Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today

Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today

by Stephen B. Bevans

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ISBN-13: 9781608330287
Publisher: Orbis
Publication date: 03/22/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 741,932
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Table of Contents

Historical-Theological Theme Summary Tablesx
Preface to the ASM Seriesxv
What This Book Is About1
How This Book Is Structured2
What the Reader Should Know4
Part IConstants in Context: Biblical and Theological Foundations
Introduction to Part I7
1."Missionary by Its Very Nature": Context and the Church's Mission10
The Acts of the Apostles: The Church Emerging in Mission10
Stage 1Before Pentecost14
Stage 2Pentecost16
Stage 3Stephen18
Stage 4Samaria and the Ethiopian Eunuch21
Stage 5Cornelius and His Household23
Stage 6Antioch25
Stage 7The Mission to the Gentiles27
2."You Are Witnesses of These Things": Constants in the Church's Mission32
Six Constants of Mission, Three Types of Theology35
Type A Theology: Mission as Saving Souls and Extending the Church36
Type B Theology: Mission as Discovery of the Truth49
Type C Theology: Mission as Commitment to Liberation and Transformation61
Part IIConstants in Context: Historical Models of Mission
Introduction to Part II73
3.Mission in the Early Church (100-301): Individual Christians in a Variety of Situations74
The Eastward Expansion of Christianity75
Mission in the East79
Mission within the Roman Empire80
The Social-Political Context80
The Religious Context81
The Institutional Context82
Models of Mission83
Secondary Models: Evangelists, Bishops, Apologists, Teachers and Martyrs83
The Primary Model: Baptism as a Call to Mission86
Women and Mission89
Constants in the Context of the Early Church92
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today97
4.Mission and the Monastic Movement (313-907): From Constantine to the Decline of the T'ang Dynasty99
The Mission of the East Syrian Church100
The Social-Political Context100
The Religious Context101
The Institutional Context102
Models of Mission103
Christianity in India103
The First Christian Mission to China105
Early Islam and Christianity in Asia108
The Mission of the African Church113
The Mission of the Churches of the Latin West and Greek East115
The Social-Political Context115
The Religious Context116
The Institutional Context117
Models of Mission119
Beginnings of Monasticism in the Roman Empire119
Irish Monasticism120
Benedictine Monasticism122
Anglo-Saxon Monasticism124
Mass Conversions125
The Byzantine Mission126
Constants in the Context of the Early Medieval Period129
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today134
5.Mission and the Mendicant Movement (1000-1453): Crusades, Preachers, Nuns and Mongolian Christianity137
The Mission of the Churches of the Latin West and Greek East138
The Social-Political Context138
The Religious Context139
The Institutional Context140
Models of Mission141
Francis of Assisi142
Francis and Islam143
Clare of Assisi144
The Beguine Movement146
The Third Order of Franciscan Women148
The First Order of Francis149
Franciscans and Mission150
Dominic of Caleruega153
Dominican Women and Laity154
Catherine of Siena155
Dominicans and Mission156
The Mendicant Model of Mission158
The Byzantine Mission160
The Mission of the East Syrian Church160
Constants in the Context of the Later Medieval Period164
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today168
6.Mission in the Age of Discovery (1492-1773): Conquistadors, Prophets and Gurus171
The Mission of the Churches of the West172
The Social-Political Context172
The Religious Context173
The Institutional Context174
Models of Mission of the Catholic Church in the Americas174
The Prophetic Model of Bartolome de Las Casas176
The Convento Model177
The Jesuit Reductions Model179
French Mission Approaches181
Models of Mission of the Catholic Church in Asia183
Francis Xavier184
Alessandro Valignano186
Matteo Ricci187
Robert de Nobili189
Alexandre de Rhodes190
The Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith191
The Rites Controversy and the Decline in Missionary Activity192
Models of Mission within Protestantism195
Constants in the Context of the Age of Discovery197
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today203
7.Mission in the Age of Progress (1792-1914): Civilizers, Evangelizers and Volunteer Societies206
The Mission of the Churches of the West207
The Social-Political Context207
The Religious Context208
The Institutional Context208
Models of Mission within Protestantism209
The Society Model and William Carey210
Henry Venn, Samuel Ajayi Crowther and David Livingstone213
Imperialism, Faith Missions, Student Movements and the Social Gospel214
Women in Mission218
The World Missionary Conference of Edinburgh220
Models of Mission of the Catholic Church221
Anne-Marie Javouhey, Francois Libermann and Rose Duchesne223
Charles Lavigerie, Daniel Comboni and Katherine Drexel224
Models of Mission of the Orthodox Church227
Constants in the Context of the Age of Progress228
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today236
8.Mission in the Twentieth Century (1919-1991): The Emergence of World Christianity239
The Twentieth-Century World240
The Social-Political Context240
The Religious Context242
The Institutional Context243
Models of Mission in the Catholic Church: Certainty, Ferment, Crisis and Rebirth244
Certainty: From Maximum Illud to the Second Vatican Council244
Ferment: Second Vatican Council249
Crisis: The Decade after the Council251
Rebirth: Evangelii Nuntiandi to Dialogue and Proclamation253
The International Missionary Council in Protestantism255
German and Anglo-Saxon Missionary Activity256
Mission, Other Religions and Church Unity257
Mission as Presence and Dialogue259
Evangelical and Conciliar Protestants in Mission260
Evangelical Mission as Proclamation and Church Growth260
Conciliar Mission as Wholeness, Pluralism and Enlightenment262
Models of Mission of the Orthodox Church: Presence, Proclamation and Ecumenism264
New Models of Church and Mission265
African Initiated Churches and Mission265
Other Indigenous Church Movements268
Pentecostalism and Mission272
Constants in the Context of the Twentieth Century275
Implications for the Theology of Mission Today279
Part IIIConstants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today
Introduction to Part III281
From the Twentieth Century to the Twenty-First Century in Mission281
Three Models of Mission in the Late Twentieth Century283
A Theology of Mission for Today: Mission as Prophetic Dialogue284
9.Mission as Participation in the Mission of the Triune God (Missio Dei)286
Ad Gentes and Documents of the Orthodox Churches286
Ad Gentes286
Documents of the Orthodox Churches288
Theologians and Missiologists289
Missio Dei and the Six Constants of Mission295
10.Mission as Liberating Service of the Reign of God305
Evangelii Nuntiandi and the Documents of the World Council of Churches305
Evangelii Nuntiandi305
Documents of the World Council of Churches307
Theologians and Missiologists310
The Reign of God and the Six Constants of Mission317
11.Mission as Proclamation of Jesus Christ as Universal Savior323
Redemptoris Missio and the Documents of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches323
Redemptoris Missio323
Evangelical Documents325
Pentecostal Documents327
Theologians and Missiologists330
Christocentrism and the Six Constants of Mission340
12.Mission as Prophetic Dialogue348
Witness and Proclamation as Prophetic Dialogue352
Liturgy, Prayer and Contemplation as Prophetic Dialogue361
Prayer and Contemplation366
Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation as Prophetic Dialogue369
Integrity of Creation375
Interreligious Dialogue as Prophetic Dialogue378
Inculturation as Prophetic Dialogue385
Reconciliation as Prophetic Dialogue389
Concluding Reflections: On Being Constant in Today's Context396

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Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
mc76NYC More than 1 year ago
I used this book for one of my seminary courses. It is quite extensive and very informative on the Catholic understanding of mission. The authors also give a good historical overview of the development of Catholic mission. For those interested in a shorter, broader overlook of the Catholic mission, check out Rev. Roger Schroeder's 'What is the Mission of the Church.