Chaos, Complexity And Transport - Proceedings Of The Cct '11

Chaos, Complexity And Transport - Proceedings Of The Cct '11


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Chaos, Complexity And Transport - Proceedings Of The Cct '11 by Xavier Leoncini

The main goal is to offer readers a panorama of recent progress in nonlinear physics, complexity and transport with attractive chapters readable by a broad audience. It allows readers to gain an insight into these active fields of research and notably promotes the interdisciplinary studies from mathematics to experimental physics. To reach this aim, the book collects a selection of contributions to the CCT11 conference (Marseille, 23 - 27 May 2011).

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ISBN-13: 9789814405638
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/18/2012
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface v

Part A Classical Hamiltonian Dynamics 1

Resonant interaction of charged particles with electromagnetic waves A. A. Vasiliev A. V. Artemyev A. I. Neishtadt D. L. Vainchtein L. M. Zelenyi 3

Superrelativistic charged particles acceleration by electromagnetic waves: Self-consistent model A. V. Artemyev L. M. Zelenyi V. L. Krasovsky 16

Control of atomic transport using autoresonance D. V. Makarov M. Yu. Uleysky S. V. Prants 24

Lagrangian tools to monitor chaotic transport and mixing in the ocean S. V. Prants M. V. Budyansky M. Yu. Uleysky 33

Stochastic treatment of finite-N fluctuations in the approach towards equilibrium for mean field models W. Ettoumi M.-C. Firpo 47

Anomalous transport and phase space structures B. Meziani O. Ourrad X. Leoncini 58

Part B Nonlinear and Quantum Physics 67

Nonlinear kinetic modeling of stimulated Raman scattering in a plasma D. Bénisti 69

Occurrence of mixed-mode oscillations in a dusty plasma M. Mikikian H. Tawidian T. Lecas O. Vallée 85

Pattern formation by electrostatic self-organization of membrane proteins G. Boedec M. Jaeger F. Homble M. Leonetti 94

Quasiperiodic and intermittent stochastic motions in penetrative convection I. N. Sibgatullin D. V. Kuznetsova 103

Spiral pattern formation in a simple two-phase flow system H. N. Yoshikawa C. Mathis P. Maïssa G. Rousseaux 113

Spin dependent transport in an electron gas with magnetic disorder T. van den Berg A. D. Verga 123

The study of quantum chaos through entanglement dynamics L. Y. Chew 131

Part C Probablistic and Signal Processing Approaches 141

Stochastic solutions of nonlinear PDE's: McKean versus superprocesses R. Vilela Mendes 143

Detection and characterization of Lévy flights in chaotic advection phenomena B. Ricaud F. Briolle X. Leoncini 155

On the long range correlation in fbm-based signals with mixed statistics A. Scipioni P. Rischette 168

Feynman-Kac equation for convection-dispersion with mobile and immobile walkers C. Choquet M. C. Neel 180

Part D Complex Systems 189

Propagation of information on undirected dependency graphs for road traffic inference C. Furtlehner Y. Han J.-M. Lasgouttes V. Martin F. Moutarde 191

Markov Chain Analysis of Musical Dice Games D. Volchenkov J. R. Dawin 204

Unraveling the tangles of language evolution F. Petroni M. Serva D. Volchenkov 230

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