Citizen King: The New Age of Power

Citizen King: The New Age of Power

by Les Jensen
Citizen King: The New Age of Power

Citizen King: The New Age of Power

by Les Jensen


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Before you were born your soul had a vision of what your life could be. To honor that vision can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment into your life, producing feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude.

To engage that vision of your life and trust yourself is to turn on the creative expression of your own potential. When you walk authentically as yourself, all possibilities come within your reach. The vision of your dreams comes into focus. You may not know every detail, though you trust in the story of your heart and soul, as they feed you a vision of what is possible. It is intentional creation itself.

Your own potential has no limits, and to create a flow of its expression brings an ever-unfolding story of genuine satisfaction and gratitude as you honor your purpose here on Earth. To have big dreams and take bold actions creates a most exciting and adventurous life, fulfilling the vision of your soul.

Will you embrace the bold ideas of your heart and soul, and trust that there is a way for them to manifest? Can you do this from a place of personal forgiveness and compassion? When you master that, you start to purify your own heart, the source of your authentic power. When you put action to your inspiration, you give your soul influence in your life. Your soul becomes free to express as it intends. This is soul-level living.

Your ego's role shifts to fulfilling your inspiration with action. It is you acting as a Citizen King. The path to living an exceptional life in your own authentic kingdom affords you a genuine sense of fulfillment and joy. It is the new age of what personal power looks like. It is our human potential ... fulfilled.

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ISBN-13: 9781504335034
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/30/2015
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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Citizen King

The New Age of Power

By Les Jensen

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Les Jensen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3503-4



The lights come down. The theater is filled to capacity. The movie is about to start. You settle in, getting comfortable in your seat, as you anticipate the wonderful story that is about to begin. It is the story of the life of a king. This story starts in the 1800's, not that long ago. It was a time when we had a clear idea of what being a king was all about. The old idea of a king as a person empowered to choose whatever he wanted. The king had no one to challenge his authority. He had the authority to take actions on his own, having dominion over others. However, the Citizen King concept of being a king is quite different than the stories of yore, for it is really the story of mastering the possibilities of life itself — a personal triumph of sorts. But before we go down that road and embark upon this path, let's bring to the discussion the concept of this budding king — the king that is in you now.

The notion of being a king is really not a new idea. We have had kings ruling the culture of humanity from as far back as we can remember. But there's a new idea of being a king that brings to the screen an exciting and powerful idea of what our future can be.

In the past, the idea of being a king involved a single person having dominion over a single kingdom, with one king ruling over the masses, the culture, and the destiny of the kingdom. But to allow a single person to have such sway over so many people no longer fits the healthy idea of what it means to be an empowered human being. For all of us to be able to experience what it genuinely means to fulfill our own immense personal potential, without tether or restraint, is to know what it means to embody the idea of being a king in our own kingdom. It is the idea of achieving a state of absolute personal sovereignty to create an empowered vision that can flow freely from your own heart and soul.

To be a healthy king is to engage your potential. It is to honor your heart and soul's vision for what your life can be. To totally honor the vision of your soul, is to learn how to fulfill your potential in each passing moment of every single day. That is the endgame for mastering your true power, a place of healthy and balanced human consciousness for which humanity has been searching.

This new idea of being a king, a personal king, an individual king, a Citizen King, brings to the screen an idea of the future that truly has no limits, a vision of our lives that has no boundaries. It holds so much raw potential that has never been totally fulfilled by humanity, yet here we sit at the doorway to the future with the idea of the king, and the idea of the kingdom, that can make this new idea possible. The idea that each one of us is a citizen too. We can all personify our own authentic vision or dream of what our lives could look like, and to do that would create our own personal Heaven on Earth.

Citizen King, the idea of it, is really a very powerful concept, because human consciousness is very powerful, the most powerful substance on the planet. Everything man has ever created has started as an idea in the mind of human consciousness, just like your consciousness now.

You are human consciousness personified. And held within that infinite field of potential is the vision of your life that your soul has had from the time of your birth, to be created on your own screen, to create any storyline you can envision. It is from this infinite field of potential that anything becomes possible in your life.



To understand what it means to give yourself genuine authentic personal sovereignty is to understand your own innocence. This innocence means giving yourself absolute permission to accurately write the next chapters of your life exactly the way you want.

To actually have that kind of personal sovereignty is to understand your relationship with the process of creation itself. It is to give yourself permission to pen a most delightful future for yourself and for those who are walking this journey with you — the power of humanity personified. This is the space that holds miracles, having the personal sovereignty to validate your dreams as the most important potential of this moment. Truly, there are no limits, no boundaries. This human potential holds infinite possibilities. Just as a movie projector (or DVD player) can play any movie that is inserted into it, so too can your human consciousness embody any idea.

I like the idea of an old-school movie projector, the kind that was used in the big movie theaters. It had a really bright light bulb which created the light so that the image could shine or project onto the big screen. Then there was the movie itself which contained the story to be told.

This is a metaphor for our own life story playing out, a story that encompasses the specifics of what is happening in our own life. It is just like choosing a movie that you enjoy, and then watching it play out via a DVD player that streams the movie through your television set.

Going back to the example of the old-school movie projector, the light of the projector would cast light on the movie film, capturing the image, and then projecting it upon the screen, the place where the movie was actually experienced. This is just like the world around us, which provides the screen of our own movie on which we are living out our lives.

In this model of a projector, the bright light is our soul. It is the source of the movie, allowing it to happen at all. Because without the light of our soul, our lives would be over. Our "screen" would go dark, no movie. Without a soul, our body dies. The light of our soul embodies the light of infinite possibilities of any movie ever made. Our soul can play out any movie or story that we load into it, because it is our soul that is playing out this human role of an "actor" that is creating our human experience. It is your soul living as you now, your projector for this movie that we call life that you are living out right now.

The movie that is loaded in your projector is actually the energy of your own karma. It is the karmic signature of your own personal energy persona. This persona is the collective energy that is stored within your being. The unresolved mental and emotional patterning of your past is showing up in this present moment. Most of our storyline originates from the energy found within our own subconscious. To purify our energy is to shift the storyline. The script of our life is written in the energy of our own karmic disposition. In other words, the energy within our own personal energy persona creates the karmic tendencies of our own personal experiences.

Our soul can play out any story it wants, yet if we have unresolved karma within our own persona it is likely that the story that plays out will be more of the same, more of the past. The story we have loaded into our personal energy persona as our karma creates a momentum to our storyline, a tendency to experience more of the same, more of the past patterns repeating themselves over and over again. It is not until our karma is resolved that we can truly live the vision of our soul untethered.

The concept of every single citizen embodying this idea of being a king involves having dominion over one's own potential, absolute sovereignty over one's future, and permission to be director of the movie.

The collective achievement of being a king in our own kingdom has not come about in our culture en masse throughout the history of humanity, but it can happen now! For you are a powerful person. Every person embodies this human consciousness; every person is a point of presence of human consciousness. You are a point of human consciousness, and this human consciousness is the doorway to all possibilities.

What's new in today's world about the idea of being a king is that we now have the ability to tap into the potential of our human consciousness and bring it about into the kingdom with true personal freedom, personal sovereignty, and personal empowerment.

Citizen King: The New Age of Power represents a new age of power emanating from citizens acting like kings. Not citizens acting like kings with dominion over other citizens, but rather, citizens acting like kings in their own personal kingdom, in their own personal story, in their own personal potential. They create a flow of inspiration from the passion of their hearts, fulfilling the inspiration of their own dreams in an authentic and genuine way.

The soul's path is one of grace. To live an authentic life is to walk in grace on this earth. Just like a boat that creates ripples as it moves through the water, when you walk in step with your heart and soul, you leave behind you a wake of grace. It is in that state of grace that you feel peace within your heart every day. From that place of peace within your soul, you script the story of your life as you alone prefer. Pure authentic you, giving yourself permission to be the director of your own preferences, living the life that you choose.

I know this concept of being a king might not be in the forefront of your mind since we were not really raised to be kings. How common was the idea that you go to school, get an education, a job, click off 30 years working for the same company, and then retire? Where the core direction of your life was dictated by other people? Even the idea of having a single point of income was a very limiting factor.

What happens to that source of income lends itself to your own personal sense of security. Many of us have seen how volatile that idea can be. How can you be a king, with any sense of genuine personal sovereignty over your life, if so many of the fundamental aspects of how you live your life are attached to these volatile financial systems that have been so prevalent in our past?

The story of our collective past is one of deceit and betrayal. We have been removed from the director's chair. We have been corralled for containment in order to minimize the possibilities that we would most likely fulfill. We have been imprinted with a collective set of karmic impressions that mentally and emotionally detach us from our storyline and keep us in a state of mental and emotional reactions. We are not focused on our dreams, but rather, on the collective storyline that the media propagates, which prevents kings from discovering their own personal kingdom within themselves.

To truly be one that embodies the king within is to hone in on your most authentic preferences in each and every moment of every day. This is the place where self-love resides with exquisite permission to live the life of your dreams. For you to be able to embody such a storyline means you need to resolve and release the mental and emotional imprints of your past in order to understand how these karmic imprints have disconnected you from your own kingdom within.

For instance, to see an example of such karmic imprints, let us consider our currency. We share such a collective experience when we have a single monetary system on which we're all riding, and to which we are all attached. I mean, every single aspect of our lives is influenced by the idea of the value of the dollar, or any other currency. What happens to the value of that currency affects every aspect, every arena, of our own personal lives, and yet there are so many factors that influence the value of each currency. Our collective relationship with our currency is a core connection with our global monetary symbols and their perceived value, an agreed-upon value. The symbol of money is a collective agreement. This symbol of our particular country's currency is embedded in every major decision that we make.

We have assigned an agreed-upon role to this symbol. It shows up in deciding where we live, go to college, and take our vacations, what kind of car we drive, and whether we can afford health care. The current value of money, or currency, decides so many of the core decisions that we make in our lives. Since there are so many factors that decide the current value of the dollar, ruble, yen, peso, or any other currency, the value of our own money is always in a transition based on external factors, including a complete crash of established value.

It could easily be said that there are very many factors that influence the value of our lives, that in truth we are not actually free at all. There's no freedom in that. If the money you have in your savings account is shifting in value day by day because of external influences, how can you say you have any kind of a personal control or sovereignty over your life?

This isn't anything to be afraid of or to worry about, but rather, it's something to be conscious of so that we can move into a place where no one thing has such dominion over so many people on such a personal level. Since we weren't raised with the idea of having a genuine sense of control over our lives it can seem a bit daunting, a bit intimidating, to consider ourselves as kings. This is a context of our own personal life that we were never really encouraged to embrace. Yet every single one of us possesses this inner inspiration, this inner idea, of what our life can be.

Our soul has a dream of what is possible for our own life, of what a wonderful life would look like, the script to the story of our dreams coming true. It is a movie handcrafted and designed just for you. How many classes in school were taught about following our dreams? Detailed discussions about how to discern if an idea has come from our heart or our head? About how the ego is not needed to rationalize, approve or analyze the worthiness of our heart's desires. How the energetic signature of the dream is the dream itself as pure energy? How to capture a dream without diluting or polluting it, and then, step by step, bring it into creation? Very few, if any. Since our dreams are so important, so powerful for our lives, so powerful in a sense of our own personal fulfillment, then perhaps we should have been taught about our dreams in every single grade of school that we attended throughout our lives!

When individuals find their inspiration and value from within the very core of themselves, this disconnects them from being controlled or manipulated. If each individual — each citizen — understands their true power, then they have a genuine sense of personal sovereignty in their lives.

It is truly wonderful to discover that you have all the wisdom you need starting from the day you were born, and that it comes from your heart and soul. And that is a very powerful idea. Yet we weren't taught how to recognize this personal wisdom and use it in our lives. We weren't taught to truly own our lives in a very genuine way.

The old idea of a kingdom involved a single person playing the role of a king. Yet every one of us has an infinite well of inspiration present within us now. Every one of us is a soul playing out the role of BEing a human. Souls are very powerful. Every soul is an infinite well of inspiration. Your human age makes no difference regarding what your soul has to offer you; there are powerful ideas for every stage of your life.

The new idea of a kingdom is where everyone in the kingdom is honoring their own inner king, their own ocean of personal potential, living fully present in their own inspiration. Everyone feeling entitled to the free expression of their own inspiration. Everyone being connected to their own personal sense of what a wonderful life can feel like. A kingdom full of kings. A kingdom that actually honors all that we are capable of being. It affords each of us a full expression of our own potential. Not a single king per kingdom, but rather, a kingdom full of kings. That sounds much more divine and authentic to our human potential than the old, or former, king paradigm.

These ideas are very powerful. Because you are very powerful, both on an individual level and on a collective level. Don't be afraid to consider yourself a king. Don't be afraid to have total say in what happens in your life. The idea of the human experience comes from the process of creation that all of us are experiencing. The process of creation is always happening. Creation is a flow, in-spiration and out into effect. The process is starting from within us as an idea that we receive, as a moment of inner inspiration, which is then brought into creation through action.


Excerpted from Citizen King by Les Jensen. Copyright © 2015 Les Jensen. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, ix,
Chapter 1 To Be a King, 1,
Chapter 2 Personal Sovereignty, 5,
Chapter 3 The Power of Creation, 15,
Chapter 4 Creating Choices for Humanity, 21,
Chapter 5 Opening the Door to Your Dreams, 33,
Chapter 6 Getting Clear About Your Dream, 41,
Chapter 7 Capturing the Inspiration of Your Heart and Soul, 47,
Chapter 8 Living From Your Heart, 57,
Chapter 9 Living in the Kingdom of the Heart, 67,
Chapter 10 Granting Yourself Permission to Be King, 73,
Chapter 11 Becoming Pure, 85,
Chapter 12 Healing Your Past, 101,
Chapter 13 Imagination Makes It Happen, 109,
Chapter 14 Casting the Vision, 119,
Chapter 15 Living the Dream!, 129,
About the Author, 137,

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