Coaching Positional Soccer: Perfecting Tactics & Skills

Coaching Positional Soccer: Perfecting Tactics & Skills

by Michael Cureless
Coaching Positional Soccer: Perfecting Tactics & Skills

Coaching Positional Soccer: Perfecting Tactics & Skills

by Michael Cureless


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Coaching soccer can be challenging to both the beginner and advanced coach. However, at any level, a modern and adaptive soccer playing style can be developed as players progressively acquire specific tactics and technical skills. Step-by-step, essential soccer lessons can be learned and then combined to build up a complex playing method.
This positional coaching approach teaches players how to create, exploit, and defend spaces on the soccer field by using core playing principles. Players who understand these principles will have the ability to quickly adjust from one game moment to the next regardless of circumstances, strategy, or formation.
The provided comprehensive practice plans, which include diagrams and sketches, will make practice planning a straightforward process throughout the season. Using the best teaching approaches and coaching interventions will also improve coaching confidence and accelerate player and team development.

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ISBN-13: 9781782552147
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Publication date: 06/06/2021
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 1,172,104
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Michael Curless has coached and participated in all levels of youth soccer for the past 35 years. He grew up playing soccer at a high level in the US before moving to Europe to play. After returning to the US, Michael earned his doctorate in clinical psychology, as well as his USSF A coaching soccer license. Currently, Michael splits his time between soccer coaching and his private psychology practice.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Introduction 10

Chapter 1 Phases of Play, Coaching Elements, and Player Principles 15

Phases of Play: Team Challenges 15

Coaching Elements 20

Player Principles 22

Chapter 2 The Essentials of Practice Planning 23

Practice Planning: An Introduction 23

The Practice Planning Dilemma 24

A Template for Practice Planning 25

Practice Planning Sections 25

Chapter 3 Coaching: The Art of Changing Behavior 30

Coaching Interventions 32

Balanced Coaching 38

Chapter 4 Introduction to the Practice Diagrams 39

Glossary or Practice Diagram Symbols 39

The4-3-3 Formation (11v11) 40

Player Positional Identification 49

The Space Requirements for Each Exercise 52

Competitive Game Rules 53

Bumpers v Neutrals 55

Equipment 56

Chapter 5 The Eleven Coaching Elements 59

Build-Up Phase

Coaching Element #1 Passing Around Light Pressure 59

Passing Around the Square 60

4v2 Light Pressure Possession Game 72

5v2 Build-Up Under Light Pressure Over the Halfway Line 76

11v11 81

Coaching Element#2 Passing Through Moderate Pressure 93

Triangle Passing 94

3v3 + 4 Half-Turn Possession Game 107

11v8 Build-Up Under Moderate Pressure With Transition to Attack 114

11v11 120

Coaching Element#3 Passing Over Heavy Pressure 122

Long Passing Pattern 123

4v2 With a Long Switch 135

11v9 Playing Out Under Heavy Pressure 138

11v11 140

Probing Phase

Coaching Element #4 Probing Passing 164

Rondo 165

Rondo 5v3 172

Rondo End Zone Game 176

11v11 180

Coaching Element#5 Probing Dribbling 183

Open Space Dribbling With Turns 184

3v3 + 3 Probing Dribbling Game 192

7v7 Probing Dribbling End Zone Game 196

11v11 199

Attacking Phase

Coaching Element#6 Attacking Dribbling 213

Attacking Dribbling Moves at Cones in Straight Lines 214

2v2 With End Zones 225

5v4 End Zone Game 230

11v11 233

Coaching Element #7 Attacking Passing 262

Attacking Passing Line Drills 263

5v5+4 Wall Pass and Through Ball End Zone Game 279

6v5 Attacking and Passing Game to End Zone 287

11v11 290

Coaching Element #8 Crossing 296

Crossing and Finishing 297

Crossing Came With Channels 303

Positional Crossing Game With Channels 306

11v11 308

Coaching Element #9 Counterattacking 313

Counterattacking Passing Pattern 314

5v5 Counterattack Game to End Zone 319

10v10 Counterattack to a Standard Coal 322

11v11 324

Defending Phase

Coaching Element#10 Block-Zonal Defending 326

1v1 - 4v4 Shadow Defending 327

2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 Transition Defensive End Zone Game 341

8v8 Defensive Game With a Standard Goal 350

11v11 359

Coaching Elemental#11 Pressing 365

Agility Drills 366

5v3 Defensive Pressing Game 370

8v8 Positional Pressing Game to a Standard Game 373

11v11 375

Chapter 6 Practice Planning: Using Practice Modules to Design Your Season-Long Training Plan 377

The Practice Plan "Heat Maps" 377

Drawing Up a Practice Plan 379

Economical Coaching Approaches 380

A Season-Long Training Plan 381

Appendix 392

Coaching Elements: Skills and Tactics 393

Summary of Player Principles 399

CPS Team Progress Rating Form 411

Advanced Neuromuscular Training for Instep Shooting 412

Step-by-Step Soccer Skill Development 414

References 415

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