Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions: In Honor of Emilio Elizalde

Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions: In Honor of Emilio Elizalde


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ISBN-13: 9783642268434
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/14/2013
Series: Springer Proceedings in Physics , #137
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Part I QFT and the Casimir Effect.- 1. I. Ya. AREF’EVA. Colliding Hadrons as Cosmic Membranes and Possible Signatures of Lost Momentum.- 2. M. ASOREY, I. Cavero‐Peláez and J. M. Muñoz‐Casta. Vacuum energy and the Topology of the Universe.-3. M. BORDAG and I. Pirozhenko. The Low Temperature Corrections to the Casimir Force Between a Sphere and a Plane.- 4. I. BREVIK. Casimir Effect for the Piecewise Uniform String.- 5. I.L. BUCHBINDER, N.G. Pletnev and I.B. Samsonov. N = 2 and N = 4 Supersymmetric LowEnergy Effective Actions in Three Dimensions.- 6. M. CHAICHIAN. Colour Confinement, the GotoImamuraSchwinger Term and Renormalization Group.- 7. J. GOMIS. NonCentral Extensions of (Super) Poincaré Algebra and (Susy) Electromagnetic Backgrounds.- 8. K. A. MILTON, J. Wagner, P. Parashar, I. Cavero‐Peláez, I. Brevik and S. A. Ellingsen. Multiple Scattering: Dispersion, Temperature Dependence, and Annular Pistons.- Part II Gravity and Cosmology.- 9. M. BOUHMADI‐LÓPEZ. Brane Cosmology with an f(R)‐Contribution.- 10. S. CAPOZZIELLO. f(R)‐Gravity Matched with Large Scale Structure and Cosmological Observations.- 11. S. CARLONI. An Analysis of the Phase Space of HořavaLifshitz Cosmologies.- 12. C. CORDA. Gravitational Waves Astronomy: a Cornerstone for Gravitational Theories.- 13. R. DI CRISCIENZO, L. Vanzo and S. Zerbini. HamiltonJacobi Method and Gravitation.- 14. K. N. Ananda, S. Carloni and P. K. S. DUNSBY. A Characteristic Signature of Fourth Order Gravity.- 15. V. FARAONI. Horizons and Singularity in Clifton's Spherical Solution of f(R)‐vacuum.- 16. R. GARATTINI. Gravitational Zero Point Energy and the Induced Cosmological Constant.- 17. P. GONZALEZ‐DÍAZ. Lensing Effects in Ringholes and the Multiverse Black Holes.- 18. L. LUSANNA. Hamiltonian ADM Gravity in NonHarmonic Gauges with Well Defined NonEuclidean 3Spaces: How Much Darkness can be Explained as a Relativistic Inertial Effect?- 19. J. Beltrán and A. LÓPEZ MAROTO. Dark Energy and Cosmic Magnetic Fields: Electromagnetic Relics from Inflation.- 20. N. Carlevaro, G. MONTANI and M. Lattanzi. On the Viability of NonAnalytical f(R)Theory.- 21. S. NOJIRI. Towards the Unification of LateTime Acceleration and Inflation by kEssence Model.- 22. N. Deruelle and M. SASAKI. Conformal Equivalence in Classical Gravity: the Example of “Veiled” General Relativity.- 23. L. SEBASTIANI. FiniteTime Singularities in Modified f(R;G)‐Gravity and Singularity Avoidance.- 24. P. J. SILVA. Asymptotic Darkness in HořavaLifshitz Gravity.- 25. C. F. SOPUERTA and N. Yunes. Testing Modified Gravity with Gravitational Wave Astronomy.- 26. P. K. TOWNSEND. Gravitons in Flatland.- 27. M. M. Sheikh‐Jabbari and A. TUREANU. Very Special Relativity and Noncommutative SpaceTime.- Part III Zeta Functions in Physics and Mathematics.-28. G. Fucci, K. KIRSTEN and P. Morales. Pistons Modelled by Potentials.- 29. V. Moretti. Local ζfunctions, stressenergy tensor, field fluctuations, and all that, in curved static spacetime.- 30. V. Muñoz and R. PÉREZ‐MARCO. Ergodic Solenoidal Geometry.- 31. A. VOROS. ZetaRegularization and Exact WKB Method for a General 1D Schrödinger equation.- 32. G. Cognola and S. ZERBINI. Generalized Zeta Function Regularization and the Multiplicative Anomaly.- Part IV Nonstandard approaches.- 33. R. M. SANTILLI. Isominkowskian Geometry for Interior Dynamical Problems.- 34. L. YING. Nuclear Fusion Drives Cosmic Expansion.- Index

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