Complete Wilderness Training Manual

Complete Wilderness Training Manual


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The official Boy Scouts of America guide to mastering outdoor skills and staying alive in challenging environments, Complete Wilderness Training Manual enables everyone—expert and novice alike—to answer the call of the wild with confidence.

-Step-by-step instructions and clear photographs and artwork explain the key principles of survival
-Understand how to find food and water, construct an emergency shelter, and safely navigate all kinds of hostile terrain
-Learn to expect the unexpected and beprepared for any situation

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781435142961
Publisher: Metro Books
Publication date: 09/10/2012
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 67,695
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

During his 16 years in the military, Hugh McManners served as a paratrooper and combat-survival instructor. He is the author of DK's Ultimate Special Forces.

Table of Contents

Introduction     6
Are You a Survivor?
Physical Condition     12
Nutritional Needs     14
Adapting to the Environment     16
Fitness     18
Basic Equipment
The Right Clothing     22
Footwear     24
Personal Camp Kit     26
Basic Survival Kit     28
Sleeping Bags and Beds     30
Tools     32
Ropes and Knots     34
Using Ropes     36
Living in the Wild
Choosing a Campsite     40
Choosing a Tent     42
Erecting a Tent     44
Dismantling a Tent     46
Building a Shelter     48
Snow Shelters     50
Tropical Shelters     52
Long-term Shelters     54
Running a Safe Camp     56
Campfires     58
Building a Fire     60
Lighting a Fire     62
Striking Camp     64
Finding Water
The Importance of Water     68
Collecting Water     70
Natural Water Sources     72
Water Treatment     74
Carrying and Storing Water     76
Finding andPreparing Food
Food for Traveling     80
Edible Plants     82
Poisonous Plants     84
Roots, Tubers, and Bulbs     86
Nuts and Fruit     88
Fungi and Lichen     90
Plants as Food     92
Invertebrates     94
Invertebrates as Food     96
Freshwater Fish     98
Saltwater Fish     100
Angling Equipment     102
Angling Techniques     104
Fishing Nets and Traps     106
Using Fishing Nets and Traps     108
Preparing Fish for Cooking     110
Cooking Utensils     112
Stoves and Ovens     114
Cooking Methods     116
Preserving Food     118
On the Move
Deciding to Move     122
Finding Direction     124
Using Maps     126
Finding Your Location     128
Navigation Basics     130
Assessing the Weather     132
Preparing to Move     134
Walking     136
Walking in Snow and Ice     138
Traveling Over Snow     140
Crossing Deserts     142
Traveling Through Jungles     144
Safe Climbing     146
Emergency Climbing Techniques     148
Crossing Water     150
Dangerous Water     152
Building a Raft     154
Using Rafts and Boats     156
Using Vehicles     158
Other Transportation     160
Appendix A
Abandoning Ship     162
Surviving at Sea     164
Dangerous Creatures     166
Natural Hazards     168
Extreme Weather     170
Signaling     172
Appendix B
First Aid     174
Glossary     184
Checklist for Survival     187
Index     188
Acknowledgments     192

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