Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family: 101 Stories about the Wacky, Lovable People in Our Lives

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family: 101 Stories about the Wacky, Lovable People in Our Lives

by Amy Newmark
Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family: 101 Stories about the Wacky, Lovable People in Our Lives

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Crazy Family: 101 Stories about the Wacky, Lovable People in Our Lives

by Amy Newmark


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Love your crazy family? These hilarious and heartwarming stories introduce you to the 101 wacky, yet lovable, relatives in our writers’ lives. You won’t stop laughing!

Everyone thinks they have a crazy family, and most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. We tell stories about our bizarre family traditions, our eccentric relatives, and our favorite disastrous vacations or weird holiday gatherings. The 101 stories in this heartwarming collection cover the gamut of family members, and they’ll have you laughing and nodding your head in recognition. Those quirky relatives are worth celebrating, because you know you love them. And somehow, underneath it all, you learn a lot from them too! Share the fun with your in-laws, parents, children, siblings and cousins. It’s a great way to show that you love them, or to welcome someone new to your own crazy family.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611599770
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 04/10/2018
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 458,350
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Amy Newmark is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Table of Contents

1 Eccentrics R Us

1 That Crazy Squirrel Lady Heather Rodin 1

2 Now That's Cheap Jan Bono 5

3 Secret Family Language Lucia Paul 8

4 Clean Living Dale Kueter 11

5 It's All About the Dogs Connie K. Pombo 13

6 Classically Driven Barbara Walker 16

7 The Sighting Cynthia Briggs 20

8 Give an Inch, Get a Mile Marianne Fosnow 23

9 Starstruck Barbara LoMonaco 26

10 A Honey of a Christmas Rosemary McLaughlin 30

2 Mom Did What?

11 Swipe, Don't Tap Bronwyn McIntyre 37

12 Thanksgiving Dressing Cindy Legorreta 40

13 Chinese Takeout Mara A. Cohen 43

14 My First Board Meeting Karen Ekstrom 46

15 Lucille Ball Junior Helen A. Scieszka 50

16 Saturated Patience Madeline Evans 53

17 The Holiday Merger Dawn Turzio 55

18 A Table with a View Helen A. Scieszka 58

19 Dog Gone Clean Betty Maloney 60

20 The Endless Summer April Knight 62

3 Happily Ever Laughter

21 Everything's Going South Christie Collins Lypka 69

22 The Mysterious Package John Elliott 78

23 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Jan Kendall St. Cyr 84

24 Quacking Up Bill Rouhana 88

25 March Madness Erika Hoffman 91

26 The Lost Key Mark Rickerby 94

27 Victoria's Worst Kept Secret Jase Graves 97

28 Showing Off? John M. Scanlan 101

29 Hittin' the Sauce Cathi LaMarche 103

30 And the Award Goes to… James Snyder 107

4 We're All Nuts Here

31 Holy Smoke! Veronica I. Coldiron 113

32 It's a Yoder Thing Hannah Yoder 117

33 My Incorrigible Uncle Bud Laura L. Bradford 120

34 Double Jeopardy Troy Seate 124

35 Mistaken Identity Laura Dailey-Pelle 127

36 A Basket Full of Trouble Jo Anne Check 129

37 Flying Fish Cj Cole 132

38 The Gift that Keeps on Giving Jeanne Kraus 135

39 Queen of the Porcelain Throne Vera Frances 138

40 The Zezimas' Christmas Letter Jerry Zezima 141

5 Childhood Hijinks

41 A Few More Gray Hairs John Elliott 147

42 The Day My Kids Broke Out of Jail Sarah Lyons 153

43 Out of the Mouths of Babes Joyce Laird 158

44 Be Careful What You Dream D.E. Brigham 162

45 Busted Martha Roggli 165

46 A Nose for Trouble Christy Breedlove 167

47 Crazy about Her Brother Mike McCrobie 170

48 What Goes Around… B.J. Taylor 174

49 Drama in the Negev John Elliott 177

50 Halloween in May Shannon Stocker 183

6 Grand and Great

51 Granny's on the News Kristi Adams 191

52 Bubby Gets Her Way Chana R. Rubinstein 194

53 Dragging the Gut Pamela Dawes-Tambornino 197

54 The Jacket David Fingerman 200

55 Toaster Perfection Joy Cook 203

56 She Did It Herself Marsha Henry Goff 207

57 Grandma Was a Nun David Warren 209

58 The College Fund Jenny Wilson 212

59 Gangsta Billy Gwen Cooper 216

60 All by Himself Pamela Gilsenan 219

7 Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

61 Never Tell Anyone Gina Farella Howley 225

62 Saturday Morning Wrestling Kathy Boecher 228

63 The Spurs Don't Suck Melissa Wootan 230

64 My Forward Thinking In-Laws Florence C. Blake 233

65 Can You Hear Me Now? Barbara LoMonaco 235

66 Papa's Biggest Mistake Debbie Sistare 238

67 My Brother's Haircut Rob Harshman 240

68 Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Susan Sanchez 244

69 Never Let a Genius Plan Your Funeral Becky G 247

70 Am I Dead Yet? Amy Newmark 250

71 A Diamond in the Rough Michelle Campbell 253

8 Blending In

72 When a Salad Is Not a Salad S.E. White 259

73 Graduation with My Three Husbands Suzette Martinez Standring 262

74 A Bountiful and Blessed Meal C. Joy 267

75 Who's Who? Kay Conner Pliszka 270

76 R You Listening? Amy Newmark 272

77 Stepping Up to the Plate Josephine A. Fitzpatrick 275

78 Just a Few Big Lies Saralee Perel 279

79 One More Day Cate Bronson 282

80 Counting to Five Sarah Slattery 286

9 Family Fun

81 Flight of Fancy Senia J. Owensby 293

82 Madeline the Mannequin Arthur Wiknik, Jr 297

83 Gone On to a Better Place Miriam Van Scott 300

84 A Cast of Five Barbara LoMonaco 303

85 Road-Trip Souvenir Cheryl E. Uhrig 307

86 My Carnival Summers Nora Beason 310

87 A Cruel joke John M. Scanlan 312

88 Oleo Run Anna Anderson 314

89 Hot Dog and Bun Conspiracy Ela Oakland 318

90 The Family Vacation: A Cautionary Tale Sally Friedman 321

91 A Very Mary Pat Christmas Shannon Stocker 325

10 Now! Get lt

92 The Deli Fella Melanie Chartoff 333

93 My Two Grandmas Sarah Foster 337

94 Threads that Bind Cheryl E. Uhrig 341

95 Outspoken and Outright Outrageous Janet Lynn Mitchell 344

96 Bio-Dad Virginia B. Harmon 347

97 Marry Her Off! Jen P. Simmons 351

98 An Alarming Situation Gwen Hart 355

99 My Mom the Worrier Dana Klosner-Wehner 358

100 The Head Megan Pincus Kajitani 362

101 My Dysfunctional Family Adrienne Sladek 365

Meet Our Contributors 367

Meet Amy Newmark 381

Thank You 383

About Chicken Soup for the Soul 384

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