Dance With The Butcher

Dance With The Butcher

by J. Grant Thompson


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They were tasked with stopping him. He was determined to stay one step ahead. Let the dance begin. But who will lead... and who will follow? In New York City, the five boroughs are a melting pot of millions of riveting stories. The strangers crossing paths on the bustling streets of Manhattan all have a story—which could be uplifting, heartbreaking, tragic—or all the above. Across the bridge into Queens, a different cross-section of New Yorkers lives a relative life of normalcy, family and generational tradition. The 108th Precinct is where the NYPD had set up an outpost—to maintain order in this more tranquil sister borough to that more famous one just across the Queensboro Bridge. Lieutenant Sydney Berry, two years from his pension, had lived a relatively tranquil life himself. Head of the 108th homicide division, he, of course, had a court-side seat to the ugly side of big city life. But, nothing he had experienced in his eighteen-year career, had prepared he or his fellow detectives for the horror that lay ahead. A killing machine, the likes of which the City had not seen since Son of Sam, was now terrorizing Sydney's little piece of New York City. As victim after victim falls, the pressure mounts for he and his fellow detectives, seemingly helpless against the sadistic madman christened "The Butcher." Fighting uphill against political influence and power, three dedicated detectives navigate landmines that would deter lesser men. The suspense builds, as it soon becomes apparent that this psychopath is simply toying with Sydney and crew. As they quickly tire of playing the role of Keystone Cops, their resourceful leader is forced to make the fateful decision to operate outside the lines, in order to finally bring this predator down. Shirley Richards, the face of the city's number one television station, is determined to hold the NYPD accountable. Driven, intelligent, confrontational, she is the thorn in Sydney's side; the pebble in his shoe. Along the way, she encounters boundaries she had never thought herself capable of crossing. In a world full of black and white choices, she discovers there are varying shades of gray. Falling in love is just one more unexpected complication. Shirley comes to a crossroads where her career aspirations dramatically collide with her heart. But—which road will she take? From the opening line to the breathtaking finale, this is a thriller of a roller coaster ride that will continually take your breath away. Spellbinding twists and turns, suspense, counter-punches, and volleys... make this one very exhilarating dance to remember.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987063042
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 10/09/2017
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

John Grant Thompson is a writer of fiction based out of Lancaster, South Carolina. He began his writing career in 1995, contributing a weekly newspaper humor column to the Coastal Courier in his hometown, Hinesville, Georgia. After a long, successful business career, John recently returned to his writing. Never one to be pigeonholed, he advises his audience to expect the unexpected when sampling his fiction. Never a big fan of boundaries or labels, he easily navigates between multiple genres. If you enjoy Dance with the Butcher, John hopes you will also check out his soon-to-be-released romance novel, Never Forgotten.

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