Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Decision Making

Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Decision Making


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ISBN-13: 9781402018961
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/31/2004
Series: Nato Science Series: IV: , #38
Edition description: 2004
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Comparative Risk Assessment: Past Experience, Current Trends and Future Directions; C.J. Andrews, et al. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: A Framework for Structuring Remedial Decisions at Contaminated Sites; I. Linkov, et al. 1: Comparative Risk Assessment: Methods, Tools and Applications. Using Comparative Exposure Analysis to Validate Low-Dose Human Health Risk Assessment: The Case of Perchlorate; R.B. Belzer, et al. Comparison of Risks from Use of Traditional and Recycled Road Construction Materials: Accounting for Variability in Contaminant Release Estimates; D.S. Apul, et al. Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Nepal and Hindukush-Himalaya Region; S. Schumann. A Comparative Risk Approach to Assessing Point-of-Use Water Treatment Systems in Developing Countries; A. Varghese. Risk-Based Evaluation on the Surface Cover Technology of a Red Sludge Waste Disposal Site in Hungary; T. Madarasz. Towards a More Coherent Regional Environment Agenda in the Middle East: Exploring the Role of Comparative Assessment; A. Tal. Lessons from the New Jersey Comparative Risk Project; C.J. Andrews. A Proposed Framework for Multinational Comparative Risk Analysis: Pesticide Use, Impacts and Management; Reports of the Comparative Risk Assessment Methods Workgroup. 2: Environmental Decision Making. The Value of Information for Conflict Resolution; M.J. Small. Integrated Assessment Modeling; L.J. Valverde Jr. Classification Schemes for Priority Setting and Decision Making; J.A. Shatkin, S. Qian. Uncertainty as a Resource in Risk Comparisons; D. Hassenzahl. Incorporation Habitat Characterization into Risk-Trace Software for Spatially Explicit Exposure Assessment; I. Linkov, et al. Use of GIS as a Supporting Tool for Environmental Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans; S. Girgin, et al. Integrated Risk Analysis for Sustainable Water Resources Management; J. Ganoulis. Overcoming Uncertainties in Risk Analysis: Trade-Offs among Methods of Uncertainty Analysis; Y. Elshayeb. Comparative Risk Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment: Similarity in Quantitative Methods; M. Bobylev. Combining Expert Judgement and Stakeholder Values with PROMETHEE: A Case Study in Contaminated Sediments Management; S.H. Rogers, et al. Analysis in Support of Environmental Decision Making; Report of the Working Group on Environmental Decision Making. 3: Case Studies in Risk Assessment and Environmental Decision Making. Water Quality Challenges Facing Egypt; S.T. Abdel-Gawad. Risk Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Pesticides; A.M. Attia. The Role of Air Pollutants and Sewage Waste on Acceleration of Degradation of Islamic Cultural Heritage of Cairo; A.A. El-Metwally, A.B. Ramadan. Irrigation with Treated Wastewater in Israel - Assessment of Environmental Aspects; N. Haruvy. The Environment Sector in Jordan; B. Hayek. Comparative Risk Assessment for Homogeneous and Nonhomogeneous Mammalian Populations Exposed to Low Level Radiation; O.A. Smirnova. Risk Assessment of the Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on Human Safety and Health; A. Kachinski. Environmental Risk Prevention and Environment Management in Lithuanian Military Lands; G. Ignatavicius. Environmental Risk Management Issues in Romania - Economic Information Policy in a Transition Period; I. Andreas. A Brief History of Risk Assessment and Management after the Seveso Accident; G.U. Fortunati. List of Participants. Author Index.

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