Cruel Money

Cruel Money

by K.A. Linde


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ISBN-13: 9781948427241
Publisher: Brower Literary & Management, Inc.
Publication date: 01/22/2019
Series: Cruel , #1
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 229,976
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.76(d)

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Cruel Money 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Rachael_Leissner 3 months ago
First let me just say that this being only the 2nd book I’ve read in 2019, and the 1st being this books prequel, I must say that I am beyond blown away with the world Kyla has laid out in the Cruel series thus far. If this is any sign, 2019 is going to be a good book year! I was pulled in with One Cruel Night and fell in love with Penn instantly. In Cruel Money, I was right by Natalie’s side while she navigated the world of The Crew and sought after her place in their society. While One Cruel Night can be read at any point during this series, per the Author, I say you start with One Cruel Night and prepare to jump feet first down into the rabbit hole and venture into Kyla’s very own wonderland. In Cruel Money, we jump ahead 6 years from the end of One Cruel Night, the Prequel that the author has so graciously surprised us with before Cruel Money released. Natalie is back in the states, working on her first book, and doing so by taking up a career in house sitting for the wealthy. Her adventure takes her to the Hampton's where she runs into the LAST person she ever thought she would, Penn. What she doesn’t realize is that Penn is a very different person from the one she met and fell in love with in Paris that one night, so many years ago. Yet, he is still the same. As the two begin to see their lives weave together, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies of the late 90’s, Cruel Intentions. It is unpredictable and snarky and uber provocative at times. This book will do things to your mind you didn’t know a book was capable of. It’s sexy, and feisty and filled with so much drama you would think it’s set on Broadway. OK, can it be April yet!?! I need more Penn on my Kindle.
momof3infl 3 months ago
Penn will make more than your jaw drop! Cruel Money follows Natalie, a housesitter/writer who's new job entails a very prestigious families Hampton's home. To her surprise, a blast, (or explosion depending on how you look at it) from her past arrives and she loses all her carefully crafted plans. The fireworks may still be there, but so is the resentment. Cruel Money has a bit of a Cruel Intentions vibe, and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to see more of Penn's friends in subsequent books. I adored Penn and Natalie together, the push and pull was just the right amount, the drama and angst is definitely prevalent, and the passion is off the charts. Ms. Linde's writing is on point, she brings these characters to life, and I got lost in the book and read it in one sitting. I would definitely recommend reading the prequel first, to read more about their initial encounter, however it is not required. What is required however is to start reading this fantastic book!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wow what a start to a trilogy it had it all, love Natalie meets Penn on her last night in Paris and loses her virginity and in the morning, he is gone without a word. To appreciate how that made Natalie feel, and how special it was I advise you to read ONE CRUEL NIGHT which is free at the moment. It will give you the insight to how Natalie feels when they meet 6 years later in Cruel Money. Let’s get back to Cruel Money, Natalie is housesitting in the Hamptons when Penn arrives with his friends. All rich and entitled with too much time on there hands. When Penn is shouted at by what they call the help his friends find it entertaining. They set into motion unbeknown to Natalie a disaster in the making. Natalie is an author and is writing hopefully a bestseller, with plenty of hot romance. I loved Natalie independent, mature a mistrust of men because of Penn. Penn was straddling two worlds which was stopping him living completely in one. Happiest with just Natalie and Aristotle. This first installment of the trilogy has all the ingredients to pull into the story. A hot guy, a romance writer in the making. Natalie and Penn were great together, but we have angst waiting to happen. I thought Natalie is great strong mature for her age, being only 23 and when Penn took her virginity she was only 18. It was very special for Natalie, and you can read about in One Cruel Night a prequel to the trilogy. There is nothing stopping just reading Cruel Money, but I think it gives you a greater understanding of Natalie’s actions when she meets Penn again.
Christine_Miller 29 days ago
I am such fan of this author! Her words never cease to amaze me. Penn and Natalie's story gave me all of the feels. So much angst and yet I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. The story was well told and the chemistry between these characters sizzled off of the pages. I can always count on an amazing read by Ms. Linde and this was no different.
avidezliteraria 29 days ago
Six years ago, Natalie is had a unique chance in life. On vacation with her friend in Paris, she decided to be spontaneous once in her life, she accepted a proposal to get to know the real Paris. With that Natalie experienced various feelings. Until morning comes, and with it, our character will learn the meaning of humiliation, abandonment and broken heart. Now, upon taking a new job, the last person she imagined meeting would be the man who tormented her thoughts all those years. Finding out the truth about Penn and the weight of the surname he carries, Natalie will be drawn into a world of appearances, money, evil and lies. And in a place where you can not trust anything or anyone, Natalie will once again fall prey to the cruelty of money. K.A. Linde presents her new series Cruel, where Cruel Money is the first volume and One Cruel Night is the prequel, showing the encounter of the characters. It is essential to read the prequel for a better understanding of the narrative. The choice of the series name could not be more accurate. In developing the reading and discovering the faces of the characters, it is evident that the group of friends are nothing but cruel. Lark, Katherine, Lewis, Rowe and Penn are the "poor rich children" who complain about the world they grew up but are just like the parents who they criticize so much. Penn with his facet of a good boy, an ethics professor, with his speech that he wants to live his life and not do what his family expects, is the worst of them all. The person who speaks the most about ethics is totally amoral. Natalie is represented as the common, hard-working, goal-oriented girl who strives to improve her life and pursue her dreams. But even with so many virtues, she ends up seduced by the world of glamour that is presented. At times, I wanted to be able to get into the book and slaps her to see if she woke up for life. Katherine was the perfect villain. Her steps were predictable, but they did not spoil the reading. It was interesting to see her antagonizing Penn, showing that he is also capable of the same tricks she uses to achieve something. Lewis was the wiser so far. I do not know if he's a good liar or if he's really the wisest of them all. The best of the reading for me was to see that Penn is not the good guy who has a "bad" side hidden, but rather that he is the "bad" guy who wears the mask of good person. The story is well developed, the plot of lies holds the reader, the bet that moves the narrative was a good addition, the characters are well developed, dubious, leaving several doubts in the air. The reader will embark on a world of high society, where luxurious settings mix with parties, shows, designer clothes, jewelry and lots of champagne. A world filled with money. But where wealth will be synonymous with cruelty. And Natalie will be the big victim.
Jill__D 30 days ago
4 stars for - Cruel Money - book one in the Cruel series by K.A. Linde. This book reminds me so much of Gossip Girls with a bit of Revenge thrown in there too. A diverse group of friends composed of New York’s elite spend entirely too much time plotting ways to one up each other in this enemies to lovers story of second chance romance. Natalie Bishop is a writer who also house sits for the extremely wealthy. Taking the newest assignment in the Hamptons was supposed to be an easy job for the summer while she finishes her manuscript. What she didn’t expect was to see the one man who broke her heart years ago. Penn Kensington needed to get out of the city and away from all the drama. Going to his family home in the Hamptons seemed like the perfect idea until he arrived to find a gloriously naked Natalie naked on the beach. He had a feeling his luck may be changing after all since finding Natalie after all this time. As this book did end in a cliffhanger I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series!
JoannaDursi 3 months ago
OMG!! WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ??!! Ms. Linde shows readers a bit of her darker side with CRUEL MONEY. They don’t call Penn and his friends the Cruel Crew for no reason. While not necessary, I do recommend reading the prequel, ONE CRUEL NIGHT, first. I felt it gave much more understanding and emotions to why Natalie despises Penn. I loved every second of their story, even when I was screaming at Penn. I CANNOT wait to see what’s going to happen in the next book. BRING.IT.ON!
JackiesBookWorld 3 months ago
K.A. Linde has completely outdone herself in her latest release, Cruel Money, where she explores the lives of the privilege of the Upper East Side. It’s the perfect read for those that love the glamour of New York city and a bit of mystery. It all starts on a beach in the Hamptons, where Natalie Bishops finds herself taking care of the Mayor of New York’s summer house. After traveling to different places watching over people’s homes as her main job, Natalie is still hoping to become an official published author. But it’s her recent rejections that have her feeling angry and upset. Her life back in Charleston is not one that she wants to go back to and vacation home-watching is the perfect fit for her to be in different places by herself and be able to write. Yet, little does she know that her life was about to change forever the minute she sees her one-night stand, Penn. Ever since she left Paris six years ago, Natalie is still angry at the way she was treated and left without answers. She wasn’t expecting to ever see Penn again, but she is quickly thrown into his world as she meets the rest of the crew. They have wealth, power and they are able to hold secrets to cover their backs. Yet, the more time she spend with Penn the more she wants to be with him, but she is not ready to live in his world. Penn Kensington has it all, the looks, wealth and power that comes with being the Mayor’s son. But it’s the very same power that have prevented him from being himself around people. He knows that his name means something in the city, but he doesn’t want to be part of that all. As a philosophy professor he has managed to stay under the radar for some time, but it’s his sudden visit to his family home in the Hamptons that have his life changing from left and right. Penn never expected to see Natalie again, but when he finds out that she is going to be taking care of his house, he makes it his mission to make things right with her even if it means holding a big secret from her. A secret that could destroy them if she ever finds out. I’m absolutely in love with this story! It had me hooked from beginning to end. I’m so glad K.A. Linde released a prequel to this story, One Cruel Night, because we get to find out how Natalie and Penn truly met. It’s a must read if you’re about to read this book or before reading the second book in the trilogy. Aside from delivering great characters, the story reminded me of Gossip Girl, it has the same vibe with all the glitz and glamour of New York’s elite. There are so twists in the story as well as drama and lots of steamy scenes to keep you wanting for more. Penn is not your typical wealthy playboy, instead he loves philosophy and has a cute puppy to take care of. At the same time he knows how to play by the rules when it comes to socializing with the rich and powerful. On the other hand, Natalie is “fresh meat” within the wealthy circles and she is willing to experience new things, but she is no fool. She quickly finds out who her friends are and who aren’t. But she is shocked to find out Penn’s secret and that leaves her making a huge decision in the end. All in all, I would highly recommend reading this book it has everything you could possibly want romance, drama and betrayal in the very glamour city. :) ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***
GTIndieCafe 3 months ago
This book definitely gives you a Cruel Intentions vibe! The birtchy character even shares the same name! HAHA I've never seen Gossip Girl, so I can't compare it to that show. Natalie is my swoon in this book! Girl crush central right here! From her attitude to her spunk to the hair I've been trying to achieve for the last few years! I love her boho style, it's just so me! Penn....ugh....I don't know what to say about him. I do believe he may actually care but I don't know if he'll get through his games enough to learn. I mean, it seemed like he did for quite a while there. But, I'm not quite convinced just yet! Lewis, he definitely can be the game changer. I'm not quite sure about how I feel about Rowe and Lark yet, I guess we'll have to see what roles they play in the future. Now, let's get to Katherine. OMG!! I just really want to cut a birtch!! Seriously!!! What a conniver! I'm quite sure she was behind the suprise visit!! She just can't let go. Even when asked, pleaded and begged. She just HAD to come out on top. Well, guess what, you actually didn't!! So. Now we wait to see if she actually paid her portion of the bet! I cannot wait to see what's coming next! Hurry up April!
LGilbert 3 months ago
There was Prequel to this book and I would definitely read that first. Gossip Girls/Mean Girls and Cruel Intention come together for a must read. I will say that it ends with a cliffhanger. Penn and Natalie share a past (Read the Prequel) and it is rough. I'm so happy that the author gave Natalie a backbone. That being said that it will be hard to fall for Penn. You will have a love/hate relationship with Penn. You will see a transformation with both characters. I can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I was intrigued by Penn from his short appearance in Suttons story, The Wright Love. So when I heard Kyla was going to be giving him his own story.... I was sooooo excited. This story is cruel in so many ways. Cruel because of the nasty games in the story, the cruel behavior and most of all cruel because I have to wait for the second part. :( Natalie & Penn's story is mesmerizing, intense, exciting, sexy, and entertaining. It started 6 years ago one night in Paris and than Penn went ghost.... 6 years later Natalie ended up at his beach house naked. That's all I'm saying.... :) In this story, you just don't know who to trust. Who are your friends, enemies, allies..... so be very aware. It's all just CRUEL.
chucha_13 3 months ago
Natalie was just trying to exorcise her past and let go of all the bad vibes that has been happening to her recently, when someone from her past suddenly arrives. She didn't really expect to see the man she met in Paris six years ago. The one who took her virginity and ran off. The man who first broke her heart is standing right in front of her. And telling her he owns the beach house that she was house-sitting. Penn is Manhattan Royalty. He's rich, but prefers to live low-key and enjoys his job as a Philosophy professor. He's rich, intelligent, and sexy - a dangerous trifecta right there. Who wouldn't succumb to him? But his charms wouldn't work on Natalie - she hates him so much, she couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. But a bet had made him spend more time with Natalie. Learning new things about her all over again, and realizing that she really is special. Now, problem is, how to back out from the bet his friends made him do and he agreed? Natalie is living the dream with Penn and his friends. She wasn't comfortable taking charity from anyone, especially from them. But she tries to enjoy it as much as she can. But what happens when everything is based on a lie? I like Natalie. She grew up an army brat, and that's really tough. Her sister is perfect, and she has to live with it. But she's living her life house sitting from one lovely vacation house to another, and trying her best to write her book. Hoping to make it to the publishing world. As for Penn, he's a lovely man, but I hate him at times. He couldn't just tell the truth for the love of god. It would have saved us all the pain and heartache. I enjoyed reading Cruel Money. It wasn't such a drag - the pacing was all right. The characters were amazing and complex, and I get to meet one interesting characters right after the other with their own stories to tell. The surprises were both shocking and just heartbreaking. This book is WOW. And one thing is for sure, I'm all grabby hands for the next one in the series.
Rina_S 3 months ago
Hands down this is an absolute favorite of 2019! So much drama, sizzling chemistry and characters that will make you think, are they who they portray themselves to be? I devoured this story that centers on Natalie and Penn! Natalie is house sitting as a job and is a budding writer! Penn is the one that got away 6 years ago, or is he? There was so much to love about this story that I was riveted to my seat/couch! Needless to say the dilemmas surrounding Natalie, Penn and friends as well as family will make you laugh, feel heated, sigh and get angry at characters when they do something so incredibly disheartening you don’t know what to think!? I feel rung out to be quite honest! I feel like I could have read so much more! I loved how Natalie stood her ground, told it like it is and I especially loved that when push came to shove she fought for herself! Penn was a very likable guy but underneath, is what side hes showing Natalie his true self ? I just cant begin to tell you how this book made me feel! All the things, all the feelings, all the love, hurt and betrayal! But when it truly matters, who do you believe?? The characters in this story enthralled me! They captivated me and I felt that I wanted to shake some of them for how they treated a character! Im overjoyed how it ended but at the same time Im absolutely desperate for more, I cannot wait for more of this series! The author has nailed the story and I cannot wait to see how things progress!!
CharlotteLynnsReviews 3 months ago
I love a good romance, alpha male, drama romance. K.A. Linde wrote just that with Cruel Money. There is romance, there is an alpha male, and there is drama. This is a story of a privileged man meeting a woman in Paris, leaving her without a goodbye, and then randomly meeting up with her again in the US. Penn is that privileged man. I didn’t like him. He was selfish, he felt like he was someone who deserved more than he got, and he was weak. He let his friends walk over him, pushing him to do things that he knew would turn out poorly, and then covering for him when they did. He also let his family put him down, not giving him credit for the hard work he put in to get where he is in life. Yet, when he was with Natalie he changed. I could feel him become comfortable with himself. He treated her with respect and won her over with his heart. He cared for her, protected her, and loved her entirely. The Penn who was with Natalie is someone I could respect and like. Natalie works hard to live a life that she can enjoy. She house sits for the wealthy and uses her time working on writing a book. I feel like her self-esteem was low and Penn was the perfect person to build her up. Yet, at every turn, she was doubting herself and doubting Penn. From the beginning it was obvious to me that their relationship could move past the casual affair it started out as without her learning to trust herself. I was looking for her to figure out how to do that. There were many times that I cheered for her when she questioned someone’s reasoning for saying, doing, or acting like they were. I enjoyed this story, I liked that these were not easy characters. Each one had their own history and a future that they were trying to build. They were real, they had feelings, and they had struggles. K.A Linde wrote a book that had the steamy scenes I love, the feelings that I look for, and the storyline that wasn’t always easy. I look forward to more in this series. I need to know what the future holds for Penn and Natalie.
ChristyPeck 3 months ago
And the Angst Queen strikes again! Wow! Where to begin... I loved Penn. I hated Penn. I guess you could say, I’m hating to love him! This book had my emotions all over the place and I loved every second of it!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.5 stars--CRUEL MONEY is the first full length instalment in K.A. Linde’s contemporary, adult CRUEL erotic, romance series focusing on twenty-nine year old, philosophy professor Penn Kensington, and twenty-four year old, writer / house-sitter Natalie Bishop. NOTE: For history and background, I recommend reading the prequel novella ONE CRUEL NIGHT where Natalie Bishop first meets Penn Kensington. Told from dual first person perspectives (Penn and Natalie) CRUEL MONEY picks up six years after Penn and Natalie’s one-night stand in Paris France. As a struggling writer Natalie works full-time as a house sitter for the rich and famous but never expected to come face to face with her past, a man she hates for his ‘hit it and quit it’ one-night affair. What ensues is the rekindling romance between Natalie and Penn, and the fall-out as betrayal, heart break, secrets and lies push our heroine out of Penn Kensington’s life CRUEL MONEY is an emotional story of heartache, pain and deception. We are witness to the manipulation and gullibility of a young woman as she is unprepared for the cruelty and vindictiveness of the privileged and uber-rich. An unsuspecting and oblivious pawn, Natalie is the ultimate loser of both her head and her heart. The secondary and supporting characters are numerous, colorful, manipulative, insensitive and calculating. We are introduced to the ‘Crew’, a group of well-to-do, privileged, and spoiled twenty-something adults who play games with other people’s lives and hearts. K.A. Linde pulls the reader into an intoxicating train wreck and the emotional fall-out as one woman loses everything and more. The premise is gritty; the romance is fraught with secrets and lies; the characters are animated but broken. CRUEL MONEY ends on a cliff-hanger-you have been warned.
scottnl73 3 months ago
So, normally when a book hits my e-reader, I might not jump in right away. That wasn't the case with this book. I'd gotten to the third chapter when I learned about the prequel (One Cruel Night, it's free on Amazon!) that gives the backstory on what happened years ago between the main characters, and why she's so angrivated with him. Then I had to do a bit more digging because his name was familiar when I realized which book series he was in prior to this trilogy (so happy my gray matter works well enough to remember these details lol). This first book of the trilogy is just this side of angsty; I'm not sure what's worse: (1) getting caught skinny dipping or (2) getting caught skinny dipping by your one night stand or (3) the one night stand's recollection of you Once our intrepid heroine realizes exactly who he is, she's ready to hightail outta there (can you blame her though?) Despite her intense reservations, his "Crew" of friends seemingly embraces her into their small group and that's when things really begin to ramp up; she's the exact opposite of the "Crew", yet somehow she blends in with them. The tension and chemistry are still there between our daunting couple, and I love seeing the changes he's trying to make in his life, despite his family's name and vast amount of wealth. I can't wait to see how their story is gonna play out over the next two books.
Devin_McCain 3 months ago
BAH!! Oh, Penn. Do I love him? Do I hate him? I think I kinda love him... I want to strangle him a bit but I think that's okay. I also think it's completely okay to feel this way about a completely fictional character. I love the charisma and the chemistry between these two. I love the complexities of Penn's different "sides". Book one was one awesome roller coaster and I can't wait to see how their story plays out!