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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Computational Intelligence. Theory and Applications: International Conference, 7th Fuzzy Days Dortmund, Germany, October 1-3, 2001 Proceedings / Edition 1

Computational Intelligence. Theory and Applications: International Conference, 7th Fuzzy Days Dortmund, Germany, October 1-3, 2001 Proceedings / Edition 1

by Bernd Reusch


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ISBN-13: 9783540427322
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/09/2001
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #2206
Edition description: 2001
Pages: 1006
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Interactive Evolutionary Computation as Humanized Computational Intelligence Technology.- Microcontroller-Based Fuzzy System to Optimize the Anaerobic Digestion in Biogas Reactors.- The Decision of Service Centres Location Problem in Fuzzy Conditions.- Application of the Biologically Inspired Network for Electroencephalogram Analysis.- Discrimination between Two Mental States (Rest and Motor Image) Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks.- Decision Making in Diagnosis of Oral Mucosa Lesions.- Fuzzy Logic and the Internet: Lingustic Summarization of Distributed Sets of Data.- Adaptive Color- and Edge-Based Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Techniques.- Computer Aided Diagnosis System of Meniscal Tears with T1 and T2 Weighted MR Images Based on Fuzzy Inference.- A New Paradigm for Fuzzy Aggregation in Multisensorial Image Processing.- An Adaptive Learning Algorithm for a Neuro-fuzzy Network.- Fuzzy Probabilistic Neural Networks: A Practical Approach to the Implementation of Baysian Classifier.- Fuzzy-? for Back Propagation Networks.- eaLib — A Java Frameword for Implementation of Evolutionary Algorithms.- Experimental Evaluation of Fuzzy Controllers for an Outdoor AGV.- Time-Series Segmentation and Symbolic Representation, from Process-Monitoring to Data-Mining.- Brain State Recognition Using Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Clustering with Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).- Microcontroller Based Fuzzy Logic Sevofluorane Anesthesia Control System.- Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in Some Medical Applications.- Interpretation of Trained Neural Networks by Rule Extraction.- Neural Model Identification Using Local Robustness Analysis.- Computing with Activity Patterns.- A GA-Based Algorithm with a Very Fast Rate of Convergence.- Representing and Learning Conditional Information in Possibility Theory.- Extracting Trapezoidal Membership Functions of a Fuzzy Rule System by Bacterial Algorithm.- Possibility Theory, Probability Theory and Multiple-Valued Logics: A Clarification.- Parameterized Petri Net Reformulation of the Fuzzy Production System.- Fuzzy Topologies Induced by Fuzzy Relation Based Modifiers.- Advanced Inference Filter Defuzzification.- On Cardinality and Singular Fuzzy Sets.- Fast Iris Detection for Personal Verification Using Modular Neural Nets.- A Rotation Invariant Algorithm for Recognition.- Application of the Neural Networks Based on Multi-valued Neurons to Classification of the Images of Gene Expression Patterns.- A Multi-purpose Visual Classification System.- Problem Difficulty in Real-Valued Dynamic Problems.- GeLog — A System Combining Genetic Algorithm with Inductive Logic Programming.- Decision Strategies in Evolutionary Optimization.- A Cluster-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization.- Inherent Wave Estimation on Ultrasonic Non-destructive Testing Using Fuzzy Inference.- Fuzzy Association Rules: Semantic Issues and Quality Measures.- Calculation vs. Subjective Assessment with Respect to Fuzzy Probability.- Methodology for Optimizing Fuzzy Classifiers Based on Computational Intelligence.- Analysing the Structure of Poly-crystalline Materials by 2-Dimensional DLS-Spectra and Neural Nets.- A Neuron MOS Threshold Element with Switching Capacitors.- A Neural Approach to Compression of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery.- Multi-valued and Universal Binary Neurons: New Applications in Intelligent Image Processing.- Hybrid Two-Population Genetic Algorithm.- Reducing Bloat in Genetic Programming.- Too Much Knowledge Hurts: Acceleration of Genetic Programs for Learning Heuristics.- Gaussians-Based Hybrid System for Prediction and Classification.- A Color Problem for Fuzzy Graph.- On the Uniqueness of Interpretations for Fuzzy IF-THEN Rule Bases.- Quantum Computers as Fuzzy Computers.- Improvement of the Cluster Searching Algorithm in Sugeno and Yasukawa’s Qualitative Modeling Approach.- Can Perceptrons Identify Users of Body Lotion?.- Reinforcement Learning for Control of Traffic and Access Points in Intelligent Wireless ATM Networks.- Categorization of Time Delay by Means of Neural Networks.- Neural Networks as a Tool for Gray Box Modelling in Reactive Distillation.- On Step Width Adaptation in Simulated Annealing for Continuous Parameter Optimisation.- GA-Based Search for Paths with Minimum Energy Consumption for Mobile Robot Systems.- A New Modified Genetic Algorithm for Multiuser Detection in DS/CDMA Systems.- Clustering of Categoric Data in Medicine — Application of Evolutionary Algorithms.- A New Direction in AI — Toward a Computational Theory of Perceptions.- Personalization of Newsletters Using Multistage Fuzzy Inference.- Fuzzy Techniques for XML Data Smushing.- A New Fuzzy-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Concept for Process Control Systems.- An Improved Shape-Preserving Affine Takagi-Sugeno Controller Using Splines.- METALA: A Meta-learning Architecture.- On-Line Signature Verification Using a Computational Intelligence Approach.- Autonomous Driving through Intelligent Image Processing and Machine Learning.- SVD Reduction in Continuos Environment Reinforcement Learning.- Analyzing Directed Acyclic Graph Recombination.- Rough Set Based Knowledge Discovery of Interface for the Internet Usage among Japanese Elderly Women.- Fuzzy Limits and Fuzzy Nearness Relation.- Handwritten Digit Recognition: A Neural Network Demo.- New Neural Nets.- Inference in Fuzzy Models of Physical Processes.- About the Combination of Functional Approaches and Fuzzy Reasoning.- Expected Utility Networks in Transferable Belief Model.- Data Clustering and Rule Abduction to Facilitate Crime Hot Spot Prediction.- Computing with Words: Multi-objective GAS for Approximate Reasoning.- The Description of All ?-Distributive Triangular Norms of Lengths 2 and 3.- Latent Semantic Analysis for German Literature Investigation.- Some Possibilities of Improving the CORA Classification Algorithm.- Computer Aided Selection of Cutting Parameters by Using Fuzzy Logic.- Process Monitoring in Chemical Plants Using Neural Networks.- Fuzzy Probability and Power System Safety.- A Fuzzy Logic System Used in Safety Analysis.- Chaining of Fuzzy Rules in RETE Network.- A Fuzzy Relation for Comparing Intervals.- Tomography in Fractal Neural Nets.- Fuzzy Approach in Ultrasound Image Segmentation.- Dynamic Decision Making Based on Partial Probability Information.- AMA: An OWA Operator Based on the Majority Process.- DSP Implementation of Fuzzy Controlled Magnetic Levitation System.- Programming Work Simulator of the Ann-Based Integrated Protection System for the Reversible Hydro Generating Sets.- Blending of 2D Objects Using Fuzzy Logic.- The Application Based on Incremental Knowledge Discovery Algorithm in Color Matching System.- Fuzzy Convexity and Connectivity.

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