Connection: How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

Connection: How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

by Kristine Klussman PhD
Connection: How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

Connection: How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

by Kristine Klussman PhD


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Discover the Key to Lasting Happiness by Cultivating Authentic Connection in Everyday Life.

We are in the midst of an epidemic of loneliness. Though modern technology purports to “connect” us like never before, we live increasingly isolated and insulated lives, painfully disconnected from each other, from our values, and from ourselves. Indeed, almost 70 percent of Americans report they don’t have a single person they can confide in.

Rooted in established scientific findings, as well as her own research and clinical experience, Harvard-trained psychologist and connection researcher Dr. Kristine Klussman’s approach to well-being is simple and transformative. Klussman shows us that the way to achieve true happiness and fulfillment is not by striving toward them at all, but rather by cultivating connection in our everyday lives. As Klussman says, “Happiness is what we are all chasing, but connection, meaning, and a sense of purpose are the cravings that actually fulfill us and lead to enduring life satisfaction.”

Connection brings readers an eye-opening and actionable guide that teaches how to nurture your own self-knowledge and integrity—and how to use that knowledge to shape a life rich with meaning and purpose. With Connection, you will discover how to connect with yourself and the world around you in deeper and more significant ways. Through experiential exercises and guided reflection, Klussman teaches readers how to live their best lives in alignment with their values, hopes, and dreams.

“The beauty of connection theory is that you really only have to remember one thing in order to increase your ability to effect meaningful change across multiple dimensions of your life,” writes Klussman. “Make achieving authentic connection your goal.” Connection will help you orient your life around your soul’s deepest and most authentic truths. Join Dr. Kristine Klussman to discover the tranquility, comfort, and gratitude that arise when we are fully and consciously connected.

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ISBN-13: 9781683647157
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/13/2021
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,122,500
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kristine Klussman, PhD, is a Harvard-trained positive health psychology researcher, clinician, and community organizer dedicated to helping individuals more effectively solve societal problems by emphasizing personal accountability and transformation. She is the founder of the Purpose Project (as well as its research arm, Connection Lab), a nonprofit think tank committed to the scientific research, exploration, education, and practice of authentic connection. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more, see

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Learning from the Bright Spots My Story

The Inspiration for Connection Theory

The Purpose of a Theory

The Purpose Project and Connection Lab

Introduction to Connection Theory

Who Is This For?

What's Ahead

Chapter 1 Begin with Self-Connection 13

Defining Self-Connection

Disconnection: What It Looks Like and How It Happens

How Do We Become Disconnected from Ourselves?

Reconnecting to Sell Requires Intention, Attention, and One Simple Question

Chapter 2 Connecting with Your True Self 27

Clarifying Your Values

Tools for Identifying Your Values

From Macro to Micro

The Secret Power of Declaring Priorities

Aligning Behavior with Your Priorities, Values, and Beliefs

Chapter 3 Connecting with Meaning 41

How Meaningful Is Your Life?

The Twenty-Four-Hour Inventory

Meaning Making: Techniques for Cultivating Meaning in Your Reality

Use Values to Cultivate Meaning

Getting Started with Journaling Photographing Meaning

Cultivate Even Greater Meaning through Connection to Others Make It a Habit

Cultivating Meaning where There Seems to Be Norte

Finding Meaning in Your Life Story

Chapter 4 Connecting with Your Life Purpose(s) 59

The Importance of Purpose

Myths About Purpose

Looking for Your Purpose

Identifying Your Unique Gifts


Following Your Dreams

Considering a Higher Purpose

Empowering Questions and Exercises to Guide You

Taking Inspired Action

Chapter 5 Connecting with Your Physical Self 79

Sensory Awareness

The Fundamentals of Self-Care

"What's Your Angle?

Nutrition: A Simple Approach


Sleep: Best Practices


Physical Self-Care Paves the Way for Emotional Connection

Your Nonnegotiable Self-Care Fundamentals

Chapter 6 Connecting with Your Emotional Self 113

The Neutral, Curious Observer

Don't Judge Emotions

Parsing Many Feelings at Once

Handling Negative Emotions

Connecting Practices



Spiritual Practice

Creative Endeavors

Looking for the Beauty of Every Day

Learning, Evolving, and Growing


Chapter 7 Creating Time and Space to Connect 155

Priorities and Time Management

Urgent vs. Important

Techniques to Help

Simplify to Connect

Electronics and Technology Slowing Down to Connect Connection Is a Practice

Conclusion 183

Acknowledgments 185

Appendix: "Worksheets for Connection 189

Notes 199

About the Author 213

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