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Cloud Pieces by Amelia Phoenix Desertsong, the author of Take My Hand And Lead Me Through The Fire, is a selection of essays that invites readers into a world where thoughts float as freely as clouds in the sky. Each essay in this collection is a delicate piece of the author's heart and mind, a combination of experience, imagination, and profound insight. In these pages, Desertsong navigates through a variety of themes with the grace of a seasoned writer. She explores the complexities of human emotions, the subtle beauty of everyday moments, and the powerful impact of our choices. Her writing is both a mirror and a window - reflecting our own lives and offering a view into worlds we have yet to discover.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798855672046
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 11/29/2023
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 215,635
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Amelia Phoenix Desertsong is a prolific poet whose passion for weaving words into captivating verse has spanned over two decades. Born and raised on the South Shore of the Boston metro in Massachusetts, Amelia's love for the written word was ignited by her obsession with all sorts of literature.

Her keen eye for beauty and appreciation for the natural world are deeply ingrained in her poetry, as she masterfully captures the essence of the human experience through her evocative writing. Amelia began her poetic journey in her late teens, as she penned her first verses in the margins of her school notebooks. Over the years, her collection of poems grew, drawing inspiration from the likes of Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes, as well as her own life experiences.

A deeply introspective writer, Amelia’s first published book was a collection of her poetry reflecting her personal growth, spiritual journey, and a profound understanding of the complexities of the human heart. Her debut poetry collection, titled “Take My Hand and Lead Me Through the Fire” spans over 125 poems in various styles, a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

From powerful free verse to her more common essay forms, Amelia's writing showcases her diverse and profound talent, seamlessly weaving emotion and thought into each line.

Amelia lives in Vermont with her wife Thomas, where they enjoy frequent road trips exploring the small town life and historic places of Northern New England. She's a major Trekkie, voracious reader, and an extreme nerd.

To learn more about Amelia and her life and writing, her blog can be found at
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