Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of The Carandir Saga

Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of The Carandir Saga

by David a Wimsett
Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of The Carandir Saga

Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of The Carandir Saga

by David a Wimsett


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The conclusion of The Carandir Saga trilogy.

The dragon Baras waits to wake and spread a rein of terror in vengeance for his confinement in the void.

Baroness Luja, Baron Womb and Baron Gilyon slam their forces against the monarchy of Carandir in their civil war to gain control, oppress the rights of women and expel everyone with different colors and backgrounds whom they do not consider to be "Pure Carandirians."

The Karakiens, promised the eastern baronies by the rebelling nobles, attack from the south.

Yearol and Keetala infiltrate enemy lines to conduct guerrilla war against the traitors in vengeance for the murder of Yearol's mother and Keetala's husband and child.

Efforts to seek aid from Carandir's allies are thwarted.

Far away, a young princess sheltered from hate and prejudice is tempered to return, face the evil and attempt to heal the wounds of the world.

The Carandir Saga is an epic fantasy series with action, battles, political intrigue, magic, lost legends and forgotten lands filled with strong male and female protagonists of diverse orientations, identities, colors and ethnicity who work together as equals while facing challenges that reveal their true natures.

An appendix contains guides to languages, musical scores for all the songs in the series with complete lyrics and the legend of the dragon wars.

Covenant With the Dragons is the third and final volume of The Carandir Saga, a tale filled with magic, dragons, wizards, sorcerers, fantastic beasts, battles and political intrigue.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781777574512
Publisher: Cape Split Press
Publication date: 09/26/2022
Series: The Carandir Saga , #3
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

David A. Wimsett writes novels and short stories as well as articles, columns and blogs for newspapers, magazines, corporations, and online platforms. He has appeared on radio and television talk shows and as an actor in musicals, comedies and dramas.He became a single parent in his twenties and both raised and guided his son into adulthood. The stories he writes follow diverse characters as they grow and have the opportunity to examine themselves and their place in the world on a deep level. His works are intended to entertain and present ideas while creating strong, complex characters of diverse genders. identities, Races, backgrounds and beliefs who face realistic challenges in their lives. His women's historical fiction novel, Beyond the Shallow Bank, with element of Celtic mythology, was a gold medal winner at The BookFest Awards. His epic fantasy Dragons Unremembered was a silver medal winner for Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy and tow bronze medals for Fantasy Action & Adventure and Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Mr. Wimsett is a member of the Writers' Union of Canada and the Canadian Freelance Guild. He lives in a rural town near the sea. His author's website is
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