CBD Handbook

CBD Handbook

by Crestline


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ISBN-13: 9780785837862
Publisher: The Quarto Group - Crestline
Publication date: 11/12/2019
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 752,576
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.80(d)

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CBD Handbook 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ElysianF 22 days ago
First off I think that the title is slightly miss-titled. To me "handbook" means all the information you need to know about CBD. I wanted a book with in-depth information on CBD, how to use, how it’s made, and the best choices for specific needs; then some recipes for including it into my lifestyle (lotions, sprays, oils, etc.). What this book really is (and it is not necessarily bad) is a few pages of CBD information and then 75 everyday recipes for food that includes CBD. If I have found one thing to be true in taking CBD is that it works so much fast and stronger if it avoids the stomach; tincture verses food; so I was not in need or want of food recipes. That is on me for not reading closer. The introduction chapter is the most informative and most helpful for me. It gave me the information that I was seeking in an easy to read and understand manner. It explains what CBD is, what it is used for, forms of CBD (isolate verse full-spectrum), a small amount of data on third party testing, dosage and health concerns and cooking with CBD. This chapter gave me a better understanding of what CBD would be best for me and my specific issues; and I learned more than I was expecting. However, this was only one chapter in the entire book (only about 7 pages). The rest of the book was useless for me. If you are looking for recipes to add CBD to this is a great book as it has quite a few (diverse) recipes. It also gives you the recommend amount of CBD for each recipe depending on the dosage that works best for you. The recipes are divided into categories: breakfast, drinks, mains, side dishes, pet snacks, and self-care. Each recipes gives serving size and CBD dosage per serving, the ingredient list, tips and how to prepare. They are all everyday basic recipes just with CBD added. There are nothing “special” about these recipes so I imagine once you get the idea and process down you can then add CBD to your own already favorite recipes. There were quite a few that had different/unusual ingredients that are not typical in everyday pantries like aquafaba. Also in order to make these recipes, they require a lot of CBD and that could get very expensive. Another reason to use a tincture less is required for a fuller impact and a lesser cost (but that is purely my personal opinion and experience). Over all I think this book is very useful for a wide verity of people looking to explore CBD and how it can be used for them. It just wasn’t what I need or was looking for. I might try some of the self-care recipes; and again the introduction chapters was very useful (2.5 stars for my specific use and 4 stars for the overall book for other readers).
Svara 22 days ago
I use CBD oil to soothe my chronic pain so I am thrilled to try these recipes. I'm a little iffy about the relief on skin but I'll try it and see. With this book being a handbook I am also learning a lot about CBD that I didn't know.
CozyOnUp 22 days ago
CBD is everywhere today, or so it seems, and for good reason. The benefits of CBD are widespread and have made life easier for so many, including pets. Though some still struggle with the concept of it being legal after years of cannabis as a whole being prohibited and illegal, the value and benefits are clear. So why not learn how to incorporate it into ways that fit your daily life. Whether you are looking for some recipes that include CBD in an edible form, or topical uses you are in for a treat! I prefer edibles vs taking oil or supplements and it’s an easy way for me to medicate without having to explain what I am taking, especially when I am with friends and family. There is even info on how to help your fur babies out as well. A great way to get started with CBD and to expand the way you are using it in your daily life. This is the book for you if you’ve been wondering and standing on the sidelines. Jump on in with this book and get started.