Conservatism: A Rediscovery

Conservatism: A Rediscovery

by Yoram Hazony
Conservatism: A Rediscovery

Conservatism: A Rediscovery

by Yoram Hazony


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The idea that American conservatism is identical to "classical" liberalism—widely held since the 1960s—is seriously mistaken.

The award-winning political theorist Yoram Hazony argues that the best hope for Western democracy is a return to the empiricist, religious, and nationalist traditions of America and Britain—the conservative traditions that brought greatness to the English-speaking nations and became the model for national freedom for the entire world.

Conservatism: A Rediscovery explains how Anglo-American conservatism became a distinctive alternative to divine-right monarchy, Puritan theocracy, and liberal revolution. After tracing the tradition from the Wars of the Roses to Burke and across the Atlantic to the American Federalists and Lincoln, Hazony describes the rise and fall of Enlightenment liberalism after World War II and the present-day debates between neoconservatives and national conservatives over how to respond to liberalism and the woke left.

Going where no political thinker has gone in decades, Hazony provides a fresh theoretical foundation for conservatism. Rejecting the liberalism of Hayek, Strauss, and the "fusionists" of the 1960s, and drawing on decades of personal experience in the conservative movement, he argues that a revival of authentic Anglo-American conservatism is possible in the twenty-first century.

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ISBN-13: 9781684511099
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2022
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 434,202
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Yoram Hazony, an award-winning political theorist, is the chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation in Washington and the president of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem. His previous book, The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books, 2018), was named Conservative Book of the Year for 2019 by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and has been translated into half a dozen languages. He appears frequently in the U.S. media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fox News, CNN, NPR, Time, The New Republic, The Ben Shapiro Show, and the Rubin Report. A graduate of Princeton University (B.A.) and Rutgers (Ph.D.), Hazony lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Is Conservative Revival Possible? xiii

Part 1 History

Chapter I The English Conservative Tradition 1

1 What Is Conservatism? 1

2 John Fortescue and the Birth of Anglo-American Conservatism 4

3 Richard Hooker and Protestant Conservatism 7

4 The Greatest Conservative: John Selden 12

5 Edmund Burke and the Challenge of Liberalism 21

6 Principles of Anglo-American Conservatism 29

Chapter II American Nationalists 33

1 The Federalists, America's Nationalist Conservatives 36

2 A Distinct American Nation of British Heritage 44

3 Continuity with the British Constitution 46

4 Executive Power Vested in One Man 52

5 The Supreme Court and the Constitution 57

6 Economic Nationalism 63

7 Nationalist Immigration Policy 66

8 Alliance with Britain 70

9 Alliance between Religion and State 74

10 Opposition to Slavery 78

11 The Federalists and Modern American Nationalism 82

Part 2 Philosophy

Chapter III The Conservative Paradigm 89

1 Paradigm Blindness 89

2 The Premises of Conservatism 98

3 Rationalism and Empiricism 105

4 Mutual Loyalty 111

5 Honor 118

6 Hierarchy 125

7 Cohesion and Dissolution 133

8 Traditional Institutions 142

9 Political Obligation 154

10 Freedom and Constraint 162

11 Tradition and Truth 169

Chapter IV God, Scripture, Family, and Congregation 189

1 God and Scripture 190

2 Why There Is No Alternative to God and Scripture 196

3 The Traditional Family 207

4 The Community or Congregation 216

Chapter V The Purposes of Government 223

1 The National Interest or Common Good 223

2 The Government of the Family 224

3 The State as a Traditional Institution 232

4 Eight Purposes of National Government 239

5 Religion as a Purpose of Government 249

6 The Balance of Purposes in the State 253

Part 3 Current Affairs

Chapter VI Liberal Hegemony and Cold War Conservatism 259

1 From Christian Democracy to Liberal Democracy 261

2 Russell Kirk and the Conservative Revival 272

3 Friedrich Hayek's Liberalism 278

4 Leo Strausss Liberalism 290

5 William Buckley, Frank Meyer, and "Fusionism" 296

6 What Cold War Conservatives Contributed to Liberal Hegemony 302

Chapter VII The Challenge of Marxism 311

1 The Collapse of Liberal Hegemony 311

2 The Marxist Framework 312

3 The Attraction and Power of Marxism 315

4 The Flaws That Make Marxism Fatal 318

5 The Dance of Liberalism and Marxism 320

6 The Marxist Endgame and Democracy's End 325

Chapter VIII Conservative Democracy 331

1 Conservative Democracy as an Alternative 331

2 Liberalism vs. the Bible 332

3 Anglo-American Conservatism Revisited 335

4 What Would Conservative Democracy Be Like? 340

5 Experiments in Conservative Democracy 344

Part 4 Personal

Chapter IX Some Notes on Living a Conservative Life 351

1 Princeton Tories 351

2 Ronald Reagan and the Conservative Revival at Princeton 357

3 Stevenson Hall 364

4 George Will, Irving Kristol, and Conservative Ideas 369

5 A Conservative Life 379

Conclusion: On Being a Conservative Person 389

Acknowledgments 395

Notes 397

Index 437

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