Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Workbook: Master Your Mindset Using Question Thinking

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Workbook: Master Your Mindset Using Question Thinking

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Workbook: Master Your Mindset Using Question Thinking

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Workbook: Master Your Mindset Using Question Thinking


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Based on the bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, this workbook is a practical guide that helps readers ask the right questions for successful change.

In the bestselling classic, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Dr. Marilee Adams introduces Question Thinking, which shows how you can change your questions and your mindset for the most successful outcomes. This workbook puts those original ideas into action and makes them easy to implement.

In this workbook you get to choose an area of your life that you want to improve and then apply the principles and practices of Question Thinking to experience the benefits of this system firsthand. At the center of this work is the Choice Map, which helps you recognize the likely impact of the questions you ask. This book provides tools, warm-up exercises, somatic practices, and learning scenarios that bring the practical applications of Question Thinking into your professional and personal life. Thoroughly engaging, it includes how the Question Thinking protocols can help you switch from a controlling Judger Mindset to a flexible Learner mindset and learn how to facilitate more effective meetings and conversations.

Although this workbook can serve as a companion to the bestselling book, it has been designed to stand on its own. In the book, the fable’s hero undergoes a transformative journey by using Question Thinking, and this workbook helps readers undergo a similar transformation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781523091201
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication date: 08/23/2022
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 432,652
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Marilee Adams, PhD, is an award-winning author and a pioneer in the fields of inquiry-based coaching, leadership, and organizational culture. The originator of the Question Thinking methodologies, she is CEO and founder of the Inquiry Institute and a consultant for organizations large and small. Dr. Adams is an affiliate instructor for Weatherhead’s Executive Education Program at Case Western Reserve University and for ten years was an adjunct professor in the Key Executive Leadership Program at American University.

Table of Contents

Welcome To Your Change Journey 1

How Did I Discover Question Thinking? 2

New Futures Model 4

About This Workbook 5

Chapter 1 What Do You Want To Change? 9

What Is a Mindset? 9

What Does It Mean to Master Your Mindset? 10

What Gets on Your Nerves? Your Mindset Challenge 11

Why Do You Care about Changing? 17

What Mindset Are You In? A Mindset Check-In 20

What Are Learner Mindset and Judger Mindsets? 25

What Am I Noticing? 30

Chapter 2 What Is The Choice Map? 33

The Choice Map 33

Choice Map Reflections 36

What Is the Relationship between Mindset and Questions? 37

What Is Question Thinking? 38

How Did You Decide What to Wear Today? 38

What Questions Have You Been Thinking With? 39

Chapter 3 How Can Making Friends With Judger Help You Master Your Mindset? 45

Judger Mindset Is Normal-It's Part of Being Human 45

What Is My History with Judger? 47

Somatic Practice: Standing and Breathing 52

How Is My Judger Trying to Protect Me? 53

Assumptions, Facts, and Interpretations 54

What Am I Assuming? 55

Judger Mindset Can Give Us Valuable Information 56

What Can I Learn from My judger? 56

Chapter 4 What If You Could Choose To Switch Mindsets? 61

What Is Switching? 61

What Is It Like to Switch? 62

You Switch…Naturally 64

Switching Strategy #1: The ABCD Process for Switching 66

How Can I Practice ABCD? 67

Somatic Practice: Four-Count Breath 68

Switching Strategy #2: Switching Questions 73

How Can I Discover My Switching Questions? 74

What Are Two Possible Futures? 76

But What if I Don't Want to Switch Yet? 79

What Makes Me Hold onto Judger? 80

Somatic Practice: Hand on Heart 82

Chapter 5 What Could Learner Living Do For You? 83

How Can I Live (Mostly) in Learner? 84

Q-Prep a Conversation 87

Q-Prep Reflection 91

Chapter 6 Welcome To Your New Future 93

Look How Far You've Come 93

The Only Person You Can Change Is You…and That's What Makes You Powerful! 94

How Has Your Mindset Shifted? 95

More Ways to Learn 97

What Now? 99

My Personal Vision for Learner Living 102

My Learner Living Pledge 103

Congratulations! 104

Learner Resources 105

Glossary 107

Acknowledgments 109

About Marilee Adams 113

About Andrea F. Lipton 115

About Inquiry Institute 116

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