Current Problems in Sociobiology

Current Problems in Sociobiology

by King's College Sociobiology Group


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ISBN-13: 9780521285209
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/24/1982
Pages: 412
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

List of participants; Preface P. P. G. Bateson; Acknowledgements; Introduction J. Maynard Smith; Part I. Natural Selection and Sociobiology R. W. Wrangham: 1. Adaptation, fitness and the evolutionary tautology R. I. M. Dunbar; 2. The evolution of social behaviour - a classification of models J. Maynard Smith; 3. Replicators and vehicles R. Dawkins; 4. The concept of fitness in population genetics and sociobiology P. O' Donald; Part II. Complexity in Evolutionary Processes D. I. Rubenstein: 5. Risk, uncertainty and evolutionary strategies D. I. Rubenstein; 6. Gene competition without selection E. A. Thompson; 7. Behavioural development and evolutionary processes P. P. G. Bateson; 8. Individual heterogeneity and population regulation; Part III. Evolutionary Conflicts of Interest R. I. M. Dunbar: 9. Phenotype-limited evolutionarily stable strategies G. A. Parker; 10. Parental care and sex role reversal N. Knowlton; 11. Parental investment in male and female offspring in mammals T. H. Clutton-Brock; Part IV. Sociality B. C. R. Bertram: 12. Problems with altruism B. C. R. Bertram; 13. Mutualism, kinship and social evolution R. W. Wrangham; 14. Sociodemographic attributes of nepotism in tribal populations: man the rule-breaker N. A. Chagnon; Part V. The Problems of Comparison T. H. Clutton-Brock: 15. Prospects for interspecific comparison in sociobiology P. J. Jarman; 16. Comparisons between taxa and adaptive trends: problems of methodology P. H. Harvey and G. M. Mace; 17. Behaviour and competition for scarce resources N. B. Davies; Index.

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