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Environmental sustainability and human cultural sustainability are inextricably linked. Reversing damaging human impact on the global environment is ultimately a cultural question, and as with politics, the answers are often profoundly local. Cultural Sustainabilities presents twenty-three essays by musicologists and ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, folklorists, ethnographers, documentary filmmakers, musicians, artists, and activists, each asking a particular question or presenting a specific local case study about cultural and environmental sustainability. Contributing to the environmental humanities, the authors embrace and even celebrate human engagement with ecosystems, though with a profound sense of collective responsibility created by the emergence of the Anthropocene. Contributors: Aaron S. Allen, Michael B. Bakan, Robert Baron, Daniel Cavicchi, Timothy J. Cooley, Mark F. DeWitt, Barry Dornfeld, Thomas Faux, Burt Feintuch, Nancy Guy, Mary Hufford, Susan Hurley-Glowa, Patrick Hutchinson, Michelle Kisliuk, Pauleena M. MacDougall, Margarita Mazo, Dotan Nitzberg, Jennifer C. Post, Tom Rankin, Roshan Samtani, Jeffrey A. Summit, Jeff Todd Titon, Joshua Tucker, Rory Turner, Denise Von Glahn, and Thomas Walker

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ISBN-13: 9780252084157
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Edition description: 1st Edition
Pages: 364
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About the Author

Timothy J. Cooley is a professor of music and global studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the author of Surfing about Music and Making Music in the Polish Tatras: Tourists, Ethnographers, and Mountain Musicians, and a coeditor of Shadows in the Field: New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology, second edition.

Table of Contents

Foreword Jeff Todd Titon xi

Acknowledgments xxi

Sustainability, Resilience, Advocacy, and Activism: Introduction Timothy J. Cooley xxiii

Part 1 Thinking, Writing, and Musicking about Sustainability

1 Sustainability Clashes and Concordances Robert Baron Thomas Walker 3

2 Dialogues All the Way Down: Conversational Genres as Matrices of Cultural and Ecological Renewal Mary Hufford 19

3 Radical Critical Empathy and Cultural Sustainability Rory Turner 32

4 Sounding Sustainable; or, The Challenge of Sustainability Aaron S. Allen 43

Part 2 Responding to Anthropogenic Change

5 Garbage Truck Music and Sustainability in Contemporary Taiwan: From Cockroaches to Beethoven and Beyond Nancy Guy 63

6 Climate Change, Mobile Pastoralism, and Cultural Heritage in Western Mongolia Jennifer C. Post 75

7 Singing for la Mêche Perdue: Reconciling Economic, Environmental, and Cultural Imperatives in Louisiana Mark F. Dewitt 87

8 Alaska Native Ways of Knowing and the Sustenance of Musical Communities in an Ailing Petrostate Susan Hurley-Glowa 101

9 The New River Updated: Charles Ives and the Disappearing River Gods Denise Von Glahn 113

Part 3 Musics, Sustainability, and Media

10 Fandom's Remix: Popular Music, Participation, and Sustainability Daniel Cavicchi 131

11 Music, Media, and Mediation Barry Dornfeld 143

12 Photography, Memory, and the Frail Instant Tom Rankin 158

13 'Tis the Company: Irish Traditional Music as Social Medium in the Age of Social Media Patrick Hutchinson 174

14 Sustaining Indigenous Sounds: Music Broadcasting and Cultural Vitalization in Highland Peru Joshua Tucker 183

Part 4 Voice, Language, Trauma, and Resilience

15 Digital Technology, Chanting Torah, and the Sustainability of Tradition Jeffrey A. Summit 197

16 Cultural Integrity and Local Music in Cape Breton and New Orleans Burt Feintuch 210

17 BaAka Singing in a State of Emergency: Storytelling and Listening as Medium and Message Michelle Kisliuk 220

18 Lament and Affective Cardiac Responses Margarita Mazo 229

Part 5 Applying Sustainable Practices

19 Resilience and Adaptive Management in Piano Pedagogy for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions Dotan Nitzberg Michael B. Bakan 249

20 The Fiesta de la Bulería of Jerez de la Frontera: Music, Identity, and the Construction of Heritage Roshan Samtani 262

21 Fiddle-icious: A Community Model for Musical Sustainability Thomas Faux 273

22 Discovering Maine's Intangible Cultural Heritage Pauleena M. Macdougall 283

23 Song, Surfing, and Postcolonial Sustainability Timothy J. Cooley 295

Contributors 307

Index 315

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