by Kathy MacMillan


by Kathy MacMillan

Hardcover(Library Binding)

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This early encyclopedia introduces readers to many cat breeds. From hairless cats to cats with curly fur or ears, each breed is special in its own way. This book highlights each cat's appearance, behavior, and history. It also features a map of the breed's place of origin. Features include a glossary, additional resources, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Early Encyclopedias is an imprint of Abdo Reference, a division of ABDO.

Many interesting and important animals have lived on Earth. In the Early Animal Encyclopedias series, learn about dinosaurs both big and small that once roamed the land. Explore how different dog and cat breeds can look and act. Learn how horses are used for both work and fun. Understand the importance of many different farm animals. And dive into the ocean's depths to see the exciting lives of sharks. This encyclopedia set is sure to give readers all they need to know about their favorite animals. Book jacket.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781098290399
Publisher: Early Encyclopedias
Publication date: 12/15/2022
Series: Early Animal Encyclopedias
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 8.03(w) x 10.08(h) x 0.55(d)
Lexile: IG510L (what's this?)
Age Range: 7 - 8 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Abyssinian 6

American Bobtail 8

American Curl 10

American Shorthair 12

American Wirehair 14

Australian Mist 16

Balinese 18

Bengal 20

Birman 22

Bombay 24

British Longhair 26

British Shorthair 28

Burmese 30

Burmilla 32

Chartreux 34

Chausie 36

Comish Rex 38

Cymric 40

Devon Rex 42

Don Sphynx 44

Egyptian Mau 46

Exotic 48

Havana Brown 50

Himalayan 52

Japanese Bobtail 54

Khao Manee 56

Korat 58

Kurilian Bobtail 60

LaPerm 62

Lyhkoi 64

Maine Coon Cat 66

Manx 68

Minuet 70

Munchkin 72

Nebelung 74

Norwegian Forest Cat 76

Ocicat 78

Oriental 80

Persian 82

Peterbald 84

Pixiebob 86

RagaMuffin 88

Ragdoll 90

Russian Blue 92

Savannah 94

Scottish Fold 96

Selkirk Rex 98

Siamese 100

Siberian 102

Singapura 104

Snowshoe 106

Sokoke 108

Somali 110

Sphynx 112

Thai 114

Tonkinese 116

Toybob 118

Toyger 120

Turkish Angora 122

Turkish Van 124

Glossary 126

To Learn More 127

Index 127

Photo Credits 128

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