131

A Business Landscape Full of Actors 132

Actors in the IMP Framework 134

The Idea of the Business Actor 137

Distinctive Features of Actors in Interaction 140

Analysing Interacting Actors 150

Challenges in Conceptualizing Actors 153

Conclusion 159

Part III Business Networks as an Analytical Tool 161

Chapter 8 Management and Business Relationships 163

Introduction 163

When Management Theory is Coloured by the Idea of a Market 164

The Nature and Task of Managing in Markets 165

Relationships Observed from a Market-Based Management Perspective 166

Conclusion 179

Chapter 9 Managing in the Business Network 183

Introduction 183

The Relationship as a Unit of Analysis 185

How Do Companies Interact? 187

How Should Companies Interact? 190

Managing and the Interacting Company 193

Networking in Business Networks 198

Conclusion 205

Chapter 10 Evolution of the Business Landscape 209

Introduction 209

Time and the Business Landscape 210

Narrative of the Evolution of Economic Organization 212

Re-interpreting Business Evolution 217

Network View of Business Evolution 224

Conclusion 232

Chapter 11 Networks and Industrial Policy 235

Network - One Word but Many Meanings 235

On What Principles Do Network Policies Rest? 237

Taiwanese Semiconductor Development - From Virgin Land to a Successful Business Network? 240

The Heaviness of Business Networks 245

What Is in the Shadow of a Successful Network? 250

Light Side and Dark Side of Networks 253

What Can Policy-makers Do for Innovation? 254

Conclusion 259

Chapter 12 Living in the Business Rainforest 261

The Rainforest Metaphor 261

Living in the Rainforest 264

The Entrepreneur in the Business Rainforest 265

The CEO in the Business Rainforest 267

The Financial Accountant in the Business Rainforest 269

The Consumer in the Business Rainforest 270

The Politician in the Business Rainforest 272

Conclusion 273

Appendix: Dissertations related to IMP 275

References 279

Index 299

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