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Climate Change and Displacement Reader


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Official estimates put the future scale of human displacement as a result of climate change at anywhere from 150 million to one billion people. Despite this crisis in the making, few countries or international institutions are adequately prepared to address and resolve this emerging human rights crisis.

This compilation brings together fifty-one of the leading texts on climate change and displacement. It provides a consolidated source and substantive overview of the key issues relating to climate change and displacement, including: the reality of climate displacement; the shape of current and proposed international law on this matter; the institutional and governance framework that will address and respond to this crisis; and an analysis of what a cross-section of governments and civil society organizations are already doing to prepare for and act against climate displacement. This volume is an indispensable resource for academics researching this issue, community and international advocates, officials of the United Nations and international human rights and humanitarian organizations; national and municipal governments as well as all people concerned about the human rights of climate displaced persons throughout the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780415691345
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/02/2012
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 3.00(d)

About the Author

Scott Leckie is Director of Displacement Solutions - a non-profit initiative designed to assist refugees and displaced persons to return and recover their original homes. An international human rights lawyer and global housing advocate, he is recognised internationally as an expert in the field of economic and social rights. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Ezekiel Simperingham is an international human rights lawyer. Ezekiel is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand as a legal consultant for the international humans rights NGO Displacement Solutions, where he is focusing on the international human rights dimensions of the housing, land and property sector in Burma and the housing and property rights of refugees under international law.

Jordan Bakker is currently a student at Monash University Law School, and works as a research associate with Displacement Solutions. He has carried out fieldwork on climate displacement in Bangladesh, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction Section 2: The Reality of Climate Displacement In Search of Shelter: Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration and Displacement CIESIN, UNHCR, UNU-EHS Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Human Security: A Commissioned Report for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Karen O’Brien, Linda Sygna, Robin Leichenko, W. Neil Adger, Jon Barnett, Tom Mitchell, Lisa Schipper, Thomas Tanner, Coleen Vogel and Colette Mortreux Climate Changed: People Displaced Vikram Kolmannskog The Role of Environmental Degradation in Population Displacement Steve Lonergan Climate Change and Forced Migration: Observations, Projections and Implications Oli Brown A Climate of Conflict: The Links between Climate Change, Peace and War Dan Smith and Janani Vivekananda Losing Paradise Nic Maclellan Section 3: International Legal and Institutional Framework Displacement Caused by the Effects of Climate Change: Who Will Be Affected and What Are the Gaps in the Normative Framework for Their Protection? Walter Kälin Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Human Displacement: A UNHCR Perspective UNHCR Climate Change and Statelessness: An Overview UNHCR Securing Meaningful International Agreement on Climate Change Related Displacement and Migration: The Refugee Convention as a Window on International Burden (Responsibility)-Sharing in an Involuntary Movement Context Bruce Burson The Protection of Environmentally-Displaced Persons in International Law Aurelie Lopez Security Council Holds First-ever Debate on Impact of Climate Change on Peace, Security, Hearing Over 50 Speakers Department of Public Information United Nations General Assembly Resolution 63/281: Climate Change and its Possible Security Implications UN General Assembly Resolution 63/281 Section 3.1 Human Rights Law Human Rights Council Resolution 7/23: Human Rights and Climate Change Human Rights Council Resolution The Relationship between Climate Change and Human Rights Annual Report of the United Nations The Human Rights Situation of Indigenous Peoples in States and other Territories Threatened with Extinction for Environmental Reasons Françoise Hampson Mission to Maldives: Report of the Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Raquel Rolnick Climate Change and Human Rights: A Rough Guide International Council on Human Rights Policy The Human Side of Climate Change: Human Rights Violations and Climate Refugees Stand Up for Your Rights Section 3.2 Selected Climate Change Standards Male Declaration on the Human Dimension of Global Climate Change Republic of Maldives Copenhagen Accord United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The Niue Declaration on Climate Change The Pacific Island Forum Section 4. Proposed New Legal Standards Legal and Normative Frameworks Roger Zetter ‘The Hour When The Ship Comes In’: A Convention for Persons Displaced by Climate Change David Hodgkinson, Tess Burton, Heather Anderson and Lucy Young Section 5. Affected Countries Pacific The Pacific Islands Framework for Action on Climate Change 2006-2015 Pacific Islands Forum The Future is Here: Climate Change in the Pacific Oxfam Briefing Paper Australia People, Property and Places: Impacts of Climate Change on Human Settlements in the Western Port Region: People, Property and Places Peter Kinrade and Benjamin Preston Engaging our Pacific Neighbours on Climate Change: Australia’s Approach Commonwealth of Australia Our Drowning Neighbours: Labor’s Policy Discussion Paper on Climate Change in the Pacific Bob Sercombe and Anthony Albanese Welcoming Pacific Migrants ‘In our Security Interests’ Katharine Murphy Kiribati Republic of Kiribati National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA) Environment and Conservation Division We Aren’t Refugees Jane McAdam and Maryanne Loughry New Zealand Adapting to Sea Level Rise New Zealand Ministry of the Environment Papua New Guinea How-to Guide for Environmental Refugees Ursula Rakova Tuvala Tuvalu’s National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Ministry of Natural Resources Tuvalu: Islanders Lose Ground to Rising Seas Stephanie Long Island Evacuation Ilan Kelman Vanuatu Global Warning: Devastation of an Atoll Peter Boehm Asia Bangladesh Bangladesh National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) Ministry of Environment and Forest Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh The Ganges Delta: Temporary Migration as a Survival Strategy CIESIN, UNHCR, UNU-EHS India Climate Change in India - A Humanitarian Perspective Nicola Macnaughton Indonesia Adaptation and Cooperation Britta Heine and Lorenz Petersen Maldives Maldives National Adaptation Program of Action Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water Vietnam Mekong Delta: Living with Floods and Resettlement CIESIN, UNHCR, UNU-EHS Section 6: Community and NGO Responses and Proposed Solutions Climate Change Displaced Persons and Housing, Land and Property Rights: Preliminary Strategies for Rights-Based Planning and Programming to Resolve Climate-Induced Displacement Displacement Solutions The Bougainville Resettlement Initiative: Meeting Report Displacement Solutions Carterets Integrated Relocation Program Bougainville Tulele Peisa Key Points on Climate Justice Global Humanitarian Forum Alaskan Communities’ Rights and Resilience Robin Bronen

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