Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering

Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering

by Nayef Ghasem



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Publication date: 07/27/2017
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About the Author

Nayef Ghasem is an associate professor of chemical engineering at the United Arab Emirates University. A member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Chemical Society, Dr. Ghasem has published primarily in the areas of modeling and simulation, bifurcation theory, polymer reaction engineering, and advanced control of polyethylene and polystyrene polymerization processes.

Table of Contents

Thermodynamics and Fluid-Phase Equilibria
Boiling Point Calculations
Dew Point Calculation
Vapor Pressure Correlations
Relative Volatility
Equations of State
Physical Properties

Fluid Flow in Pipes, Pumps, and Compressors
Flow in Pipes
Fluid Flow in Pumps
Fluid Flow in Compressors

Material and Energy Balance
Material Balance without Reaction
Material Balance on Reactive Processes
Energy Balance without Reaction
Energy Balance on Reactive Processes

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Boilers and Condensers

Reactor Design
Plug Flow Reactor
Packed-Bed Reactors
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Distillation Column
Separation of Binary Components
Multicomponent Distillation
Column Diameter

Gas Absorption
Packed-Bed Absorber
Number of Theoretical Stages
Number of Theoretical Stages Using Graphical Technique
Packed-Bed Column Diameter
Packed-Tower Height
Number of Theoretical Trays
Sizing a Plate Tower Absorber

Liquid–Liquid Extraction
Material Balance

Process Simulation

Appendix A: POLYMATH Software
Appendix B: E-Z Solve Software
Appendix C: MATLAB/Simulink
Appendix D: Nonlinear Regression of Experimental Data
Appendix E: Microsoft Visio
Appendix F: General Process Modeling and Simulation (gPROMS)


Problems and References appear at the end of each chapter.

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