Chasing the White Lion

Chasing the White Lion

by James R. Hannibal


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Young CIA officer Talia Inger has reconciled with the man who assassinated her father, but that doesn't mean she wants him hovering over her every move and unearthing the painful past she's trying to put behind her. Still, she'll need him—and the help of his star grifter, Valkyrie—if she hopes to infiltrate the Jungle, the first ever crowdsourced crime syndicate, to rescue a group of kidnapped refugee children.

But as Talia and her elite team of thieves con their way into the heart of the Jungle, inching ever closer to syndicate boss the White Lion, she'll run right up against the ragged edge of her family's dark past. In this game of cat and mouse, it's win . . . or die. And in times like that, it's always good to have someone watching your back.

Former tactical deception officer and stealth pilot James Hannibal takes you deep undercover into the criminal underworld where everyone has an angle and no one escapes unscathed.

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ISBN-13: 9780800735784
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/03/2020
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 513,846
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. A former stealth pilot from Houston, Texas, he has been shot at, locked up with surface-to-air missiles, and chased down a winding German road by an armed terrorist. He is a two-time Silver Falchion Award winner for his Section 13 mysteries for kids and a Thriller Award nominee for his Nick Baron covert ops series for adults. The author of The Gryphon Heist, James is a rare multisense synesthete, meaning all of his senses intersect. He sees and feels sounds and smells, and hears flashes of light. If he tells you the chocolate cake you offered smells blue and sticky, take it as a compliment.

Customer Reviews

Chasing the White Lion 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Michael OConnor 23 days ago
As I was reading Chasing the White Lion, I kept hearing the theme from the movie Mission Impossible playing in my head. That should give you a clue as to what you’ll find between the covers of this exciting book! The author wastes no time in getting the reader hooked. There’s a double-agent in a position of power in the CIA who heads a global crime syndicate, but to make matters worse, now the payload consists of innocent children. This is a powerful storyline! The use of children immediately invokes emotion in the reader. The emotion is nicely balanced with action and suspense to yield an exciting reading experience. **The Team in Chasing the White Lion** What really makes this story so fun to read - in my opinion - is the team composition. Trying to penetrate the global crime syndicate takes a lot of teamwork and imagination. The composition of the team really sets this story apart from others. Technically, each team member brings a needed skill set to the table. Emotionally, each team member has his - or her - fair share of challenges. There’s a techy, a person that loves to blow things up, a thief, a con artist, a CIA agent, etc. This team is definitely well rounded, to say the least. In addition to the borderline miraculous things they can accomplish together, the way they work together is very entertaining. The author injected humor into the team interactions to break up some of the action and suspense so the reader could breathe. Thank you, James Hannibal! This being the second Talia Inger book, I do wish I would have read the first one before I read this one. I know it would have made this one more enjoyable since the team now has a history together. **Technically Speaking** The version I read was not the final text, so I will not make any comments on SPAG. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more - the pacing, the climax, the big reveal near the end, or the character arcs. They were all done very well. Speaking of character arcs, this being Christian fiction and all, I will say that I thought the inclusion of religion was very appropriate and not done in a way that would take anything away from the story. Again, well done! I will likely go back and read the first book, and then maybe I’ll read this one again. (It’s quite good!)
MaureenST 27 days ago
Wow! Love how the mind of this author works, you sure will never see coming all that unfolds in this read. It all seems so real like you’re watching the news or reading on the internet. Maybe this has played out and we are now hearing about it, that is how real this feels. Now, this is the second book in this series, and yes, I have read the first, but I think this could be read alone, there are several references to the first, but you will be hooked and desire to see what you have missed! I really love this book, and found this band of characters endearing, and thus I wanted more, and this read will keep you on your toes and holding your breath, will they survive to the end? Will the Archangel finally be found and brought to justice, or is the evil that permeates here that will win. I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Revell, and was not required to give a positive review.
Deal_Sharing_Aunt 1 days ago
This is a great political thriller that kept me guessing until "The Frenzy". I was happy that there was a Christian main character. The plot played out like a spy movie, and I was impressed with how the author switched from Russia to Thailand. This is a great page turner and will definitely keep you reading. The plot turns were unexpected and the military tactics (leader, phases and equipment) added a feeling of suspense. I can not wait to read the next book in the series, and need to pick up the first. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy, all opinions are my own.
Changed-by-Christ 4 days ago
Dear reader, Upon reading this book, there are a few things I have come to realize. 1.) I love, love, love a con slash heist story. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but they’re seriously a favorite. 2.) I love, love, love Hannibal’s writing and books and I think everyone needs to read them. The reason for this opinion? First off, his characters. From the beginning of the story, I fell in love with ALL the characters (Finn in particular) and at the end of the book, I really didn’t want to leave them. Second, the story itself. Like I said, I am not a complete sucker for heist/con stories and I have Hannibal to thank for that. The whole story and premise of this book was so engaging, there wasn’t a moment of boredom for me as a reader and it was just a really fun ride. And thirdly, the lessons. At the beginning of this book, I was very annoyed with Talia, the protagonist. I thought she was acting to entitled and I just didn’t like her. But then as the story progressed, she slowly changed. I loved seeing her struggle and the lessons she learned and how she gradually changed throughout the whole book. That, I think, was my favorite part. So if you, dear reader, are a fan of suspense or heist slash con stories, or if you’re just looking to pick a fast-paced, fun read, please consider this one! *Please note, too, that this book is the second in a series. If considering this book, you may not understand it very well without reading the first, The Gryphon Heist, first.* **I received a copy of this book from the publisher, but was in no way required to leave a positive review. All opinions in this review are my own.**
summer_no9 5 days ago
This book was remarkable writing and compelling to read with that also had a great story that had to give us an exciting and very inspiring at the same time as the same feeling of when we watch fantasy movies or and it making you want to become a hero like them. I highly recommend to everyone must read this book. “ I received complimentary a copy of this book from Revell Reads of this review”.
benhli38 5 days ago
The last book by James Hannibal earned worthy praise from me, The Gryphon Heist. He has done a superb job yet again, this time with his book Chasing the White Lion. James Hannibal, the way I understand it in the sense of what Louis L'Amour would say of his characters, is the kind of guy who can wake up sensing something is wrong when the day is bright and clear as day. In fact, what can be known of James Hannibal is that he "is a two-time Silver Falchion award-winner for his Section 13 mysteries, a Thriller Award nominee for his Nick Baron ops series, and a Selah Award finalist for his Clandestine Service series" (from the book cover of this book). What I can say about this wonderful action-filled book is that it goes above the gift of story-telling he achieved with Gryphon Heist. I recall saying of that book: "I can say is it's worth the read. It's exhilarating. It's continuous action from front to back. And above all, it's just simply...wonderful." Considering he has another hit with this book, which is the second in the Talia Inger series, he has another strong book with the same characters previously from Gryphon Heist. What you will find with this book is that even though Talia has reconciled with the man who betrayed her father, she still can't trust him, yet. When duty calls to go after a syndicate boss known as the Jungle, she has to rescue a group of kidnapped refugee children. She gets more than she bargains for running a jagged edge against her family's dark past. All in the hopes of capturing the leader of the Jungle, the White Lion. From start to stop the story is intriguing, daring, and a non-stop suspense-filled thrill ride, you get another amazing story from James Hannibal. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell for a fair and honest review.
luvnjesus 5 days ago
“Chasing the White Lion” by author James R. Hannibal is a story of twists, turns and mysteries. I did not realize that “The Gryphon Heist” was the first book that I should have read to understand and follow the story line and characters in the second book. This book is not my style of reading, if one likes James Bond or Tome Clancy than this one is for you. I received a copy from Revell Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.
Gloria_Moseley 5 days ago
"Chasing the White Lion," by James R. Hannibal is in a category by itself. This odyssey of Talia Inger and her crew is extremely well thought out in a way that appeals to the adventurer inside of each of us. There is plenty of action blended with humor in a way that keeps the reader turning pages and cheering on the amazing cast of characters. Mr. Hannibal brilliantly wraps this tale around one of the leading criminal and social concerns of our time bringing the reader to a new awareness. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
MindyStaley 5 days ago
Chasing the White Lion is a book that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! James R Hannibal has a way of writing that takes a story and quickly wraps your mind up into the story world. The chapters are wonderfully short which makes it easy to be able to read a bit here and a bit there when you’re busy. From the beginning sentence to the climax to the last page of the story, fans will want to keep reading!
ARS8 5 days ago
If you are looking for a thriller with plenty of espionage and secrecy in the government, and thrills and chases, then this is a read for you. In a time of human trafficking and big money and coverups, CIA officer Talia is bent on getting to the truth: on who is trying to kill her, protecting her family, and saving a little girl and her classmates whom she has not event met- but she is willing to risk her life just the same. This series puts me in the mind of the TV show Covert Affairs. Yes mainly because of the CIA, but both have a young woman as the main character. I enjoyed that show when it was on and I have really been enjoying this series as well. The big difference, and the one I like the most, is that Talia has faith in God. In fact she even gets baptized in this story. What could have turned into a preachy lesson did not. The author handled the faith dimension well by showing it as the basis for everything Talia does. It is intriguing to me to read about a spy that has that solid bedrock faith in her God. I do wish their was more of a romantic aspect in this story. I am kind of wondering if certain things are being hinted at yet. I am not sure. So I will wait and see. I received a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
MelissaF 5 days ago
If you like thrillers this book is for you. High action, not sure who to trust, things going on on the other side of the world that don’t add up but you know must be connected to the bigger picture. I always want to like books like this but I’m don’t always like them, but this one I did. I could easily follow what was going on. I appreciated Talia’s faith and her desire to be baptized to show her profession of faith outwardly. Overall and engaging read that I enjoyed. Visit James here. A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher. All opinions are my own.
DebbH1 5 days ago
James Hannibal has done it again. The page turning follow up to The Gryphon Heist doesn’t disappoint. Like any great sequel, the gang is reunited and in fine form as they try to catch a traitor, save trafficked children and live to enjoy another of Conrad’s mouth-watering meals. The ensemble cast is built around a more mature Talia Inger, now learning she has a team to rely on, despite none of them having a trustworthy bone in their bodies. This is what happens when an assassin hires a thief, a chemist, a grifter, and a getaway pilot or driver with services that usually go to the highest bidder. Pure, heart pounding escapism that’ll leave you equally relieved and entertained.
AlyciaM 5 days ago
From page one, James R. Hannibal keeps me locked in and turning pages. The action in his thrillers keeps the story moving forward while the dialogue keeps it real. His characters are well developed, and I want to know what’s going to happen to them next. I truly can’t put his books down until I am at the final word of the story. Chasing the White Lion has us joining CIA officer Talia once again as she pursues syndicate boss The White Lion deep into the Jungle. And she wouldn’t be able to achieve her mission without her elite team of thieves. If you love fast-paced, action-packed thrillers with characters you feel you personally know and dialogue that brings you into the moment, you’ll truly enjoy Chasing the White Lion. And if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to pick up James R. Hannibal’s debut Revell novel, predecessor to Chasing the White Lion, The Gryphon Heist. I was provided a copy of Chasing the White Lion for review. If I really didn't like it, I would let other readers know. I truly love his writing and will continue to read his novels as they come out.
Teadrinker 6 days ago
Have you read The Gryphon Heist by James R. Hannibal? If so, you are ready to continue to wild adventures of Talia Inger and her co-horts in the recently released book, Chasing the White Lion. In The Gryphon Heist, readers meet fledgling CIA agent Talia Inger just as she joins the force and goes on her first big adventure full of intrigue and page-turning action. In this second book, Inger has a few months worth of experience and a few ops under her belt. The same elite group of thieves and agents make up this book's adventures as the first book. All of the action in these books left me feeling just like I was watching a James Bond type movie within my mind--Hannibal does a great job with description and pacing. I also enjoyed the cast of characters and how they worked together. I liked that their personalities really came through in Chasing the White Lion. I especially liked learning about Finn and Valkyrie and how they ended up in their lines of work. They became more likeable characters in this book. Talia faces more of her past and her future, both with her newfound faith through this story. I liked seeing her turn to God and pray more. In the first book I guessed who killed her father, but in this book, I would not have guessed who the evil Archangel was. This second book ties up a lot of the loose ends from the first book. One thing that made Chasing the White Lion even better for me was that Hannibal featured Compassion children and the struggle with human trafficking. We sponsor a Compassion child so I liked that aspect of this plot since it draws attention to both a need and how loved those children are. On the flip side, it is heartbreaking to think that human trafficking still goes on but we know it does and Hannibal also reminds the reader of that. I highly recommend you read both books in this series if you like suspense books. I received a copy of this book from Revell. All opinions within this review are my own.
Blooming-with-Books 6 days ago
Chasing the White Lion Talia Inger #2 By James R. Hannibal Talia Inger finds herself once again working with Adam Tyler and not necessarily by choice. But he and his crew of cons and thieves somehow keep showing up where she is. But when her foster sister approaches her with a potential human trafficking situation involving kidnapped refugee children she needs Tyler and the skills his crew offers. But to save these children they will have to infiltrate a crime syndicate - one known as the Jungle. The boss known only as the White Lion potentially has links to her past and her father's death. But nothing is as it seems and time is not on their side in this game of "kill or be killed." Chasing the White Lion is a suspense-filled read that continues Talia Inger's story that the reader was introduced to in The Gryphon Heist. ow if you haven't read the first book you can still enjoy this book easily with just a bit of backstory missing. Talia is learning that she can't lean on just herself and her skills developed as a CIA officer. Trust is a major underlying factor throughout and with the various characters trust is not easily given. If you are looking to escape into a world of intrigue, adventure, and betrayal this is a perfect read for you. This book doesn't shy away from murder and crimes but it doesn't go into graphic or morbid detailing. Overall I'd say this is a good read and would recommend it to many readers. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.
deewolters 7 days ago
“Chasing the White Lion” by James R. Hannibal, book review. CIA officer Talia Inger is hot on the trail of the next big thing, and feels she is making good progress on catching the men responsible for the unthinkable acts of violence! But the net is wide and so tangled, that she cannot keep every player in the right corner. Thankfully, or not, she often has unseen protectors out there who come to her aid as needed. As the plot quickly thickens, the refugee children in Thailand are now at huge risk and Talia must find a way to save them. This is a fast moving, highly intertwined book with so many moving parts that it is hard to grasp at the beginning, but I was able to get all the plots and characters straightened out and began really enjoying the book. This is the second book in the series, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage, as I had not read #1, but I was able to figure out enough to enjoy the story. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Revell. All opinions expressed are my own.
RachsRamblings 8 days ago
thoroughly enjoyed this read! I’m not big on Star Wars or Star Trek, but this author keeps it real enough to make it plausible and entertaining. All characters and places is not a dystopian or other world book, I’m not a fan of those. I really like the suspense in the book. It’s a bit different than some as the guilt party at the end isn’t a huge surprise. The reader, however, is kept guessing throughout the book about so many subplots and the plot itself. I really think my favorite part of this book, despite the fact that I love suspense reads, is the group of characters. The reader really gets to know this group of weird to exotic people. I got the advice to read the first book in the series before starting this one. I agree. The reader will miss much if he doesn’t read The Gryphon Heist first. The relationships between the characters is so well done. The backstory of Talia is great as well. This book isn’t just a “clean read “ either...the faith theme in this book moves this author to the top group of the suspense authors I read. I’ve read some, loved the suspense, but felt let down when no faith theme is present. The faith theme in this book is natural, and incredibly well done. I really am thrilled to have found a suspense author that has a different style, terrific plots, fun and endearing characters, and a real and wonderful faith theme. This is an author I’m definitely going to follow, and this book is going on my forever shelves. I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
WomanbyGrace 9 days ago
Oh my gravy, y'all! I was doing great in my bookish world, reading all the good books, writing all the reviews, geeking out over all the authors I love. Then along comes James R. Hannibal with The Gryphon Heist, Talia Inger, Tyler, Finn, Eddie and the rest of the merry-ish band of law and disorder. My world was rocked. My Google searches got a little weird and TripAdvisor is STILL trying to convince me to take my dream trip to Transnistria. (Thanks, TripAdvisor, but I'm currently self-quarantined.) By the end of The Gryphon Heist, I wasn't sure who it was that I love and who I don't trust, who is telling the truth and who has been lying so elegantly all along. What I did know, is that I wanted more and Chasing the White Lion could not be released soon enough! Problem solved! At least one problem was solved; I still had to convince the entire world to leave me alone while I utterly devoured this book! It was almost as if a hand reached out of the story and grabbed my face. There was no putting it down! This is the kind of book that genuinely left me breathless at the end, with a bit of, "What the heck just happened here?!?" The action of the story, the actual pursuit of the White Lion and the search for the missing children, is excellently crafted. The real core of the story, though, is one of redemption and of family. It is always encouraging when an author takes an opportunity to use an already awesome story to fulfill a higher purpose. James R. Hannibal does this through a partnership with Compassion International, a wonderful organization with a heart for the impoverished children of the world, in which a portion of every book sold goes to support their mission. That's fiction with a purpose, for sure! Thank you to the publisher for allowing me a copy of this book to read and review. The opinions stated in this review are my own and are my completely honest assessment.
SemmieWise 9 days ago
** “Her own words came back to jab at her — the story of Christ pulling Peter up out of the water. Talia had battled through storms of late with sweat and bullets instead of faith, never once leaning on God, never once taking his hand and watching him calm the seas.” ** James R. Hannibal continues the story of CIA Officer Talia Inger in “Chasing the Lion,” which begins shortly after “The Gryphon Heist.” Talia now works for the Russian Operations desk in the CIA Directorate’s Russian Eastern European Division. While working a case, she reconnects with an interesting group from her past — filled with thieves, demolitions experts and those who skirt between the wrong and right side of the law. They come together to take down the infamous White Lion, who oversees a massive crowd-sourced crime syndicate, while determining his connection to children kidnapped from a refugee camp. “Chasing the White Lion” is an action-packed, heart-thumping suspense thriller filled with spies, secret missions, murders and human trafficking. The author does a great job of developing some incredible characters — Talia is full of moxie, yet has issues to overcome as a former foster child who is working with the man who once assassinated her father; Adam Tyler, the aforementioned man, and his ragamuffin team of “commando thieves”; and truly evil bad guys, including the infamous White Lion and Archangel, the person who years ago ordered the hit against Talia’s father. This story isn’t just an incredible thriller, though. It is filled with many amazing themes, like God has a plan for each of us; holding on to anger cripples us; families catch each other and lift each other up; and the power of prayer. A huge theme is finding one’s way to God and relying on Him and not one’s self during life’s storms — a lesson Talia must learn. Her story reminds us to “Let God. Trust. Faith.” Hannibal does an incredible job of creating a James Bond-worthy world. This story is almost like Jason Bourne meets “The Hunger Games.” Lovers of adventure, action, spy and survival stories will love “Chasing the White Lion.” This book, however, is not really a standalone. I would highly recommend first reading “The Gryphon Heist,” as it may at times be difficult to follow some of the storylines, as well as remember who some of the characters are. Another aspect I truly love about this book is Hannibal’s featuring of Compassion International, an organization near and dear to my heart. He features the importance of its work in communities throughout the world through child sponsorship and its ability to release children and their families from poverty. I don’t know if we have another adventure with Talia and her “commando thieves” gang, but I certainly hope so! Five stars out of five. Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, provided this complimentary copy for my honest, unbiased review.
PickAGoodBook 10 days ago
If you like action and adventure you’re bound to like Chasing the White Lion. However, like most books in a series, I would definitely recommend you start with the first book The Gryphon Heist. To be honest, since I didn’t read the first book, I did think it was a marked disadvantage. So think about becoming familiar with the group of characters before delving into this book. Though some readers may pick things up a little quicker, so use your own judgment. The plot focus is on attacking the head of a huge crowdsourced crime syndicate. The technology that is used probably will be unfamiliar to most, but it will be impressive. And the group may not consist of characters that you typically imagine. CIA officer Talia Inger gathers unique people to infiltrate the inner circle of a high-crime organization run by the White Lion and the Archangel in what they call the Jungle. They need to rescue a group of kidnapped refugee children. Sound adventurous enough yet? QUOTE: "In this game of cat and mouse, it’s win . . . or die. And in times like that, it’s always good to have someone watching your back." As I said this is a fast-paced, adventure. Be prepared to travel to various places around the world. Another reviewer mentioned that if you like James Bond, you’re no doubt going to fall in love with this series. What Concerned Me For me, it was good, but not my typical go-to book. And it stands to reason that neither am I a fan of James Bond. That being said, I really think the only little thing that concerned me was that the characters might have been developed a little more. What I Liked Most The writing is very good. And I’m totally a fan of no profanity, so that’s always a big plus for any book. So if you like: A Female Protagonist Technological gadgets Intense Action Around The World Christianity And Faith Intrigue And Suspense Teamwork This book, and series, should be your cup of tea. My thanks to Revell for a copy of this beautiful book and the ability to post my opinion.
JudyinHuntsvilleAL 10 days ago
This one [and the previous one, becasue it's a squeal] just might be for you! Chasing the White Lion by James Hannibal is full of sci-fi adventure! I so enjoy following Talia, Tyler, and their team as they work together against the bad guys. I enjoyed getting to know Finn a bit more in this book [and look forward to seeing how his character grows in future books [hint]. I'll admit that some of the gaming references, and scenarios were hard for me to follow since sci-fi isn't my first choice to read. But I loved seeing so many of the characters stand and boldly share their faith in God. Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher [Revell / Baler Publishing] for review purposes - all opinions are my own.
tickmenot 12 days ago
Beat the Clock! Boyd, a dangerous man, who thinks nothing of human life, has created a network of the most dangerous people on earth. He keeps them under his thumb by holding an annual competition, by invitation only, exclusively for crooks and thieves who have made it into his upper echelon. Those who choose to attend this high-stakes game will gamble to get enormous riches or die trying. The competition takes place in an incredibly designed Grand Bazaar that is visually stunning but is fraught with danger at every curve. While the contestants are trying to win, they may also be working to get rid of the competition permanently. A large number of children, a teacher and a pastor are taken from a third world location that has a history of kids disappearing without a trace. Compassion International, a real-life humanitarian group, wants to find these children. So does Talia, a CIA officer. The only chance for that to happen is if she partners with her father’s assassin and his team of sketchy experts. They have a short time to attempt a multi-layered con on Boyd, and find where the children are hidden. There will be killers--both human and animal--drones, and amazing weapons throughout this action-packed tale, that includes an incredibly, riveting story. The faith component adds depth to the characters. Anyone who likes well-written fast-moving thrillers, will enjoy this 5-star book! Revell Publishing has provided bookreadingtic with a complimentary copy of, Chasing the White Lion, for the purpose of review.
LifeofLiterature 13 days ago
There is no denying that this author is a talented writer and pens complex and creative stories! I liked the intricate plot and fascinating subjects in this story. It was great to read about a strong, intelligent female lead that is passionate about injustices of refugee children. It is really commendable that the author highlights the good work of the Compassional International organization as well. I was sometimes lost in the technical and complicated topics of the story, which was a little distracting from the plot. And I definitely recommend reading this series in order. However, I enjoyed the suspense in this novel and the story kept my attention. I recommend this book! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
AngelN1 13 days ago
Chasing the White Lion, by James R. Hannibal, is the second book in a series focusing on CIA agent Talia Inger. I read and enjoyed the first book, and I would recommend reading them in order, although they are separate missions. The characters are a diverse group, and I love that. This book focuses more on the faith of several characters, and the mission involves saving children, so it has a more faith-in-action vibe. I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to more in this series. The action is fast-paced. The details of the crime world seem realistic. The dialogue is good; it moves the story along and still feels authentic. The author has a good imagination, and the descriptions of his characters' extremely varied settings are well-done. I also love the cover design, and the back cover does a good job of intriguing the reader without giving too much away. (I hate it when the back cover reveals too much!) This is a fun read, and I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys action and suspense. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Revell, for the purpose of writing a review, but all opinions are my own.
Anonymous 19 days ago
This is an unforgettable journey with Talia and her gang along with the many twists and turns that Hannibal has taken us through. Just fantastic! This is my first book by him and I was not disappointed! I was captivated from beginning to end and I was imagining myself in Talia's place! I think I will need to go back and reread the first book in the series though just so I can get caught up on who is who. I'm pretty sure that you can read this as a stand a lone but for me, I'm going to read the first one Gryphon Heist. Hannibal pulls off just the right amount of everything to make a wonderful plot that will take readers into the story as Talia and her group of people try and save trafficked children and bust the boss man who is behind it all. Let me tell you, it takes real talent to pull something like this off and come out better for it. Hannibal also does a wonderful job of adding in just the right amount of religion in and this I can appreciate very much. I think that the main theme is about trust. Learning about whom you can trust. Which isn't very many people at all except our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is true freedom folks! If you've ever seen Mission Impossible this is as close as it gets! Get in, get the job done, get out! There are some really cool scenes in this book that will have your heart thumping, mouth hanging down and even holding your breath to see if Talia and her bunch will make it through ok. I think this book would make an excellent movie! Maybe someday? It would be interesting to see who gets the part of Talia. I learned one thing. When you read a good book and try to go to bed, it can't be done. You'll keep picking up the book to see what the characters and doing and wanting to get to know them more. I am telling ya'll this is an exciting novel! Before you know it, it will be morning and time to get up. At least it was that way with me. I can't tell you when I"ve enjoyed a book like this one. I loved it and I highly recommend it. The cover is beautiful. It was what made me want to read it and I love trying new authors. I am hoping that I will see more from this author. He just does an excellent job all the way around. My thanks goes to Baker Books/Revell. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.