Case Studies & Cocktails: The

Case Studies & Cocktails: The "Now What?" Guide to Surviving Business School

by Carrie Shuchart, Chris Ryan


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Case Studies & Cocktails is an indispensible guide for newly-admitted students and first-year MBA candidates who want to make the most out of their experience—and their investment—in business school.

After all the hard work on your application, you’re finally in to business school. Now what? The acceptance letter is just the beginning of your MBA experience. Even before classes start, you’ll face all kinds of new challenges: financing your degree, readjusting to homework, schmoozing recruiters. Now you can turn to this book, produced by Manhattan GMAT—one of the leading names in GMAT preparation—to ready you for the challenges you’ll face as a newly-minted MBA candidate.Case Studies & Cocktails will be your go-to guide as you prepare to enter your MBA program and throughout your time at b-school. The authors—MBAs themselves—have drawn on their own experiences and interviewed current students for the inside scoop on every aspect of b-school, from telling the boss you’re going back to school to balancing wine and cheese in one hand while networking. The result is both a handbook for the social side of school and an academic primer on the material you’ll have to master. The book even includes a glossary of need-to-know jargon, so you won’t feel lost when classmates start slinging around acronyms.

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ISBN-13: 9781935707219
Publisher: Manhattan Prep Publishing
Publication date: 03/15/2011
Edition description: Original
Pages: 664
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

A native of the First State, Chris Ryan has an A.B. in Physics from Harvard University. Before getting an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business (Duke), he taught high school science through Teach for America and later in private schools. At Fuqua, Chris was head TA of the core Statistics and Finance courses, as well as Curriculum Representative and FuquaVision co-president. After b-school, he worked for McKinsey & Co. in New York, then joined Manhattan GMAT, where he now serves as the Director of Product and Instructor Development. In his spare time, Chris writes moody music, tinkers with moody screenplays, and occasionally hangs out with his wife Kathryn at home in Brooklyn.

Table of Contents


Part I Making the Most of Your Time Before B-School

Introduction 7

Chapter 1 Choose Your School & Accept the Offer 21

Chapter 2 Say Your Farewells-and Celebrate 35

Chapter 3 Rest, Relax, & Search Your Soul 45

Chapter 4 Get to Know Your Future Classmates 51

Chapter 5 Firm Up Your Career Knowledge 55

Chapter 6 Prepare for Class 67

Chapter 7 Find Housing & Move 73

Chapter 8 Figure Out Your Finances 89

Part II Taking Care of Business at Business School

Introduction 119

Chapter 9 Time Management 101 123

Chapter 10 Social Graces 141

Chapter 11 The Finer Points of Being an MBA 149

Chapter 12 Learning With & From Your Teams 171

Chapter 13 The Social Life of the MBA 183

Part III Grasping First-Year Academics

Introduction 209

Chapter 14 Excel & PowerPoint 217

Chapter 15 Economics & Game Theory 251

Chapter 16 Statistics 323

Chapter 17 Accounting 417

Chapter 18 Finance 447

Chapter 19 Marketing 485

Chapter 20 Operations & Supply Chain 495

Chapter 21 Common Threads 531

Part IV Landing the Perfect Job

Introduction 541

Chapter 22 When I Grow Up 543

Chapter 23 The Big Buckets of MBA Jobs 549

Chapter 24 The Professional Network 571

Chapter 25 For Whom the Recruiting Bell Tolls 585

Chapter 26 Interviews…Offers! 603

Chapter 27 One Down, One to Go 625


A Twenty-Five Key Points 633

B Catechism of B-School Cliches 636

C Jargon Bingo 639

D Glossary of Common Terms 640

E Acronym Guide 649

Acknowledgements 653

About the Authors 657

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