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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Computational Intelligence, Theory and Applications: International Conference 8th Fuzzy Days in Dortmund, Germany, Sept. 29-Oct. 01, 2004 Proceedings / Edition 1

Computational Intelligence, Theory and Applications: International Conference 8th Fuzzy Days in Dortmund, Germany, Sept. 29-Oct. 01, 2004 Proceedings / Edition 1

by Bernd Reusch


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ISBN-13: 9783540228073
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/16/2005
Series: Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing , #33
Edition description: 2005
Pages: 814
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Session Evolutionary Algorithms.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Problems.- Application of Genetic Algorithms by Means of Pseudo Gradient.- Optimization by Island-Structured Decentralized Particle Swarms.- Directed Mutation by Means of the Skew-Normal Distribution.- Session Rule-Based Fuzzy Inference.- Smooth Extensions of Fuzzy If-Then Rule Bases.- Pre-validation of a Fuzzy Model.- Multiresolution Fuzzy Rule Systems.- Invited Session Data Characterization through Fuzzy Clustering.- Fuzzy Clustering of Macroarray Data.- Fuzzy Clustering: Consistency of Entropy Regularization.- Fuzzy Long Term Forecasting through Machine Learning and Symbolic Representations of Time Series.- Fuzzy Prototypes Based on Typicality Degrees.- Plenary Talk.- The Power of Zadeh’s Protoforms: Towards General Problem Formulations in Fuzzy Multistage Control and Group Decision Making.- Session Fuzzy Control.- Fuzzy Logic Fluid Therapy Control System for Renal Transplantation.- Interpolative Fuzzy Reasoning in Behaviour-Based Control.- Fuzzy Modeling of Offensive Maneuvers in an Air-to-Air Combat.- Invited Session Recent Advances in Theoretical Soft Computing.- Approximation of Fuzzy Functions by Extended Fuzzy Transforms.- Fuzzy Control as a General Interpolation Problem.- Galois Connections with Truth Stressers: Foundations for Formal Concept Analysis of Object-Attribute Data with Fuzzy Attributes.- Fuzzy Transforms in Removing Noise.- Safe Modelling of Fuzzy If-Then Rules.- Perception-Based Logical Deduction.- Invited Session Towards Intelligent Decision Support Systems via Soft Computing.- Fuzzy Object-Oriented Modelling with Metadata Attributes in C#.- Strategies for Decision Making in the Conditions of Intuitionistic Fuzziness.- Fuzzy Linguistic Summaries in Text Categorization for Human-Consistent Document-Driven Decision Support Systems.- An Application of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Relational Databases in Football Match Result Predictions.- Generalized Net Model for Adaptive Electronic Assessment, Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Estimations.- Session Fuzzy Logic in Decision Support.- Analytic Hierarchy Process Based on Fuzzy Analysis.- A Fuzzy-Ga Hybrid Technique for Optimization of Teaching Sequences Presented in ITSs.- Consistency Conditions for Fuzzy Choice Functions.- Session Applications of Fuzzy Systems.- A Fuzzy Logic Application to Environment Management System: A Case Study for Goksu Streams Water Quality Assesment.- Combination Rule of Normal Degrees on Automated Medical Diagnosis System (AMDS).- Generation of Representative Symptoms Based on Fuzzy Concept Lattices.- Session Connectives.- On the Direct Decomposability of Fuzzy Connectives, Negations and Implications Based on T-Norms and T-Conorms on Product Lattices.- The Cancellation Law for Addition of Fuzzy Intervals.- Generic View On Continuous T-Norms and T-Conorms.- Invited Session Intelligent Techniques for Knowledge Extraction and Management.- Mining Class Hierarchies from XML Data: Representation Techniques.- Generalizing Quantification in Fuzzy Description Logics.- Fuzzy Types: A First Step Towards Lazy Types in the .NET Framework.- Fuzzy Induction via Generalized Annotated Programs.- Evaluating Fuzzy Association Rules on XML Documents.- Plenary Talk.- Ubiquitous Robot.- Session Fuzzy Image Processing.- Combining Fuzzy Logic and Kriging for Image Enhancement.- Optical Quality Control of Coated Steel Sheets Using Fuzzy Grey Scale Correlograms.- Plenary Talk.- Fuzzy Methods in Knowledge Discovery.- Invited Session Evolutionary Algorithms.- Action Games: Evolutive Experiences.- Co-evolving Multilayer Perceptrons Along Training Sets.- Improving Parallel GA Performances by Means of Plagues.- Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction under the HPNX Model.- Invited Session Aggregation Operators.- Quasi-Copulas on Discrete Scales.- Basic Classification of Aggregation Operators and Some Construction Methods.- Homogeneous Aggregation Operators.- 1-Lipschitz Aggregation Operators, Quasi-Copulas and Copulas with Given Opposite Diagonal.- Fuzzy Measures and Choquet Integral on Discrete Spaces.- Session Neural Networks.- Modular Neural Network Applied to Non-Stationary Time Series.- A Feedforward Neural Network based on Multi-Valued Neurons.- Least-Squares Support Vector Machines for Scheduling Transmission in Wireless Networks.- Neural Networks for the Control of Soccer Robots.- Session Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Universal Approximator Employing Neo-Fuzzy Neurons.- Combined Learning Algorithm for a Self-Organizing Map with Fuzzy Inference.- Fuzzy/Neural Connection Admission Controller for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless ATM Networks.- Session Fuzzy Mathematics.- Limits of Functional Sequences in the Concept of Nearness Relations.- On the Law of Large Numbers on IFS Events.- An Axiomatic Approach to Cardinalities of IF Sets.- Session Fuzzy Optimization.- Sensitivity Analysis for Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem.- Fuzzy Coloring of Fuzzy Hypergraph.- Nonlinear Optimization with Fuzzy Constraints by Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms.- Session Poster Contributions.- Comparison of Reasoning for Fuzzy Control.- Evolving Scientific Knowledge.- Coding of Chaotic Orbits with Recurrent Fuzzy Systems.- Genetic-Based Tuning of Fuzzy Dempster-Shafer Model.- A Novel Design for Classifying Multi-Field Internet Packets Using Neural Networks.- Modeling Uncertainty in Decision Support Systems for Customer Call Center.- A New GA-Based Real Time Controller for the Classical Cart-Pole Balancing Problem.- Depth Control of Desflurane Anesthesia with an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy System.- Ultrasound Intensity and Treatment Time Fuzzy Logic Control System for Low Cost Effective Ultrasound Therapy Devices.

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