Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

Christmas on Candy Cane Lane

by Sheila Roberts

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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ISBN-13: 9780778318354
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 10/27/2015
Series: Life in Icicle Falls , #8
Edition description: Original
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 91,549
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 4.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Sheila Roberts lives on a lake in the Pacific Northwest. Her novels have been published in several languages. Her book, Angel Lane, was an Amazon Top Ten Romance pick for 2009. Her holiday perennial, On Strike for Christmas, was made into a movie for the Lifetime Movie Network and her novel, The Nine Lives of Christmas, was made into a movie for Hallmark . You can visit Sheila on Twitter and Facebook or at her website (

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"Here's an accident waiting to happen," Tilda Morrison said grimly. Just what nobody wanted on the day before Thanksgiving.

"Not if we get to her in time," said her partner, Jamal Lincoln.

"Why us?" Tilda grumbled to Cherie, the dispatcher. "This is a job for animal control."

"Chief said you'd say that," Cherie told her. "He also said to tell you that today it's a job for you and to bring a rope and get to work before somebody ends up hurt."

"I don't believe this," Tilda muttered as Jamal turned on the look-out-here-come-the-cops lights and shot their patrol car out of town toward the highway.

"We're in Icicle Falls. Believe it," Jamal said. "You still got that rope in the trunk?"

"Yes. It's there from the last time." Tilda frowned. "You know, this really isn't the job of the Icicle Falls Police Force. I don't care if Stumpy Hodgkins is best buds with the chief."

"You gonna tell that to the chief?"

"Yeah, I am. As soon as we get back to the station."

Jamal grinned. "That's what I love about you, partner. You're fearless. You should've been a man. I swear you've got more balls than most guys."

"Thanks. I think."

Tilda knew she was a tough cookie, and she liked being tough. She liked being a modern woman, able to stand up for herself and hold her own against any man. But she also had a feminine side and, secretly, she fantasized about some man tougher than her, pushing her up against a wall and having at it.

She'd thought she'd found that man, but it hadn't worked out. He'd never bothered to look beneath her tough exterior and check out her sweet, soft side. Instead, he'd fallen for the kind of woman Tilda thought of as a cream puff. Maybe that was what all men really wanted, someone as sweet as honey and as elastic and bendable as warm taffy. Tilda wasn't a bending kind of woman. Sadly, there were very few men who appreciated that.

Jamal did, but he was her partner. Then there was Devon Black, town bad boy, the king of speeding tickets and barroom brawls, who thought he was God's gift to women. In fact, he thought he was God's gift to her. Christmas might have been just a month away, but she had no intention of unwrapping Devon Black.

She frowned, thinking of their last encounter. "What the hell?" he'd said angrily when she'd pulled him over a week ago for a broken taillight. "I wasn't speeding."

"No, you have a taillight out."

Instead of showing some respect and thanking her for letting him know, he'd flashed her a cocky grin and said, "You're looking for excuses to see me." As if she had nothing better to do than chase after wolves dressed in blue jeans.

"If I wanted to see you, I could just wait till the next bar fight," she retorted. It was how she'd met him when he moved to town. Trouble followed Devon around like a lost puppy. "Now, do you want me to let you off with a warning or do you want to keep flapping that big mouth of yours and up the ante?"

That had shut him up—until she gave him his warning and turned to leave. "I'm working the bar at the Man Cave. Come on by after you get off work and I'll give you a beer on the house." As if he owned the place. It was his brother's. He just filled in on weekends.

"In your dreams," she'd called back over her shoulder.

"And yours, too, I'll bet. I can show you some new uses for those handcuffs."

"Oh, there's an original line," she'd muttered. Fifty Shades of Devon Black. No way, even if he was ridiculously gorgeous. So was a hot-fudge sundae, but look what it did to your butt.

"There's Stumpy," Jamal said, bringing her back to the present.

Sure enough, the short, old guy was hobbling as fast as he could down the side of the snowbanked road in his jeans and cowboy boots and leather bomber jacket, his hunting cap mashed down over his ears, a lasso dangling from his right hand and Daisy's halter from his left. And there, half a mile farther up the road, trotted his horse, the escape artist. Loose again. Not a good thing, considering the fact that the old paint was deaf.

"You can turn off the lights now," Tilda said, and Jamal obliged.

They pulled up beside Stumpy and Tilda lowered the window. "Stumpy, this is the third time this month she's gotten loose."

"I know, and I'm sorry. Daisy!" he hollered at the horse. "Dang it all, come back."

Sometimes Tilda wondered how deaf Daisy really was. Either she was faking it or she was psychic because the darned beast tossed her head as though she was saying, "No way." Then she started across the road. Oh, great.

An SUV came over the rise and Tilda sucked in her breath. The car skidded to a halt and waited while Daisy stood in the middle of the road, trying to decide what to do. The driver soon tired of waiting and honked. The noise didn't faze Daisy. She stood there, watching Tilda, Jamal and Stumpy as if wondering what they were doing out here on a cold winter afternoon. Then she strolled back to her own side of the road and continued her journey, probably looking for some other horses to spend Thanksgiving with.

"Give me the rope and get in," Tilda commanded. With Stumpy safe inside and the rope in hand, they set off in hot pursuit. Well, semihot, not wanting to end up hitting the animal.

"I'd'a gotten her," Stumpy insisted from the backseat. "I don't know why Mildred keeps calling you guys."

"Because she's seen the way you drive," Tilda said. They were lucky that Stumpy hadn't taken the horse trailer. The week before, he'd attempted to rope Daisy from behind the wheel, skidding into Dan Masters's truck and effectively blocking traffic for a good forty minutes while they sorted things out. Daisy, naturally, had gotten away and wound up at the llama farm.

They'd almost reached the horse. "Stop here," Tilda told Jamal. "We don't want to spook her."

"Everything spooks her," Stumpy grumbled.

The natural retort would be, "Then why do you keep the dumb critter?" But Tilda didn't say it. She knew why. Daisy had been their granddaughter Willow's horse. Willow had died two years earlier from a brain tumor. Stumpy could no more get rid of the horse than he could throw out the pictures of their only granddaughter that filled their living room.

Tilda got out of the car and shut the door as Daisy moved down the road a few paces.

"Go get 'er, cowgirl," Jamal teased.

"Ha, ha," Tilda muttered. Jamal was the size of Texas and could take down three men single-handed, but he was a city boy and no use whatsoever in capturing a deaf horse.

Tilda moved away from the patrol car. Daisy, sensing pursuit, trotted a few more feet, then stopped and looked around. Neener, neener, neener. You can't catch me.

Oh, yes, I can. You may be big, but you've got a brain the size of an onion. Tilda squatted next to the freshly piled snow on the side of the road and waited. She'd done her share of ropin' and ridin'. Gone to horse camp at the nearby guest ranch all through high school. She was not going to be outsmarted by a horse.

Daisy tossed her mane and then, to show that she wasn't even remotely worried about Tilda and her rope, decided to enjoy a little roadside snack, pulling up a mouthful of snow-tipped grass.

Tilda slowly stood and sneaked forward a few feet.

Daisy raised her head and Tilda froze. This was like playing Red Light, Green Light when she was a kid. Daisy went back for seconds. Okay, green light. Tilda moved forward again.

Daisy lifted her head and checked to see where Tilda was.

Frozen in place, of course.

The next time the horse went for some grass, Tilda moved in, and this time when Daisy lifted her head, Tilda swung the rope and…missed.

Daisy shied away and trotted off down the road, and Tilda swore.

"You rope about as good as you shoot," Jamal called from the patrol car.

Tilda gave him the finger and started the whole process again. Horses were such foodies. Tilda could have lured over any other equine simply by shaking a can of oats. Was there such a thing as horse hearing aids? If so, it would sure make catching Daisy a lot easier.

It took two more tries before she got the rope around Daisy's neck, although the third try wasn't exactly the charm. Daisy neighed and pulled away, and even though Tilda had planted her feet, the horse still managed to yank her over into the snow. "Oh, no, you don't," Tilda growled, struggling back to her feet. "Bring the halter," she yelled.

Stumpy climbed out, holding it. "We got her now," he said gleefully.

We. Yeah, right.

Finally Daisy was haltered and rewarded for cooperating with the police with a pat on the neck. "You'd better stop this escape-artist stuff or we're gonna ship you off to become dog food," Tilda threatened.

Daisy just tossed her head yet again. She knew Tilda was all talk and no action.

Tilda was equally stern with Stumpy. "You make sure your fence is well mended and you keep that barn door shut," she told him as she handed over the escapee. "We can't keep coming out to help you catch her." She felt bad about being mean to the old guy. He was in his seventies and had arthritis in both hips, and maintaining the house and barn on their five-acre spread was getting to be too much for him. His wife was ready to downsize. Maybe being in trouble with the cops would motivate Stumpy to find a home for Daisy and move someplace smaller.

Stumpy hung his head. "I know, Tilda. You guys have better things to do."

"In Icicle Falls?" Jamal cracked as they drove off, leaving Stumpy and Daisy to make their own way home.


"Hey, you want action? Go to New York or LA," Tilda said, and turned up the heat. They'd have to swing by her place so she could get some dry pants.

"No, thanks," he said with a grin. "No horses to chase in LA. Anyway, I'd probably get stuck riding with some clown who farts all the time. Besides, where am I gonna find a lady cop as cool as you?"

That made her smile. "If you're trying to flatter me…"

He snorted. "Like that would get me anywhere." He shook his head. "It sucks when the best woman in town also happens to be your partner."

"Okay, now it's getting really thick in here." She had a pretty good face and her body was in mint condition but, sadly, there were too many good-looking women and not enough men in this town. She glanced out the window at the snowy firs and pines. "Sometimes I think I should've moved to Seattle." Except that Icicle Falls was her home and her roots ran too deep. Hmm. Maybe she was root-bound.

Jamal grunted. "You should've thought of that before you bought a house. Hey, we still on for Saturday?"

"Yep. When are you coming back from your mom's?"

"Friday morning."

"Good. You can help me finish packing."

"You know, some of us have to fill in for you and work that day. Who takes vacation on Thanksgiving weekend, anyway?"

Somebody who had a lot of vacation days piled up and more seniority than half the guys on the force. Tilda grinned at him and played the world's smallest violin on her fingers.

"All I gotta say is you better feed me."

"'Cause you're a growing boy?"

"Order something from the deli. I don't wanna get poisoned," he joked. "Where'd you not learn to cook?"

"From my mom."

"Come on, your mom owns Pancake Haus. She can't be that bad a cook."

"She hires people to do stuff in the kitchen, you dope." Tilda sighed. "The turkey will probably be dry and we'll have stuffing out of a box. But I like stuffing out of a box. And Mom's great with pickles and olives. And at least Aunt Joyce and the cousins will be bringing the candied yams and casseroles."

"What are you bringing?"

"Pumpkin pie."


"What do you mean 'from'?"

"I know you ain't bakin' it."

Busted. Tilda shrugged. "Gingerbread Haus."

"Yep, you're gonna make some lucky guy a great husband someday."

"Oh, ha, ha."

He shook his head. "Somehow, I just can't picture you in a house."

"What should I be living in, a yurt?"

"More like an army barracks."

"I do have a feminine side, you know."

"Sure you do."

She did, and she could hardly wait to get everything all squared away in her new house on Candy Cane Lane. She'd have dried flowers on the dining table and she was going to give that quilted wall hanging her cousin Georgie had made for her a place of honor on the living room wall. The house had three bedrooms, two baths, a big living room with a fireplace and a den, which she was going to turn into a kick-ass party room where her pals from the force could come over and play Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. The kitchen was bigger than the one she'd had in her condo. Once she put in new flooring, it would be great. Lots of room to…heat frozen dinners. Or make cookies. She made a mean chocolate chip cookie. Maybe, with her fancy new kitchen, she'd graduate to cake or pie or something.

Expanding her cooking skills would have to wait, though. The house needed some serious work. It had been a bank repo and the previous owners had done a fair amount of damage. Walls would have to be repainted, gutters replaced and, of course, the kitchen set to rights. And she'd have to replace the carpeting, which was badly stained and a little on the smelly side. Well, okay, a lot.

She hoped she could afford to give herself new carpeting for Christmas, at least in the living room and den.

"I don't know, Tillie girl," her mom had said when they'd first gone to see the place. "Sure looks like a lot of work. You really want to mess with that?"

"Yes," Tilda had replied. "It's in a great neighborhood. It'll be a good investment."

"It'll be a pain in the patootie," Mom had corrected her.

Yeah, but it would be her pain in the patootie and she was ready for it. For the past five years she'd been envisioning herself in a house with a great guy and a couple of kids and a big, friendly dog. The guy thing hadn't happened and she'd decided there was no point in waiting around. She was going to get her house and the dog, too. Heck, maybe even a kid. These days you didn't need a man to have kids. These days, it seemed you didn't need a man for much of anything.

Tilda wanted one, anyway. There were still some things nobody did better than men, and she was darned tired of being the only one who ever saw the lacy bras and matching thongs she wore under her uniform.

A man with a handsome, swarthy face and an admirable set of pecs suddenly appeared at the back of her mind. Oh, no. Devon Black was not in the running for that cozy life with the house, the kids and the dog. Devon Black did not deserve to see her in her bra and panties. Or out of them.

Someday she'd find the right man. New people moved to Icicle Falls all the time. Maybe Santa would bring her the perfect man for Christmas next year. This year it was a house. And that was enough to ask for. After all, there was only so much the jolly old guy in red could fit in his sack.

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Christmas on Candy Cane Lane 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
GailHollingsworth More than 1 year ago
I always enjoy my visits to Icicle Falls and Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is no exception. The characters are always real with relationship issues, time crunches, and mishaps that befall a small tourist town. The neighborhood of Candy Cane Lane has a reputation of elaborate Christmas decorations and that of course includes large candy canes lining everyone's sidewalk. Cars begins touring right after Thanksgiving and there's always a neighbor dressed as Mrs. Claus handing out candy canes to the children. It's expected and looked forward to by those driving by. It doesn't matter what's going on inside the homes, the children must not be disappointed or so thinks Maddy, the neighbor that organized the whole idea years ago. Then there's Tilda, the cop, that purchases a fixer-upper in the neighborhood. Everyone expects her to keep the area safe in spite of vandals showing up at night destroying the decorations. But Tilda has her own set of problems. And then there's Ivy whose husband left her the year before for "greener" pastures. She's determined to make this the best Christmas ever for her and her two children. Take a trip with author Sheila Roberts to Icicle Falls to visit and see what happens and whether everyone's Christmas is a wonderful as residents hope. Sheila has such a wonderful sense of humor and such cute expressions she gives to her characters that you're bound to pick up a few and try them for yourselves. I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion, which I have given.
cnapper67 More than 1 year ago
This is the next book in the Life in Icicle Falls series. It can be read as a stand alone. This was a very enjoyable book centered around three of the residents of Candy Cane Lane in Icicle Falls. Tilda is new to the neighborhood and is really hoping to find a happily-ever-after but first she needs to stop looking for what she thinks she wants and see what is right in front of her. Maddy is the organizer of Candy Cane Lane but this Christmas she will discover that sometimes you have to pay attention to what is at home. And then there is Ivy who has to decide if she can forgive the man that broke her heart and give her little girl the one thing that she wants for Christmas. I always enjoy my trips to Icicle Falls and catching up with old friends and finding new ones. The story is well written and left me feeling happy. I definitely recommend this book. It is a heartwarming read and perfect for the holidays. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Sheila Roberts has done it again with Christmas on Candy Cane Lane. I absolutely loved this sweet Christmas story on Candy Cane Lane in Icicle Falls. The characters are written so well they feel like your neighbor or family. This book had what I look for in a Holiday book family, friends, Christmas traditions, love and romance. Everyone that loves Christmas books should put this book on their Santa wish list. I have fallen in love with Sheila Roberts writing style, great characters and sweet stories. I always smile and feel good after reading her books. I was given an ARC, for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sheila Roberts has written another great story of Icicle Falls. Lovedbthese characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book with a happy ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this Christmas story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite in the series
miafaccheeMP More than 1 year ago
If you love Sheila Roberts" books, or just love Christmas, you really need to read this book. It will make you laugh til you cry. Set in the charming town of Icicle Falls, the residents of Candy Cane Lane are on a mission: to make this year's Christmas their best ever. You will see bits of yourself in each of them. You will leave with a smile on your face, a spring in your set, & plans to come back to stay!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars---CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE is the eighth full length installment in Sheila Roberts’ Life in Icicle Falls romance series. Told from several third person perspectives CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE is an ensemble storyline that looks at the lives of the people who live on Candy Cane Lane. Every year at Christmas time the houses are decorated with candy canes, lights, and all of the trimmings while people from far and wide stop by to look at the lights and take home a candy cane or two. But this year, trouble is brewing on Candy Cane Lane: someone is destroying the neighborhood decorations; a recently divorced mother of two is having a difficult time adjusting to her new singlehood; and the newest resident of Candy Cane Lane is one of Icicle Falls law enforcement officers and has caught the attention of the local bad boy. CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE focuses on family troubles; heartbreak and betrayal; forgiveness and letting go. Several of the female characters have issues with trust and throughout the storyline we are pulled into the world of broken hearts and broken souls. The local bad boy Devon Black tries desperately to seduce Tilda Morrison-a police officer who is more comfortable around her fellow officers than with other men in her life. Maddy Donaldson is the resident Mrs. Claus who organizes Candy Cane Lanes’ yearly light pageant but this year there is trouble brewing at home with her young, teenage daughter; and single mother of two Ivy Bohn, whose ex-husband is serious about getting his family back together-he knows he has made a mistake and will do anything to win back the love of his life. CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE is a sweet story with a little bit of romance, humor and holiday spirit. At times, Tilda and Ivy’s icy demeanor was a little disconcerting, especially Tilda’s attitude towards a reformed Devon Black. All of the likeable characters had their own personal issues that made up the backdrop and converging plot lines throughout the story that proves the stress of the holidays is no different from reality to fiction.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
I don't know about you, but in our city we have places where it has become a bit of a Christmas tradition in that particular neighborhood to really go all out in decorating for Christmas. You know those places, where people will drive miles just to share the Christmas displays with their friends and family. This is just what Candy Cane Lane is famous for and each year, the entire neighborhood gets into the Spirit of not only going all out on the decorating, but even dressing up and passing out candy canes to those who drive through the neighborhood. In fact Maddy Donaldson is considered by her neighbors and even family as being the Queen of Candy Cane Lane's Christmas festivities. She ensures that everyone is up to par on making sure they are participating, having their light displays up and if there are any lights out, she is the one to let them know. However, she has been neglecting her husband Alan and her daughter Jordan in the process and they are trying hard to convince her to let some of that responsibility go. Tilda Morrison, has just bought the run down house on Candy Cane Lane with plans of fixing it up, but her lack of home economic skills are lacking severely. Between her job at the Icicle Falls Police Force, and trying to figure out her own love life, she isn't quite sure she is ready to battle Maddy's spirited insistence that she participate in the Christmas light display. But when someone begins to vandalize the lighted candy canes, Tilda will have to get involved. Unfortunately as well, her family is insisting that they all celebrate the holiday at her new home with the dinner being cooked by Tilda. The only thing she knows how to do when it comes to planning a meal is stopping at the local Safeway deli and picking up something to go. Ivy Bohn is struggling to find a way to hold down her busy family business as well as raising her two young children after her husband Rob decided that he wanted to go it alone. Not dealing with the implications of running into him during his time of visitation, she can't help but seem quite a bit grinchy towards him. The last thing she wants to do is rely on him to help do things like fix her broken washing machine, help catch her ever escaping dog, Gizmo or figure out a way to put up her Christmas lights on the house while dealing with her fear of heights. To top it off, her new neighbor Tilda, is a friend from school that she didn't not get along with at all. How can she find a way to get into the true Christmas spirit? Oh if only things didn't turn out the way they did. I received Christmas on Candy Cane Lane by Shelia Roberts compliments of Mira Books and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. This is a great contemporary Christmas fiction, that you can find yourself relating to at least one of the many characters in the book. While this novel is clean to some degree, some implied ideas such as the thoughts Tilda considered when thinking of possible men she'd like to do more than simply date, might not be the subject matter some might wish to see in a book. However, that is about as far as it goes. In my opinion, I'd rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and loved the laughter and friendship that is formed in a wonderful neighborhood like Icicle Falls! This is the 8th book in the Life in Icicle Falls Series!
CrystalCB More than 1 year ago
Christmas on Candy Cane Lane contains two of my very favorite things a Christmas story in a small town. I have enjoyed each and every visit I have had to Icicle Falls. Sheila Roberts has created a wonderful small town with unique stores, fun holiday festivities, and great characters that quickly became new friends. Tilda Morrison is a police officer in the small town of Icicle Falls. This lady is strong, independent, loves her job and has that soft side hidden under the rough and tough exterior. She doesn't think she wants anything to do with Devon Black even though he takes advantage of every opportunity that he can find to flirt with her. Devon Black has that bad boy image of being a playboy who tends to get into trouble a lot. However under that bad boy image just might be a gentleman with a heart of gold that is just way too go to pass over. I really enjoyed watching this guy do his best to try to win over Tilda and maybe her heart too. Maddy Donaldson is the Queen of Candy Cane Lady. Seriously this lady could give Mrs. Claus a run for her money in the Christmas cheer department. She wants everyone to have the best Christmas possible and to enjoy the festive neighborhood. However, her family is feeling a little left behind with all the Christmas Cheer. Ms. Roberts has done a great job of writing this family's story. She hits on some very real issues with teenage children and what the wrong influences can lead to. Ivy Bohn is spending her first Christmas with her two young children after her resent divorce. Poor Ivy has her hands full with two little kids that miss their Daddy and really just don't under where Daddy has gone. She also runs the family business the Christmas Haus. Ivy is full of emotions and some are conflicting emotions. At first I would have gladly helped Ivy slap her husband for leaving her but he kind of grew on me as the story progressed. I won't tell you what happened. I'll let you read this great Christmas story to find out for yourself. With all the different personalities, problems in their lives, and totally different situations the ladies of Christmas Cane Lane have all come together in this great story to share their lives with us this Christmas. I for one loved visiting Candy Cane Lane and I can't wait for my next visit to Icicle Falls. I have found that each book in the Life in Icicle Falls series easily stands on it own. If you have read any of the previous books you might find a friend or two to catch up with. If this is your first visit to Icicle Falls you won't feel like you are missing any information that would decrease your pleasure of the story. Each visit to Icicle Falls is unique and doesn't leave you hanging. It may leave you anxious for your next visit though, I know it always does me. Sheila Roberts has done a fabulous job with these characters. I experienced bouts of joy, moments of sadness, and a few over anxious moments for a few of them. Overall I would highly recommend this story to small town romance fans that also LOVE Christmas stories like me. I can't wait to see what Sheila Roberts has in store for us lucky readers for the next story in Icicle Falls. I will be anxious to see what she comes up with next. I know it will be great. I was given the opportunity to read this great story so that I may share my thoughts with you. As always it has been my great pleasure to share my thoughts with you on Christmas on Candy Cane Lane.
Griperang72a More than 1 year ago
Shelia Roberts is one of my favorite authors of all time and I just love it when I get a chance to read a new book by her. It is always fun to take another trip back to Icicle Falls and get to know another resident or two just a little bit better. Candy Cane Lane sounds like a street in my hometown that everyone would go to drive through to see all the lights and decorations on the houses. The only problem with Candy Cane Lane is someone did not like the candy canes and was set on destroying them, but who. You must read to find out as you will be shocked. I was happy to see that Tilda may actually have a softer side to her. Then we have Ivy and all that she is going through. I felt bad for her trying to adjust to her new way of life since her husband left her, but she may be in for a surprise. This is one author that I can read the entire book in two days. Once I got started I did not want to put it down until I was done. I highly recommend this entire series and look forward to the next one.
LindaMcNeley More than 1 year ago
Been following the Icicle falls books for a while now, so was excited to meet new characters and catch up with the old in the latest edition Christmas on Candy Cane Lane. Was not dissapointed.....this was my favorite so far. Caught myself laughing out loud several times. The characters are so real, that you actually feel like you know them. The way they play off each other is brilliant. This one is highly reccomended by me to get you into the holiday spirit! Grab a warm blanket, your book and hot chocolate with a candy cane in it, and settle in for some fun.
Lisa11LA More than 1 year ago
Sheila Robert's new book for the holidays, Candy Cane Lane, is a delight! From the beginning, Sheila draws you in with her three main characters, Tilda, Maddy and Ivy. All three women live on Candy Cane Lane and all are looking for that perfect Christmas. What they find...well read the book, Sheila never disappoints!
danlovesmary More than 1 year ago
Can your Christmas be perfect? Life in Icicle Falls comes close... Living on Candy Cane Lane in Icicle Falls, Washington would just about guarantee having a perfect Christmas...right? For Tilda Morrison - a member of the Icicle Falls police force - deciding where to buy her first home was more financial than festive. In fact, festooning her fixer-upper with strands of Christmas lights and lining her walkway with oversized, plastic candy canes was low on her to-do list, despite the helpful encouragement from some of her new neighbors. Plus, staying one step ahead of hunky-but-bad-news Devon Black was NOT helping Tilda's Christmas spirit! Sheila Roberts takes us once again to our favorite destination, Icicle Falls, inspired by the real-life town of Leavenworth, Washington. CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE is number 8 in this beloved series about a community full of familiar faces, hometown cooking, plenty of love & romance, and always a happily-ever-after. Is a recent wave of vandalism going to ruin Christmas? How many candy canes DOES it take to keep Maddy Donaldson, self-appointed chairperson of all things Christmas, satisfied that Candy Cane Lane is doing Christmas right?? And what about that rotten rat, Rob? How can Ivy keep her children happy and still keep Rob at arm's length after he walked out on their little family last year? CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE, while part of the "Life in Icicle Falls" series, is also a delightful read on its own. This is a warm and funny romp through a community that watches out for each other and appreciates celebrating throughout the year. If you haven't yet visited Icicle Falls, CHRISTMAS ON CANDY CANE LANE is a great place to start.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
An excellent addition to Life in Icicles Falls, I love visiting this town. This story focuses on three ladies that live on Candy Cane Lane, trying to make the ideal Christmas. All in different phases of life, that will have you laughing out loud and cheering them along while getting ready for the holidays. They will soon find out, "The most imperfect Christmas can turn out perfectly". I highly recommend this Christmas story to all small town contemporary romance readers. Sit back with a cup of coffee and a candy cane and enjoy.
Melindasoo More than 1 year ago
Sheila Roberts has taken me back to Icicle Falls for another wonderful, fun and romantic read. Christmas on Candy Cane Lane is the eighth book in the Icicle Falls series. This Christmas is taking place on Candy Cane Lane, where EVERYBODY goes to see the Christmas lights and visits with Mrs. Claus. As the newest homeowner, Tilda Morrison, the local policewoman, realizes that keeping up with the neighbors is not going to be an easy task. But as long as Devon Black is around, she just might wind up in the Christmas spirit after all. Even though Tilda knows not to fall for the local bad boy. But Is Devon really the bad boy jerk everyone has thought him to be? Or maybe there is a good guy in there. Tilda will just have to find out for herself. And right next door is Maddy, the mom who does it all. With her husband Alan, and daughter Jordan, she seems to have it all. But keeping Candy Cane Lane all lit up for the holidays seems to be a bigger task then even she can handle. And while neighbor Ivy, is bah humbugging this Christmas, she is trying to keep it together for her two kids at Christmas. Being a single mom for the first Christmas since her divorce is no easy task. And when her ex just keeps interrupting her Christmas plans, how can she ever have a happy and fun Christmas. And to top it all off, Someone is vandalizing Candy Cane Lane. Can these women keep it together long enough to solve the mystery? Can they get along long enough to remember what Christmas is all about? When you read this book, you will wind up smiling, then grinding your teeth, and maybe even wanting to knock a little sense into these women from time to time, but I promise you will come out grinning from ear to ear, and ready for the Christmas Caroling to begin.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
There is mischief afoot on Candy Cane Lane. The holiday has made it's way to this magical town again. Sheila Roberts put her best foot forward with Christmas on Candy Cane Lane. The characters are charming and the setting is picturesque. There is something for every lover of books. Tilda is thrust into a world of family and traditions while working to sort out her love life. There is romance, drama and amusement in every chapter. I received an ARC of Christmas on Candy Cane Lane in exchange for an honest review. This story embodies the wonder of the holiday season.
JPBinCO More than 1 year ago
Sheila Roberts does it again with her latest episode in Icicle Falls, a beautiful little mountain town in the Pacific Northwest! And even better, this is a Christmas book, so we get to imagine Icicle Falls all decorated for the holidays, and catch up on our favorite characters in this quaint and picturesque town. Will Tilda find real love this Christmas? Read and find out! Can't wait for the next book in this entertaining and fun series.
Virginialloyd More than 1 year ago
Christmas On Candy Cane Lane by Sheila Roberts Excited about the Christmas season or not, it was bound to happen - especially on Candy Cane Lane in Icicle Falls! Come join the neighborhood as did Tilda Morrison when she bought her first home right in the middle of Christmas madville, I mean Candy Cane Lane! The neighbors will meet and greet you with plates of goodies and gentle (or maybe not so gentle) suggestions of how to decorate with candy canes and lights galore. Throughout the days after Thanksgiving, you would watch the families as they live, work and cope with Christmas overload. Will it be worth the efforts taken? Will Tilda connect with her neighbors, will she find happiness so desired? So many questions, so many desires for perfection, not just for the Christmas season but also for relationships. Will their goal of making the perfect Christmas as described by Muriel Sterling in her book, Making the Holiday Bright: How to Have A Perfect Christmas, be attained? If so, at what cost? Will perfection take a back seat to family and friendship? Read Sheila Roberts, Christmas On Candy Cane Lane to find the answers and have your own perfect Christmas!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I loved it! It's the holiday season in Icicle Falls and the craziness is in full swing. There is no place in town that's as crazy as Candy Cane Lane. This is the story of three women, each trying to juggle the stresses of life, deal with crazy neighbors, and stay sane enough to still have a life! I absolutely adored this book. It had me chuckling all the way through and really helped rev me up for the holiday season ahead. This one needs to go on everyone's must read list. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recently finished reading Christmas on Candy Cane Lane by Sheila Roberts. This is the latest installment in the Life in Icicle Falls series. I have been a HUGE fan of Ms. Roberts for more than five years now. There are three central characters of the novel; Tilda (previously appeared in The Cottage on Juniper Ridge) the town cop, who moves next door to single mom and nemesis, Ivy. And both of them live on the same street as perfect mom Maddy. Maddy has had the street renamed Candy Cane Lane and has personally launched a campaign to make the street perfect (following Thanksgiving) for Christmas. The women volunteer to dress up as Mrs. Claus every evening and hand out candy canes to visitors gazing at the decorations. Every neighbor is expected to do their part by decorating, even Tilda who moved in right at Thanksgiving. To complicate matters, Tilda is being pursued by bad boy, Devon Black. Hormones are happy dancing all around, but he’s clearly all wrong for her, because he’s not a cop or fireman. At the previous holiday season, Ivy’s husband told her that he wanted his freedom and now, he’s decided he was a fool and wants her back. But he’s broken her heart and she is not willing to forgive. In the meantime, Tilda seemingly has a vendetta against her, pulling her over for speeding and the like. Ho, ho, ho! Maddy is also having difficulties juggling her family/neighborhood/work responsibilities, and her in laws have announced that they are coming to stay for the holiday, which is just great; her mother in law could teach Scrooge *and* the Grinch a thing or two. To top it all off, someone is vandalizing the Christmas decorations. Who would do that? And the street’s residents expect Tilda to single-handedly catch the vandal(s) with little or no clues, even if it is her day off. Each chapter of the book starts with pearls of wisdom from Muriel Sterling’s book, Making the Holidays Bright: How to Have a Perfect Christmas. I’m still waiting for a publication of her books to be released! Of course I always enjoy visiting Icicle Falls, meeting all the new characters and catching up with some of the ones from previous books. You will too. And of course, I am looking forward to the next installment, Home on Apple Blossom Road, which is due out on 3/29/2016! In the interest of full disclosure, I'm part of Ms. Roberts's street team and have been so for several years. I got this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute story but not worth $7.99