Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology

by H.A. Guerber


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Classical Mythology collects in one volume vivid chronicles of all the best-known heroes, heroines, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology. It features more than twenty twenty-five colorful accounts of classic myths and legends, adapted from the work of H. A. Guerber and other renowned writers. Its stories include:
  • Perseus and his confrontation of the snake-haired Medusa
  • Theseus and his battle in the labyrinth with the bull-headed Minotaur
  • Bellerophon and his capture of the winged horse Pegasus
  • Jason and his retrieval of the golden fleece from under the watchful eye of its dragon protector
  • Midas and his wish for the power to turn anything that he touched into gold
  • Prometheus and his theft of fire from the gods to benefit mankind
  • Pandora and her unleashing of the world's miseries from the box she was forbidden to open

In addition, the book includes the story of the tragedy of Oedipus and the heroic voyage of Odysseus following the end of the Trojan War.

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