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Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems: Applying the Technology to the Environment / Edition 1

Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems: Applying the Technology to the Environment / Edition 1

by David R. Green, Stephen D. King


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ISBN-13: 9780792356868
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 03/31/2003
Series: Coastal Systems and Continental Margins , #4
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 596
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

- Part I: The Setting. 1. The Coastal Zone Environment: A Place to Work, Rest, Play and to Manage; S.D. King. 2. The North East Coastline of Scotland; J.S. Smith.
-Part II: The Coastal Zone. 3. Coastal/Marine GI/GIS - A Pan-European Perspective; R.A. Longhorn. 4. Plans for the Coastal Zone; P.A.G. Watts. 5. Hydrographic Data and Geographical Information Systems; P. Wright.
- Part III: Example Applications. 6. GIS for Sustainable Coastal Zone Management in the Pacific - A Strategy; B. Crawley, J. Aston. 7. Managing Marine Resources: The Role of GIS in EEZ Management; S. Fletcher. 8. The Management Plan of the Wadden Sea and its Visualisation; M.A. Damoiseaux. 9. Using GIS For Siting Artificial Reefs - Data Issues, Problems and Solutions: 'Real World' To 'Real World'; D.R. Green, S.T. Ray. 10. Collating the Past of Assessing the Future: Analysis of the Subtidal and Intertidal Data Records Within GIS; C.I.S. Pater. 11. Identifying Sites for Flood Protection - A Case Study from the River Clyde; G. Jones. 12. Arctic Coastal and Marine Environmental Monitoring; H. Goodwin, R. Palerud. 13. A GIS Application for the Study of Beach Morphodynamics; L.P. Humphries, C.N. Ligdas. 14. Determination and Prediction of Sediment Yields from Recession of the Holderness Coast; R. Newsham, et al. 15. Tracing the Recent Evolution of the Littoral Spit and El Rompido, Huelva (Spain) Using Remote Sensing and GIS; J.O jeda Zújar, et al. 16. Littoral and Shoreline Processes in Large Man-Made Lakes; A.Sh. Khabidov. 17. Coastal Zone Management: The Case of Castellón; I. Rodriguez, A. Lloret, J.M. de la Peña.
- Part IV: Habitat. 18. Evaluating the Coastal Environment for Marine Birds; S. Wanless, et al. 19. Initial Attempts to Assess the Importance of the Distributing of Saltmarsh Communities on the Sediment Budget of the North Norfolk Coast; N.J. Brown, et al. 20. Quantifying Landscape/Ecological Succession in a Coastal Dune System Using Sequential Aerial Photography and GIS; S. Shanmugam, M. Barnsley. 21. Geomatics for the Management of Oyster Culture Leases and Production; J. Populus, et al. 22. GIS and Aquaculture: Soft-Shell Clam Site Assessment; A. Simms. 23. Evaluation of Ecological Effects of the North Sea Industrial Fishing Industry on the Availability of Human Consumption Species Using Geographical Distribution Resource Data; J. Robertson, et al.
- Part V: Technology. 24. Digital Elevation Models by Laserscanning; U. Lohr. 25. Error Modeling and Management for Data in Geospatial Information Systems; M.A. Chapman, et al. 26. The Use of Dynamic Segmentation in the Coastal Information System: Adjacency Relationships from Southeastern Newfoundland, Canada; K.A. Edwardson, et al. 27. Consideration on Satellite Data Correction by Bidirectional Reflectance Measurement of Coastal Sand with a Remote Sensing Simulator; H. Okayama, J. Sun. 28. Constructing a Geomorphological Database of Coastal Change Using GIS; J. Raper, et al.
- Part VI: Geographic Information Systems and Decision Support Systems. 29. Development of a DSS for the Integrated Development of Thassos Island; H. Coccossis, K. Dimitriou. 30. Development of a Spatial Decision Support System for the Biological Influences on Inter-Tidal Areas (Biota) Project within the Land Ocean Interaction Study; N.J. Brown, et al. 31. User Assessment of Coastal Spatial Decision Support Systems; R. Canessa, C.P. Keller. 32. Internet-Based Information Systems: The Forth Estuary Forum (FEF) System; D.R. Green, S.D. King. 33. Mike Info Coast &endash; A GIS-Based Tool for Coastal Zone Management; R. Andersen.
- Part VII: Remote Sensing. 34. Matching Issue to Utility: A Hierarchical Store of Remotely Sensed Imagery for Coastal Zone Management; S.D. King, D.R. Green. 35. Predicting the Distribution of Marine Benthic Biotopes in Scottish Conservation Areas Using Acoustic Remote Sensing, Underwater Video and GIS; C. Johnston, A. Davison. 36. Submerged Kelp Biomass Assessment using CASI; E.L. Simms. 37. Monitoring Coastal Morphological Changes Using Topographical Methods, Softcoy Photogrammetry and GIS, Huelva (Andalucia, Spain); J. Ojeda Zújar, et al. 38. Characterization of Coastal Waters for the Monitoring of Pollution by Means of Remote Sensing; the Use of Satellite Imagery to Establish the Appropriate Pattern for Timing and Location of Sampling in Coastal Waters; J. Ojeda Zújar, et al.
- Part VIII: Developments and the Future. 39. European CZM and the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative (GSDI); R.A. Longhorn. 40. Access to Marine Data on the Internet for Coastal Zone Management: The New Millennium; D.R. Green, S.D. King.
- List of Contributors. Index.

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