Chasing Trouble

Chasing Trouble

by Joya Ryan


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Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Bad boys are the best kind of trouble...

Kindergarten teacher Jenna Justice has lived her life by the book-right school, right career, right image. Too bad the townsfolk of Diamond, Kansas, have a hard time forgetting that she wasn't born on the right side of the tracks. The only way J.J. can land her dream job is to keep her wild side buried and her reputation clean. But when she finds herself in another town, one without prying eyes, she allows herself one fantasy-filled night with her best friend's bad boy brother.

Professional bull rider Colt McCade is grounded for the summer with an injury. After their sizzling night together, he finds himself wanting to pick up where he and the prim and not-so-proper Ms. Justice left off. Problem is, she isn't interested in his idea of "healing," which involves ice cubes and a whole lot of heavy breathing. But the closer he gets, the more he sees that his fast-and-loose reputation could cost her the job of her dreams. He wants to do the right thing, but walking away from her could cost him everything...

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ISBN-13: 9781506003979
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/08/2014
Pages: 218
Sales rank: 1,036,481
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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Chasing Trouble

A Chasing Love Novel

By Joya Ryan, Gwen Hayes

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Joya Ryan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-081-4


Jenna-Jayne Justice should have never said yes to that third shot of whiskey. Having tossed her black glasses on the counter an hour ago, she looked around the seedy Kansas City bar, three hundred miles from her cozy hometown of Diamond, Kansas, and realized one drink too late that she was the wrong kind of girl, this was the wrong kind of place, and her current two-step partner's hands were definitely on her ass.

"Your hands are a bit south there." She went to move away from the man who was holding her. Damn. She couldn't even remember his name. Jeff maybe?

He clutched her tighter, refusing to grant the space she was trying to gain. What the hell had she been thinking, agreeing to this dance?

Oh yes, she had convinced herself that a night with Jack Daniel's and a spin around the dance floor would erase the memory of her disastrous meeting with the Kansas State Board of Education.

While we like your pitch, Miss Justice, we are not sure you are the right candidate to carry out such a responsibility ...

The thought made her face burn hotter than the whiskey toiling in her gut. They had taken one look at her and dismissed her credentials, completely ignoring what she could bring to the table.

"My mistake," Jeff mumbled. He was apparently directionally challenged because, instead of heading north, his hands ventured even lower, around both cheeks, delivering a pinching squeeze.

"Get. Your hands. Off. My ass," she grated, leaving no doubt by her tone, or the way her pointed heel ground into Mr. Touchy-Feely's big toe, that she was tired of being underestimated.

"Shit, woman. Watch where you put those feet," he said, moving his hands back to her waist.

Her good manners good and gone, she didn't even apologize for the bruise he was sure to have come morning. In fact, she kept her knee within ground-zero range, just in case his hands accidently slipped again.

Maybe her friend Lily was right. Maybe she was a total prude.

Jenna sighed and wondered what it would feel like to forget decorum and just let go.

She had left that meeting with such heavy defeat crushing her chest, she didn't give a crap about what tomorrow would bring. But her brilliant plan of letting loose had backfired. She was surrounded by strangers and four walls plastered with neon beer signs, and all she wanted was to go home.

"Come on, baby," Jeff slurred, squeezing her left ass cheek again.

Hell, no! Prude or not, being manhandled after a state-certified rejection was the last thing she needed.

"I think I've had my fill of dancing for one night." Jenna took a large step back, out of his arms. "And it's getting late."

"Yeah," Jeff said, closing the distance and grabbing her by the waist. "I was thinking the same thing. What do you say you and I go back to my place and ..." He ground up against her.

"I was thinking more of, 'Good night.' Now let go."

He didn't move. "A girl like you should know how this works."

Jenna stiffened, her face flushing at the familiar taunt.

Jeff's eyes, and grip, tightened. "I bought you three rounds, showed you a nice time on the dance floor. So maybe you should be a good little lady and return the favor?"

"Last warning," Jenna said, hoping she sounded more confident than she felt. "Let go of me."

Jeff actually laughed. "Or what?"

Before she knew what was happening, Jeff's hand moved up her body, grazing the bottom of her breast. Her fist balled up tight and smashed into Jeff's jaw. A slice of pain cut through her knuckles as Jeff stumbled away from her.

"You bitch!" Jeff hollered. He righted himself and took an aggressive step forward.

The music stopped. Every pair of eyes bore down on her.

Oh God. What had she been thinking? She had never struck anyone. She had a sign above her desk, made out of crayons and poster board that stated fighting never solved anything. Use words instead.

Jenna's pulse pounded in her ears. The wildness inside her, the wildness she'd worked so hard to suffocate, began to breathe.

This asshole guy had groped her. In public. After she said no. He deserved her retaliation, despite her better judgment. She was a proud, reputable kindergarten teacher with a stellar credit score and a hybrid. Her life might be by-the-book and boring, but Jenna liked it that way. It kept her safe, out of trouble, and off her small town's radar for gossip.

It also leaves me empty.

Jeff stomped toward her.

Jenna tensed, afraid he would grab her. Another fist flew out, not hers. This one was large and muscular and caught Jeff across the nose. A loud crunch cut through the air before he went down for good.

Jenna spun to see —

"Colt?" Shock raced through her and a swallow of air caught in her throat. She hadn't seen Colt McCade in the flesh in nearly ten years. He had been eighteen and if she remembered correctly, running out of town ... with the sheriff on his heels. Colt had a wild streak in him and got into a bit of trouble when he was younger. Nothing major, but enough to piss off a few people and get on the sheriff's list.

He didn't say a word. His blue eyes were bright, glaring from within the shadows of his ball cap. He snagged her glasses off the counter, grabbed her wrist, and yanked her out the front door.

"Hey!" She wiggled to get free of his death grip but quickly gave up.

For God's sake, the man held on to bucking bulls for a living. Not to mention he was a good foot taller and built like an "Army of One" ad.

Her heels clicked across the parking lot as he dragged her toward a blue pickup. Still ignoring her protests, Colt opened the cab door, practically tossed her in, and slammed the door shut.

It wasn't until he walked around and climbed behind the steering wheel that he looked her in the eye.

"Why are you here?" she blurted out.

"Me?" He started the engine and peeled out of the gravel lot. "This is my turf, sweetheart. You're the one who's far from home."

"Don't you have some rodeo to be in?"

"Yes," he snapped. "But I got a call from Lily saying you were getting liquored up at the Rusty Bolt."

Damn. Jenna knew she shouldn't have called Lily earlier and spilled everything, from her location in the big city to her despair over the meeting. Lily was not only Jenna's best friend, but Colt's baby sister.

"What the hell were you thinking? This isn't Diamond. Do you know what kind of assholes hang out at that bar you were in?"

"You just said that you go there."

"Exactly my point, JJ."

Even though Colt was obviously tense, his voice rolled off her like hot buttered rum. When they were growing up, he was the only one who called her JJ. Colt was two years her senior. This was not the first time he had come roaring in with his high-priced pickup to save the day.

Since Jenna was a kid, Lily McCade had been her best friend, and Colt looked out for his little sister. And that protection had been extended to her. Whenever Lily asked him to go get Jenna — whether from her own mama's trailer or, years later, out of a dive honky-tonk — Colt went.

Some things never changed. But she wasn't a scared teen running from her mother anymore. She could handle herself. And she was about to tell Colt that, but when she turned and looked at him her throat went dry and her blood pressure spiked.

My God.

The man was fine. He had always been tall and built. Lean muscle, hidden beneath tan skin, stretched across his whole body. That boyish charm still laced his face, but with the blond stubble and strong jaw, Colt McCade was simply mouthwatering. He had definitely grown up and filled out in the last ten years.

A white T-shirt clung to his strong chest and torso. She could see the ridged indentations of his abdominal muscles beneath the thin cotton.

"Lily told me why you're here in Kansas City ... how did the grant meeting with the state go?"

God. The grant.

Jenna had devoted the past year to getting Diamond's first full-time after-school program up and ready. All she needed was that grant money. She had calculated every aspect of her life so that she could help the kids of Diamond with the much-needed program. Every community service stint, every volunteer teaching program, everything was to show why she was the best woman for the job. Not the trailer trash that some people still whispered her to be.

"The board still isn't sure if I have the qualifications for the position," she admitted, suddenly not so sure herself. "And the state won't give money to someone they don't see fit to run the after-school program."

"You're a teacher, JJ. A damn good one."

Jenna's eyes snapped to his face. His tone had softened, as if he was trying to understand what she was feeling. He couldn't. Sure, they grew up in the same town, but their childhoods couldn't have been more different. Not to mention, Colt went off and made it big. Despite his rebellious past, he was basically considered a damn celebrity back home. Well, more like an urban legend. Talked about, but never truly seen. All Jenna remembered was that Colt had some "issues" before leaving town after graduation. After his parents died, Colt had gotten into some fights and got cited for a Minor in Possession. These "issues" weren't really talked about aside from a few random gossipers back home every once in a while. Jenna glanced at his strong chest again. The man left an impression, that much was still true.

Aside from his senior year mishaps, Colt McCade and his band of buddies came from good stock. He was best friends with Ryder Diamond, for goodness' sake, the man whose ancestors settled Diamond, Kansas. Jenna came from a mama who broke up marriages and a papa she'd never even met.

"How would you know about my credentials?" she demanded. "You haven't been around Diamond in nearly ten years."

"Yes, I have."

Jenna's brows creased.

His eyes remained forward, locked on the road and the darkness they were plowing through. "Only for a night here and there. I never made a big deal about my arrival."

Over the last decade, Jenna remembered Lily's mentioning that Colt visited home from time to time. But Jenna never actually saw him. Thus reaffirming the urban legend. He must have at least seen his buddies though. Huck, Ryder and Sebastian all still lived in Diamond and from what Jenna understood, they were all still best friends and kept in contact with Colt.

"Why not?"

He scoffed and shook his head. "A reputation is a hard thing to shake."

Jenna swallowed hard. She knew that to be true. But whatever reputation Colt had back home wasn't anything horribly damning. From what she gathered, he was viewed as a playboy with a wild streak. Someone who turned heads, but no one hated him or anything. Miranda Justice, her mother, had a similar reputation, only people weren't subtle with their negative feelings toward her. And they transferred a lot of them to Jenna, warranted or not.

He turned onto a dirt road. "So did the state outright deny you?" he asked, changing the subject back to her.

"Well, no. They said they'd convene with the Diamond school board later this summer to discuss the distribution of funds and who will head up the program."

"See! So you're in the running."

Somehow Colt's words cut through the gray screen of despair she had put up. Okay, so she'd gotten upset and thrown a bit of a pity party. But there was still hope. And if there was one thing Jenna could be, it was poised.

Making a vow early on to never be in the same sentence as her mama, let alone class, Jenna worked tirelessly to outrun the reputation Miranda Justice had bestowed. She could do this. She would convince the state and the school board she was the best candidate to direct this program. And when the funding came in, not a single child in Diamond would be turned away. Including Abigail, a little girl Jenna taught last year. Between the girl's sad eyes and lack of support and kindness at home, Jenna recognized that despair Abigail carried around with her. It was the same thing Jenna dealt with when she was young. She was tired of watching Abigail, and other kids, go home to nothing.

The board wanted responsible and upstanding? Jenna had that in spades. And if that's what it took to run the program, Jenna would make sure she was the epitome of demure.

"Where are we going?" she asked as the pickup slowed. Tall grass lined each side of the narrow dirt road and without her glasses, all she could see was an expanse of land stretching out before her and into the night.

"You can sleep it off at my place."

"I have a hotel and my flight leaves tomorrow morning."

Colt nodded as if he knew this already. Of course Lily would have filled him in on all the details. Damn it, she would have to tape that girl's mouth shut when she got home.

Jenna raised her hands to smooth pieces of hair back into the tightly coiled bun on the crown of her head. A burning sensation shot up her knuckles and she hissed.

Colt looked down at her hand. "Ah shit, sugar, you're bleeding." He gripped her hand and brought it into his line of vision, glancing between her knuckles and the road.

"I've never punched anyone before."

Gently, he brushed his fingertips over the raw skin. A devilish grin split his handsome face, causing all that blond scruff to dance along his jaw. "I'm sorry you're hurt, but I've gotta tell ya, JJ" — he kissed her little battle wound — "you have a sexy right hook."


Colt walked out of the bathroom carrying his makeshift first aid kit and headed toward the kitchen table. This was not how he'd seen his night playing out. He had just come off a nationally televised eight seconds atop Big Sampson and was cleaning up, waiting for the newest buckle bunny to take him for a different kind of wild ride, when his baby sister had called, freaking out about JJ.

Now, he watched the normally uptight brunette roam around his house, walking between the living room and the kitchen. For the first time, Colt really appreciated the open floor plan of his home. It allowed his eyes to follow JJ's every move. There wasn't much for her to examine, though. He was a pretty simple guy and liked the basics — a plasma television and a comfortable couch.

"Did you pick that chair out yourself?" JJ pointed at the oversize purple lounger in the corner. It was hideous, with gaudy flowers embroidered all over it.

"Lily bought that damn thing last time she and Alex were here."

JJ's lips turned up in a slight smile. "Let me guess, it's her reading chair."

"Yep. She even sleeps on the thing." Which was why he could never get rid of it. Any comfort he could offer his sister and his nephew, he would. He had tried several times to get Lily and her five-year-old son Alex to move to Kansas City and live near him. But Lily said she'd never leave Diamond. And Colt would never move back. Ever. He left behind a lot in that small town, including his spotted past, and it wasn't until he left Diamond that he started to like the man he was.

Clack. Clack.

Colt's stare zeroed in on JJ's black heels, clicking every time she took a timid step on the hardwood. He was now exceedingly happy he had never put carpet down. Each sound of those damn shoes was like a call to him. Taunting him. Making him think of how those sharp heels would feel scraping against his ass as he fucked her on the counter, the table, the bed —

Stop it.

Easier said than done, because she had the kind of curves that made men think of sex. She was petite but built where it counted. Delicate face and neck, lush pink lips, and olive skin.

Colt watched as she examined his kitchen, her perfect little ass swinging in her wake. Her cream pants were so tight, he had a perfect view of her incredible body and toned thighs. There was clear evidence that she was either wearing a G-string or going commando.

Tearing his gaze away, he placed the bandages, cotton balls, and peroxide on the table.

"Well? You done inspecting?"

She glanced at him. "You have a nice home."

Between sponsors and several large purses won over the years, Colt had plenty of money, but extravagance wasn't his style. This little farmhouse on the outskirts of the city was his haven. Reminded him of home — without the memories that came with it.

"Come here and let me see that hand."

"I appreciate you picking me up, but I can get a cab back to my hotel." She walked toward him. "My flight back leaves tomorrow."

"Lily going to pick you up?"

JJ nodded.

Diamond was too small a town to have an airport, but the neighboring city was only a thirty-minute drive away.

"Look, it's late, you're here, may as well just stay and sleep it off. We'll get ya where you need to go first thing in the morning."

He tried to sound casual. Tried. But his mind was racing, his thoughts centered on the smart teacher with unbelievable curves. Though she had a small waist, her hips flared, and every time she took a step, that seductive little swish damn near hypnotized him. The woman was built to please a man. And Colt had no doubt she could do just that.

He sat at the table and shifted in his seat. His dick had been hard since he walked into that bar and saw her swaying to the music. And the damn thing refused to go down.

JJ sat on the chair next to him.


Excerpted from Chasing Trouble by Joya Ryan, Gwen Hayes. Copyright © 2014 Joya Ryan. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Chasing Trouble (a Chasing Love novel) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Wow, how I loved this book. It made me smile a whole lot and I love that. The characters were perfectly fleshed out and so much fun to get to know. By the description I didn't think I'd like the heroine but in fact the opposite rang true. She could've been written as a real (b) witch, but instead she was fun-loving, kind yet vulnerable. Her chemistry with Colt was undeniable. And the sex was h,o,t, HOT. Boy, it's been a while since I liked a book this much. (Apprx 165 pages)
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
Jenna Jayne Justice is more than aware that a reputation is a hard thing to shake. After all, her mother had given the townsfolk in Diamond, Kansas enough to feed on for the both of them. JJ has established herself as a renowned kindergarten teacher, and is in the process of attempting to land her dream job of after school care to those that would truly benefit; a situation close to her own heart. Colt McCade is a professional rodeo bull rider, who was born and bred in Diamond. He doesn’t stay long when he has the rare opportunity to come home, much to his little sister, Lily, and nephew, Alex's disappointment. He doesn’t have fond memories of his hometown and feels nothing like the pull you would expect. JJ happens to be Lily’s best friend, and has been since school. She also had the biggest crush on Colt when they were young, but has rarely seen him over the years since he had established a famous and lucrative career. Colt finds himself cornered in Diamond, following a rodeo injury, and a sentence of laying low at home for the summer. Needless to say, the well preened, uptight, straight laced JJ gets the opportunity to have an out of town liaison with her best friends brother, which brings out the racy, raucous, rebellious side in her…and Colt’s completely enamoured. I always love the best friends brother/sister trope, and when wrapped around a well written, engaging story, you have a winning read. Joya’s writing is new to me, so I was pleasantly surprised with the many facets to her story. It didn’t take long to become connected to these characters, and the future books in this series are nicely mapped out with Colt’s delicious friends…can.not.wait! Thoroughly enjoyed this flush-inducing read. Bring on Huck, Ryder & Bass’s stories. Complimentary copy generously provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
BCarter111 More than 1 year ago
Chasing Trouble was a sizzling friends to lover story. This is book one in a new series by Joya Ryan called Cashing Love. I really liked Chasing Trouble, the story moved along faced, the characters were all likeable and the chemistry between the main characters Colt and Jenna was HOT!!!! Jenna grew up in a small Kansas town called Diamond, where she has always tried to prove she is nothing like her mother, a mother who treated her badly and has a reputation for going from guy to guy. Becoming a school teacher was one way Jenna could help the kids of Diamond but what she really wants is to run an after school program that will give kids a place to go when their home life becomes too much. Running this program is what Jenna wants more than anything, but to prove she is the person for the job she needs to stay away from any trouble or anyone that can cause her trouble. Colt McCade or Rodeo Romeo as he’s known on the rodeo circuit because of his lady man ways. Colt has been going from city to city as a professional bull rider and making a big name for himself. Colt has never been one to settle down in one place or with one woman. Colt and Diamond never got along great, if there was trouble Colt was involved in it. Since leaving Diamond Colt hasn’t spent much time in Diamond were his sister and friends still live. Worrying over possibly not being able to run the after school program, Jenna decides to drown her worry in a dingy bar. After having one too many and a stranger with some very happy hands, Jenna finds herself in a situation. Luckily for Jenna, Colt shows up to save the day. Lily, Jenna’s best friend and Colts sister sends Colt out to get her best friend. Jenna has had a crush on Colt since she was a teen and she finds herself still very attracted to him years later. After picking Jenna up from the bar, Colt takes her back to his place for the night before she goes home in the morning. Things heat up between Colt and Jenna once they are under the same roof for the night. They both agree that one night of heat and passion is all this can be. When Colt gets injured by a bull, he comes back to Diamond to spend the summer at his sister’s place to recover. Jenna and Colt both can’t forget their night together. Colt can’t seem to stay away from Jenna and he’s not sure he wants to, Jenna needs to stay away from Colt but she can’t seem to. Chasing Trouble was a hot summer read, one that is fast, fun and sexy. I’ll be looking forward to more books in this series about Colt and Jenna’s friends.
Kiwibooknerd More than 1 year ago
ARC Courtesy of Entangled Publishing I am a fan of this author, so when I saw a new series she had coming out, I immediately thought, sign me right up..... This is the fist book in this series about the delightful people who live in a little town called Diamond, Kansas. Jenna is a kindergarten teacher who has lived in Diamond her whole life. Sadly she has grown up in her mother shadow, and that has not been a good place to be. She is determined to prove to the town that she is nothing like her mother and that means always being well behaved and in control. She is also determined to get a new programme up and running at her school A after care programme that will help all the kids in her town who do not have a great at home life. After all this is a place she can relate to all to well. Enter Colt, her best friends brother who is a bull rider and happens to hate the town he grew up in. He left as soon as he can and has been running ever since. After being hurt on the rodeo circuit he comes back home to his sister and nephew to heal. A few weeks prior to that Colt got a taste of Jenna when he helped her out of a tricky situation at a bar and now he cant get the feisty prim and proper little teacher out of his head. This is a enjoyable read about 2 unlikely people who will not only set each other on fire but learn that sometimes there is no place like home and that all it takes in life to succeed is to just be yourself. A great first book and I cannot wait to see which couple in Diamond is gonna be next......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Great characters, heartwarming story, and very hot sex scenes!
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
I have yet to read a book by Joya Ryan that I haven't absolutely loved! She is a master at her craft, her unique writing style allows readers to completely submerse themselves into her stories and have a pleasant little escape from reality. She creates these amazing characters that have a way of reaching out and literally grabbing you by the heart and holding on for dear life. The storylines are always so well written, thought provoking, packed with so many raw emotions and brimming with passion. This book is the first book in the Chasing Love series, it can be read as a stand alone, but my guess is after you read it you will be dying to get your hands on the next book in the series! Colt McCade will melt your heart, singe your fingertips, and make you forget every one of your other book boyfriends ever existed!!
Iowa_Gal More than 1 year ago
Joya Ryan never disappoints in any of her books.  I absolutely loved Colt and Jenna's story.  Joya Ryan hooks you from the very first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.  Joya Ryan has a fabulous writing style that puts you in the seat with the characters.  The love scenes are scorching HOT in all of her books.  I can not tell you enough about Joya Ryan and her books.  Amazing books and author!!!  I can not wait to read more from this wonderful author!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this style of book and bought it based on reviews. I wish I hadn't. The characters were good but the writing and story were horrid. So many plot points were left abandoned or unresolved I kept thinking why did the author even bring that up. I often felt like I didn't know what was happening. The back story was sooooo unbelievable it was distracting, almost fantasy. I wont be buying the rest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hot and sweet love story
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
Entangled's Brazen imprint is quickly becoming my go-to when I need a quick and sexy, angst-free book to escape the drama in real life. After reading Chasing Trouble, Joya Ryan's hit my must-read list, too.  Who doesn't love a good bad boy? And a bull-rider? Yes, please. There's just something about a cowboy... Maybe it's the big belt buckles and the tight jeans. Yeah. That could be exactly it. No matter what it was, I loved Colt. Everything from his name to his look to his personality was a huge turn on. He is the stuff book boyfriends are made of. Jenna was the girl-next-door, best friend type and I adored her, too. Together they were nearly perfect. They had a ton of chemistry and I thoroughly enjoyed their story. Chasing Trouble follows one of my favorite tropes in romance, the best friend's big brother crush. I have a feeling if I'd had a big brother growing up, I would have had crushes on his friends, too, so I guess that makes books like this totally believable to me. J.J. has had a crush on Colt for a long time, but she knew the bad boy wasn't built for a relationship and, if she was going to overcome her upbringing and not make the same mistakes as her mother, she knew she should stay far, far away. One night of letting go finds them giving into the urges they've each had for a long time. But one night just isn't going to be enough for these two. (And we should all be thankful!) What starts off as a secret friends with benefits situation begins to turn into more as both characters question what they thought they knew about the other person... and themselves.  I found myself completely wrapped up in Colt & J.J.'s world as I devoured this book in one sitting. It was easy to root for them, but even easier to see where they were each coming from while they were fighting their feelings. Chasing Trouble was sexy and sweet, which is exactly what I want in my romances. I see it's the first in a new series, so I can't wait to see who gets the next book! I'll definitely be along for the ride.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed their story. The romance was full of passion and their struggles filled with emotion. Its easy for people to say they would just leave their home if they were treated like Jenna was by the town but reality is not always that simple. Both Jenna and Colt have to work to overcome their past, those who are lucky enough to do that come out ahead in the end. I can't wait to see what's next for this series.
rabidreaderSR More than 1 year ago
Sweet and hot. When I read the blurb and realize our hero Colt was a rodeo bull rider and the setting was a small town, I groaned. I love reading about bad boy millionaires and military types. So I dawdled. Then I wasn't feeling too well, and to distract myself from my misery I dived in. Man am I glad I did. I flipping loved this book. I was shocked how much I was humming in pleasure as I read how JJ and Colt came together. While Colt was not the hard core alpha guy, he certainly had this edge of strength and hawtness that had me drooling. I LOVED him. I found him drool worthy, swoon worthy, definitely a sweet heart, and without a doubt panty melting. He had this core of caring for JJ that I felt. I believed him when he said how much he admired her, and how much he wanted her. I was so invested in Colt chasing his woman and getting her, to the point when he did I was grinning like an ass and my heart was pounding. I loved JJ as well. Her conflict was great and I really admired her vulnerabilities when it came onto her mother and how the people of Diamond perceived her. She also showed strength, and the combination of her vulnerabilities and strength made her a pretty sweet and endearing heroine.  Now I like my sex in books steamy and hot so of course I love brazen books. I have read some that did not titillate that little need in me for hawt scenes. But JJ and Colt burned the pages so I loved that. It was intense, raw yet emotional, the perfect combination.  Overall I give this book 4.5 beautiful toasts and I know I would read it again and I already told a few of my friends they should GET IT! It was fast pace, hawt and both leading characters were equally scrumptious. There was a good cast of supporting characters and I am dying to read Bass and Penny’s story. Simply dying. 
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Jenna and Colt story is don't worry about what everyone else thinks, follow your heart.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Jenna has done every thing she can to shake the bad rep she acquired through her mother who seems to collect guys like change. She grew up in a trailer on the outskirts of town and doesn't want to be labeled white trash. She is a teacher and loves working with and helping the less fortunate kids in her town. She goes out of town for a meeting on an after school program and her best friend sends her hottie brother to collect her at the bar afterwards. Jenna has had a crush on Colt for as long as she can remember. Colt has no clue, and he has more notches in his bed post than most. Jenna gives in to her feelings for one night and they have a steamy affair but she has no desire to take it further to worry about her reputation. Little does she know that Colt is going to end up hurt and have to come back to town and stay at his sisters to recoup. Colt finds this the perfect opportunity to follow Jenna and try to convince her that they should be together. Great story about how Jenna and Colt react to the small town rumor mill. The author did a great job with the characters and loved reading about them. Hope there is maybe another book coming out about Colts sister??
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...  Bad boys are the best kind of trouble...  Kindergarten teacher Jenna Justice has lived her life by the book—right school, right career, right image. Too bad the townsfolk of Diamond, Kansas, have a hard time forgetting that she wasn’t born on the right side of the tracks. The only way J.J. can land her dream job is to keep her wild side buried and her reputation clean. But when she finds herself in another town, one without prying eyes, she allows herself one fantasy-filled night with her best friend’s bad boy brother.   Professional bull rider Colt McCade is grounded for the summer with an injury. After their sizzling night together, he finds himself wanting to pick up where he and the prim and not-so-proper Ms. Justice left off. Problem is, she isn’t interested in his idea of “healing,” which involves ice cubes and a whole lot of heavy breathing. But the closer he gets, the more he sees that his fast-and-loose reputation could cost her the job of her dreams. He wants to do the right thing, but walking away from her could cost him everything… Review: What did I like about this story??   It was fun, sexy and it had heart.   This is the first story I have read by this author and after reading this book, I will gladly read more of her work.  I liked the story-line of the small town girl trying to distance herself from her mother's past.  I thought it was well-written and I really got into the story and the characters.  The only thing I would to love to have seen more of Yvonne cause more trouble, thought she a good  Colt and Jenna are wicked hot from the get go and their chemistry is just explosive, lots of good sexy in this book!  There is heart to this story too.  I felt so bad for Jenna, she is trying so hard to get over things her mother has done, but you know small town gossips just won't let the past go sometimes.  Jenna wants Cade, but of course he has his own past to get over.  Cade's past has had to do with losing his parents at a young age and him not really dealing with their death until he comes back to Diamond.  I liked how both of these characters are hurting and trying to deal with that and how it effects their relationship.  I enjoyed their time alone at the lake, I thought that was a fun,sexy chapter and showed what a great couple they are. I did not see where anymore stories are listed in Goodreads for this, but the way the secondary characters are written in the story has me believing there will be more from Diamond.   4Stars
mischievousreads More than 1 year ago
This book just got me from the very beginning, from the story line, to the characters and to Joya Ryan's writing style. I was expecting this book to be more on the angst-y side, judging from the synopsis, but there was only just the right amount of drama. Jenna 'J.J' Justice, a Diamond kindergarten teacher, is in the works of getting her dream job at an after school program for the students. But despite her great teaching skills, people are still going to talk especially if your mother had been the town's home wrecker. Now that would suck a lot, wouldn't it? Colt McCade is a professional bull rider, and after an accident and acquiring a riding injury, he's stuck back in Diamond, the place he'd sworn off to never return to, and ends up staying with his sister Lily and his adorable nephew, Alex.  J.J.'s off limits, especially because she's his sister's best friend, but the attraction between the duo can't be fought off. One night is all she asks, and then she's gone. But the moment Colt's back in Diamond, J.J.'s got her panties in a twist, because Rodeo Romeo's back in town. And let's not forget about the town ready to start talking when they find out about her relationship with Colt.  I love how this book is just steamy and adorable at the same time, plus the drama especially that it tackles a little bit about children's relationship with their parents. J.J.'s relationship with her mother was just intense, and realizing there are terrible parents in real life is just heartbreaking. But regardless the drama, as I've mentioned, this book is just really hot, with Colt and J.J. unable to control themselves around each other.  Joya Ryan's writing style makes me excited for the next books of this series, because there's also tension oozing from their group of friends. 
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a charmingly fun, yet hot and steamy read, Chasing Trouble is for you. Joya Ryan is a new author to me and I'm so happy I gave her a try. I will admit, I wasn't sure I wanted to read about a bull riding cowboy, but I definitely wanted to read about an uptight Kindergarten teacher. Colt McCade is a champion bull rider from the smalltown of Diamond, Kansas. Jenna-Jayne “JJ” Justice is a Kindergarten teacher from the wrong side of the tracks, trying to overcome the sins of her mother. The two are bonded for life by Colt’s sister and JJ’s best friend, Lily. They come together when Lily asks Colt to rescue JJ once again, from a dive honky-tonk. When Colt takes her back to his place, the last thing he expects is for JJ to come on to him and turn his world upside down. JJ has been working on getting an after school program started in Diamond. Running the program would mean the world to her, but she has to keep her nose clean. Being with Colt in Kansas City is her one chance to do something without the gossips of Diamond finding out. She wants one night and one night only with Colt aka Mr. Rodeo Romeo. When Colt accepts, the last thing either of them imagines is that one time just isn’t enough; at least for Colt. Chasing Trouble sucks you in and has you immediately fanning yourself. I mean there was so much sex in this book, I lost count of the number of encounters. I don't think I've ever read a Brazen book where I’ve felt such a strong connection to the main characters as well as the secondary characters. JJ and Colt have a wonderful network of friends who help them out when they need it. Chasing Trouble is about friendship, finding yourself, and discovering what’s really important. Did I mention it has lots of hot sex? Well, it does.... Chasing Trouble is a fantastic start to the Chasing Love Series. I seriously can’t wait for the next book. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
With fabulous characters and a story delivering a good dose of hot and sizzling with sweet and touching, Joya Ryan has brought us a superb start to what promises to become a sexy entertaining series. Chasing Trouble was a book I didn't want to put down. When kindergarten teacher Jenna-Jayne Justice gets into a spot of bother in a bar, her best friend's older brother comes to the rescue. Colt McCade; a delectable sexy gent who rides bulls for a living. And they don't call him Rodeo Romeo for nothing... “You want a wild ride, JJ? I’ll give it to you, hard and slow until you scream my name.” And boy, does he give her the ride of her life. They complemented each other perfectly. Both independent, they've know each other much of their lives, yet there are still discoveries to be made and they unleash the fun side in one another. “You’re injured and this is a bad idea.” “A few bruised ribs are nothing we can’t work around.” “I can lie down and you can hop on...” You will love this couple and everything their journey brings from the page-burning action to the heartwarming moments. And with Colt and JJ's friends already tantalising us with prospective couplings, I can't wait for more in the series. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
An okay read! Chasing Trouble is a meaningful and sexy romance by Joya Ryan. The characters are well-described, interesting and compelling. Unfortunately, with the exception of the first chapter, I found the plot to be a bit bland. Jenna Justice, the primary female character, has a lot of good qualities. She is a wonderful kindergarten teacher and goes out of her way to help those children who need additional care. Since Jenna's mother is an alcoholic and considered trailer-park trash by the locals, Jenna goes out of her way to blend in and do everything right, so that she is acknowledged by the small town of Diamond, Kansas to be an upstanding citizen. Some of the town gossipers believe Jenna is just a chip off the old block and as a result, they never let her forget where she comes from. Luckily, Jenna has a group of very good friends who love and support her. Professional bull rider Colt McCade, is the main male character in this story. He is a good-looking guy that tends to shy away from any romantic commitments. He likes playing the field and in his line of work, it is very easy to do. Colt has known Jenna all of her life, because his younger sister is Jenna's best friend. After Colt lost his parents, he evolved into a wild child and was sort of forced out of Diamond at the age of eighteen. Now he is back in town, rehabbing, while staying with his sister and her young son. With lots of history to cradle them, Jenna and Colt begin a romantic relationship. To begin with, I could not understand why Jenna would want to live in Diamond. Some of the townspeople really don't like her and constantly harass her because they believe she is just like her mother. It is such an old fashioned attitude considering today's societal norms. Furthermore, Jenna comes across as a smart woman, so why would she let herself be bullied on a regular basis? Lastly, I was able to connect with Jenna and Colt individually, but not as a couple. Their sex scenes were well written, but I did not feel the heat between them. Overall, I found this to be a fair read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
5 - "Colt McCade likes permed poodles" Stars! I fell in love with Chasing Trouble, within the first few chapters. Joya Ryan’s writing style, the storyline, characters and the voices she gives them were perfect for me. Although there is a little drama in the book, it wasn’t overly angsty and I just fell in love with J.J and Colt, as well as the rest of their friends and family. He was her knight in a shiny pickup. Colt McCade is a professional bull rider, having left Diamond, Kansas for the bright lights and financial gains of the National Rodeo circuit, he reluctantly returns once in a while to catch up with his sister Lily, nephew Alex and his friends Ryder Diamond, Huck Galvin and Sebastian Strafford. Jenna ‘J.J’ Justice is a Diamond girl, but she never left. She is also well known, but due to her errant mother’s escapades rather than her superlative teaching skills. Being Colt’s sister’s best friend she has always been off-limits, but the attraction between them is strong. So when the opportunity of a night of a no-strings-no-one-can-find-out-fun-between-the-sheets arises, neither of them has the strength to say no. ”I want you. Tonight. No strings. No tomorrows. Just one night, no holding back.” Fate, a wily bull, and doctor’s orders have other ideas, and Colt ends up stuck in Diamond for the summer recuperating from a riding injury, and with nothing better to do than tempt J.J. things get hot and sexy, very quickly. Although Jenna initially has reservations it doesn’t take long for Colt to negotiate his way into her affections and her panties! But worry about town perception makes J.J. reluctant to go public about her relationship with the Rodeo Romeo. ”When I’m near you -inside you- I feel more at home than I ever have in my life.” Nothing makes me happier than a series, what makes me ecstatic about Chasing Trouble is, it’s the beginning of a series and I have already fallen in love with it. No warming up or pre-heating required with this one, and I cannot wait for the rest of the books, the glimpses of the rest of the guys and girls that you are given throughout this book show the promise of even more enjoyment to come. ”That was a wild ride Miss Justice.” ARC generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for the above honest review.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
ok romance, but a lot of the details bothered me. Overall the story between the heroine, Jenna a school teacher and Colt a rodeo star was hot and well written. I believed they had a long history together and that their chemistry attracts them to each other. What really distracted me from the romance were a lot of the details surrounding Jenna's job at the school and her place in the community. I must echo other reviewers confusion about a the heroine need to stay in a very unhealthy location. Role of the state board of education and Jenna's need for a "perfect" reputation also left me troubled. The villain is a cliche mean girl who has grown up into a mean, petty teacher... who happens to be up for the very job Jenna wants... Frankly if I were in the heroine's place I would have left town and joined Colt in Kansas City after their original hook up. Overall I didn't like the book because the details don't live up to my experiences of small town life in the midwest.  I was given a free copy for an honest review