Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Kind (of) America: 101 Stories about the True Spirit of Our Country

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Kind (of) America: 101 Stories about the True Spirit of Our Country

by Amy Newmark
Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Kind (of) America: 101 Stories about the True Spirit of Our Country

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Kind (of) America: 101 Stories about the True Spirit of Our Country

by Amy Newmark


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The true spirit of America is found in its people, who both embrace their differences and find their common ground. These 101 stories showcase an America filled with good people who volunteer in their communities, help their neighbors, and pride themselves on doing the right thing.

This is the America that we know and love, the one filled with citizens, new and old, who work hard, perform random acts of kindness, and see a path to a better future.

Read about:
  • The African American woman who takes comfort in recalling that her mother, as a child in the segregated South, was welcomed to the front of the bus by her white neighbors.
  • The friendship that developed between a Florida mosque and the elderly Jewish residents of a highrise next door after a hurricane knocked out power and members of the mosque carried food and water to the stranded residents for days.
  • The injured football coach who gave half the proceeds from a town fundraiser for his benefit to another injured resident who needed the money as well.
  • The Ferguson, Missouri restaurant that was protected from looting by a chain of its customers standing arm in arm.
  • The couple who bought a gift card for a struggling military family in a restaurant, only to discover other patrons had already done the same.
  • The Latin American immigrant who cleaned houses and scraped together money for her education, becoming California State Teacher of the Year.

... and 95 more stories that will make you proud to be an American.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611599732
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 08/29/2017
Series: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 787,077
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Amy Newmark is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Table of Contents

1 Our Common Ground

1 Faith to Faith Frank Stern 1

2 Sunrise Pizza Sabrina Forest 5

3 The Folded Flap Linda Ann Feist 9

4 Getting to Know the Sicilian Melissa Wootan 12

5 America Carried Me Julia Pfeiffer 16

6 Just Lucky Victoria Fedden 19

7 Working at the Muslim Community Center Allison Yates 22

8 The Kindness of Strangers Carol Nash Smith 25

9 Provisions Miriam Van Scott 28

2 Speaking Up for What's Right

10 The Other Bus Story Cynthia M. Gary 35

11 Keeper of the Principles Laura Sue Wilansky 38

12 Pats on the Back Melissa Edmondson 42

13 The Top of the Stairs Shirley P. Gumert 46

14 Bridging a Gap Jane Self 49

15 Making Choices Marianne Fosnow 53

16 Sleeping on the Street Elizabeth Harsany 56

17 Being Black in a White World Benny Wasserman 59

18 There's No Place like Ommmmm Kelly Sullivan Walden 63

3 3,000 Miles of Kindness

19 Audrey and Annie Audrey Ades Annie Friedman 71

20 South Dakota Hospitality Marsha Warren Mittman 76

21 A Side of Kindness, Please, Courtney Lynn Mroch 80

22 A Gift at the Bank Noelle Sterne 83

23 Sheltered Beneath the Open Sky Ilana Long 85

24 Small Fortune at the Car Wash Alf Pettersen 89

25 The Guest Room Sayzie Koldys 92

26 Soldier's Homecoming Carla Erin Wiggins 96

27 Sam and the Visitor Natalie M. Rotunda 99

28 Serving Dinner to Friends Stephen Rusiniak 103

29 Paying It Forward Ann Morrow 106

4 Honoring Those Who Defend Us

30 Random Acts of Breakfast Miriam Van Scott 113

31 Faith, Hope, Life K. Michael Ware 116

32 Make America Grateful Again Natalie J. Reilly 120

33 Saluting the Flag Linda Morel 123

34 The Christmas Tree Vincent Olson 127

35 Angels Unaware Sunday Pearson 129

36 Seventh-Inning Stretch Kristi Adams 132

37 Filled with Kindness Linda O'Connell 135

38 The Least We Can Do Lynn Yates 138

39 But It's Our Rule… Robbie Iobst 141

5 Community of Caring

40 My Ferguson Sioux Roslawski 147

41 Carmen's Gift Bernice Angoh 151

42 The Biggest Hearts L.A. Strucke 155

43 Please Don't Leave Tracy Rusiniak 158

44 It Will All Work Out Lorraine Cannistra 161

45 The Escape Karen Cooper 165

46 Circle of Kindness Lou Zywicki Prudhomme 169

47 The American Thing to Do Tiffany O'Connor 173

48 Turn-About Thanksgiving Susan Trough 176

49 Dinner and a Movie Mary Anglin-Coulter 180

50 The Gift of Wisdom Kathryn Kingsbury 183

6 A Vibrant Melting Pot

51 Ode to Buffalo Kelly Bakshi 191

52 Truly America Zehra Hussain 195

53 The American Team Mark Rickerby 197

54 An Immigrant's Daughter Heidi Gaul 200

55 Nine, Twelve, and Fourteen Lauren B. H. Rossato 203

56 Education for Everyone Nell Musolf 206

57 An American Wall David Hull 209

58 A Melting Pot Wedding Megan Pincus Kajitani 212

59 We the People Amanda Yardley Luzzader 214

60 Americans in Paris Keri Lindenmuth 218

7 Where Kindness Counts

61 Welcome to Tent City Kristen Mai Pham 225

62 The Lady in Seat 26B Katelyn Stanis 228

63 Helping Hands Julie Isaac 231

64 The Cookie Gauntlet Rhonda Dragomir 236

65 A Cast of Characters Nancy Emmick Panko 240

66 Two Guys Garrett Bauman 244

67 The Streets Are Not Paved with Gold Eva Carter 248

68 Highway Breakdown Susan Maddy Jones 252

69 Simple Gifts Ceil Ryan 256

70 Out of the Mouths of Strangers Gretchen Bossier 260

71 Wrapped in Love Jill Burns 264

8 Making Things Happen

72 Making School Cool Darlene Sneden 271

73 A Little Birdie Sheila Taylor-Clark 275

74 An Encounter with the President Leo Pacheco 278

75 A Spark Georgia A. Brackett 281

76 Quilting Comfort Jeffree Wyn Itrich 284

77 Caught Doing Good Judith M. Lukin 288

78 The Kindness Rocks Project Megan Murphy 292

79 Recipe for an Open Heart Susan Rothrock Deo 295

80 Seeing a Need Jeanne Jacoby Smith 299

81 The Good Fairy Returns SuzAnne C. Cole 302

9 Our Dynamic New Citizens

82 Mission Accomplished Eva Carter 307

83 A Special Kind of Support Isela Jacome Lieber 311

84 Rescue Derek Hawkins 314

85 Safe Harbor Jen P. Simmons 317

86 The Citizens' Daughter Gwen Navarrete Klapperich 321

87 The Price of Peace Becky S. Tompkins 324

88 From the Mideast to the Midwest Anthony Clark 327

89 American Sharon Beth A. Molinaro 331

90 They Call Me "Friend" Lisa M. Bartelt 334

91 Back to Basics Hema Nataraju 338

10 Role Models

92 Letters from America Adrienne A. Aguirre 345

93 I'll Rise and Fight Again April Knight 348

94 And Then There Were Eight Dehra Ann Pawlak 351

95 The Whistling Postman Dorann Weber 354

96 Touch a Life with a Cup of Coffee JP Waggoner 358

97 Going Bald for a Cause Katie O'Connell 361

98 Love Wins Nicole V. Bingaman 364

99 American Courage Thomas R. Hurd 368

100 The Generosity of a Stranger Sayzie Koldys 373

101 It's a Wonderful World Stephanie Pifer-Stone 376

Meet Our Contributors 379

Meet Amy Newmark 397

Thank You 399

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 400

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