Cowboy Christmas Homecoming

Cowboy Christmas Homecoming

by June Faver

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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This cowboy's finally coming home for Christmas

Zach Garrett is home from war, haunted by PTSD, trying to fit in to what has become an alien world. With the holidays fast approaching, his uncle Big Jim Garrett offers him a place on the family ranch. Zach isn't sure he's up for a noisy, boisterous Garrett Christmas...until he meets beautiful Stephanie Gale, and all his protests go up in flames.

Firefighter and EMT Stephanie Gale is ready for anything. She's got her life under control...until she locks eyes with Zack and realizes her heart's in a whole new kind of danger. But with a little help from Zack's long-lost army dog, maybe he and Stephanie will be able to make this a Christmas of new beginnings after all.

Dark Horse Cowboys series:
Do or Die Cowboy (Book 1)
Hot Target Cowboy (Book 2)
When to Call a Cowboy (Book 3)
Cowboy Christmas Gold (Book 4)

Praise for Do or Die Cowboy:
"Guaranteed melt-your-heart romance."—Romancing the Book
"Heartwarming...a very entertaining story with some surprises."—Harlequin Junkie

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ISBN-13: 9781492679332
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/24/2019
Series: Dark Horse Cowboys Series , #4
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 115,105
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

June Faver loves Texas, from the Gulf coast to the panhandle, from the Mexican border to the Piney Woods. Her novels embrace the heart and soul of the state and the larger-than-life Texans who romp across her pages. A former teacher and healthcare professional, she lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country.

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Cowboy Christmas Homecoming 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Evampire9 20 days ago
He’s come home from war, haunted by PTSD and trying to fit in to what has become an alien world so Zach isn’t sure he’s up for a noisy, boisterous Garrett Christmas. Stephanie Gale is a firefighter and EMT, who got her life under control…until she locks eyes with Zach and realizes her heart is in a whole new kind of danger. This holiday romance warms the heart while tugging at every heart string a readers has and there is absolutely no one could not fall far this solider cowboy. The emotional turmoil in this story flows with eager abandon from every page and puts readers though the gauntlet of them all as Stephanie and the Garrett family give Zach back some of what he lost. The characters are strong, compelling, and believable, easily drawing readers into their story while the romance sizzles with lots of chemistry and the holiday makes a perfect backdrop and time for such new beginning for such a wonderful couple. Surprising twist captivates readers while the hero steals readers’ hearts and the fierce heroine fits perfectly with Zach and readers just know that the couple will definitely have a forever ever after. The steady pace along with all the happenings with family and friends, celebrations, adoptions and births adds such wonderful and delightfully warm feelings that readers can’t help but sigh in happiness and envy as the this romance fills them full of holiday spirit.
Reader_Lady 23 days ago
3.5 Stars This is the first book I’ve read by June Faver. Cowboy Christmas Homecoming is book 4 in the Dark Horse Cowboys series. When I received an invitation from the publisher, via Net-Galley, the book description appealed to me, so I agreed to read and review in advance of publication. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. The premise for Cowboy Christmas Homecoming is intriguing, and the characters are engaging. The pacing is good because the story has a good bit of action. There are plenty of suspenseful scenes that kept me engaged from the beginning to the end. Stephanie Gale’s character is fiercely passionate about her work as a firefighter, but underneath, she yearns to be a mother. She rescued two little children who have lost their mother, then their father had abused them. They are in state custody, and she wants to adopt them, but the caseworker believes they would be better off with a two-parent family. I could feel her pain when it looks like she will not get to adopt the children. Zach Garrett is a tortured hero who suffers from PTSD, after he loses several members of his team. He feels a lot of survivor’s guilt, to the point that he left the military when he’d expected to make it his career. He’s struggling to fit in with his uncle’s family. He’s lost a lot. His mother sold the farm he’d expected to come back to when his father died, and now he must find a new way to make his way. The romance between Stephanie and Zach moves incredibly fast, and I must admit, it felt unrealistic to me. They go on one date, and then they fall into bed together. Although neither characters were into flings. Zach’s not been with a woman for many years, and Stephanie’s always held herself back from entanglements after she had her heart bruised. It all just moves too fast. Now, the part of the story involving the children was very appealing. The children were adorable, and Stephanie’s generous heart called to me. I also enjoyed the interaction between her and the other women in Zach’s family. If you enjoy Christmas stories with large family gatherings, and a suspenseful plot, then you will enjoy Cowboy Christmas Homecoming. While this wasn’t a strong, emotionally fulfilling love story, the other aspects of this book made it an entertaining reading experience. Happy reading!
Madm007 25 days ago
This is a great Christmas Goodness story! I really enjoyed reading it, coming back to Big Jim Garrett's brood of sons and a nephew that's like his son. Zach comes back troubled and when he meets Stephanie, he feels calmer. She is a firefighter, so a totally rocking heroine, but has big troubles of her own. Some of the story was a bit predictable, and some I never saw coming. This family has the biggest hearts and when danger comes, they're there, front and center. A lot of emotions will hit you, so be prepared to feel everything. I received an advance reader copy thru Netgalley and am giving my honest opinions voluntarily
Shirleylinn 26 days ago
This was another great read in this amazing series. The storyline flowed seamlessly in this well written story about finding love, hope and family. Zach and Stephanie were endearing characters with great chemistry. I also loved catching up with the wonderful characters from the previous books. I have read and loved all of the books in this series and I hope there are many more . I would definitely recommend this book and this amazing series.
CathyGeha 26 days ago
Cowboy Christmas Homecoming by June Faver Dark Horse Cowboys #4 Zach and Stephanie meet and the rest of the book tells how they end up with their HEA. Zach is back from the war and the ranch he thought would be his was sold by his mother so he is at is uncle’s ranch instead. Stephanie is a firefighter and has her eye on two orphans that need her. There is a bad guy out to do Stephanie wrong but Zach usually shows up in the nick of time to save her. There is a dance. There are some firefighting scenes. The bad guys show up a few times and are thwarted. People from past books make appearances. A special surprise arrives for Zach. The two eventually end up together and ride off into the sunset...well...maybe after they say their vows. This book seemed formulaic to me. I didn’t feel any real pull between the two main characters and felt the story was rather placid with one plot idea following another without really drawing me in. There wasn’t anything wrong with the characters or their story but there wasn’t anything special about them or their romance either. Did I enjoy this book? Not so much Would I read more in this series? No Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for the ARC – This is my honest review. 2-3 Stars
ytcruz 26 days ago
Part of the series, Dark Horse Cowboys of the Garrett brothers, this time we are introduced to the cousin that grew up with them, Zack Garrett. He’s back from serving his country as an Army Ranger, thinking the family ranch would be his to run. But his mother sold it, and Zack is now staying with the Garrett clan. In the midst of dealing with his return to civilian life and working with his uncle Big Jim, he meets Stephanie Gale. She’s an EMT and firefighter who saved a couple of young kids after their mother was killed. She wants to adopt the children but is hope and the man she sent to prison has escaped and is after her. While the story was most of the time engaging, there were times the dialogue was stilled and not really adding to the plot. Zack was a more likable character than Stephanie and the bad guys did bring some action to the story. I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley and Sourcebooks. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Claire140 26 days ago
A pleasant story set around a close ranching family, a former Army Ranger, and a female firefighter. Zach is part of the Garrett ranching family, but in the 10 years he was an Army Ranger his Father died and his Mother got into financial trouble and sold the ranch that he expected to come home to. So on his return to civilian life he went to stay with his uncle, Big Jim Garrett, and his cousins at their thriving ranch. He did feel quite sorry for himself initially, but soon got caught up in working on the Garrett ranch, and when he met Steph, the female firefighter, his life took on new meaning. There was an underlying story of a guy who was terrorising Steph, after she saved two children, but failed to save their Mother after their Father killed her and escaped. The Father and his brothers were sending her threats as one of the young children gave a statement that his Father killed his Mother, and Steph was very involved with the children and trying to adopt them. I liked the story, but for some reason just couldn't get involved in their lives, it all felt a bit rushed for me really. Steph and Zach went on two dates and then they moved in with each other. I felt it jumped around a bit with the characters, but then didn't really go anywhere. I was looking forward to the 'lost army dog' story but that wasn't until near the end. So a nice, easy reading story, but just missing a certain something that I couldn't quite put my finger on for me.
jjthor 26 days ago
Zach is an Army Ranger who comes home suffering from PTSD. His father has passed away and his mother has had to sell the ranch so he goes to live with his Uncle while he gets himself together. He meets a women called Stephanie a firefighter and falls in love with her.She has rescued two childeren from a bad situation with their father and they are placed in foster care. He comes after her for revenge and Zach must help keep her safe. Great book with a little of everything romance, suspense and action. For all his help to her she shows her love to him in the christmas season by getting him a heartwarming surprise. this was a fast read but very touching.