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Buy the Avocado Toast: How to Crush Student Debt, Make More Money, and Live Your Best Life

Buy the Avocado Toast: How to Crush Student Debt, Make More Money, and Live Your Best Life

by Stephanie Bousley


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What if the solution to student debt was reinvesting in yourself?

Are you a smart, hard-working person who always seems to struggle financially? Do you ever second-guess decisions to pursue higher education because of your student loans? Has extreme budgeting eliminated joy and comfort from life, yet you’re still several years away from being debt-free?

Conventional wisdom tells us the formula for success is simple: go to school, get a job, work hard, repeat as needed until you retire. It tells us that debt is the result of poor choices and irresponsible spending. Unfortunately, such advice fails to take into account the recent (and not-so-recent) graduates for whom predatory student lending rates have set them back tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars before they even enter the job market. 

In Buy the Avocado Toast, Stephanie Bousley shares lessons learned through years of working hard and perpetually undervaluing herself while coming to terms with owing almost $300,000 in student debt. Through a holistic approach to both net worth and self-worth, Bousley offers readers hope for their own financial situations by providing step-by-step instructions on reducing debt, living better, and rooting out the self-defeating beliefs that keep us broke. 

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ISBN-13: 9781641702386
Publisher: Familius
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Stephanie Bousley grew up outside St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2001, she earned degrees in international business and psychology from the University of San Francisco, but became increasingly interested in film and music. Upon graduation, she turned down an analyst position at Citibank, opting instead to run music bookings at a nightclub while attending film classes. In 2007, Stephanie decided to focus on filmmaking and apply to graduate school. She was accepted to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she served as Todd Solondz's teaching assistant and earned an MFA in film production.

As part of her thesis completion work, Stephanie produced several of her classmates's films in Singapore, India, Nepal, and the Philippines—living in Singapore during pre-production periods. With student loan balances into the $200ks, Stephanie decided to stay in Singapore rather than return to the US. Eventually, after many different jobs—from nannying to tech start-ups—Stephanie ended up working for one of the world's most successful hedge funds and became the assistant to the CEO. Being surrounded by people earning tens of millions per year (instead of carrying six-figure debt) taught Stephanie a whole new way to think about money.

While abroad, Stephanie never stopped writing. Her teleplay, Savage, won Script Pipeline's First Look Contest in 2014, as well as Screencraft's Pilot Launch Competition.

Stephanie currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she lives with her dog, Kaia.